#NEWS Jon Moxley Sends A Warning

Yesterday Jon Moxley sent a warning to all those in NJPW. After winning the IWGP United States Championship from Juice Robinson, he cut a backstage promo warning against anyone who wanted to challenge him for his title.

He also thanks New Japan Pro Wrestling for giving him the chance to wrestle for them. And for giving him the freedom to wrestle as he sees fit:

“First and foremost, I want to say thank you to New Japan Pro Wrestling. “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to come over here. thank you for welcoming me with open arms, making me feel like part of the family, making me feel like my home. giving me this opportunity against Juice Robinson tonight, to come out here. thank you for giving me my freedom to come out here, and ply my trade the way I want to ply it, to come here and the freedom to be out here, and do me.”

“Everybody in New Japan, everybody all around the world that thinks they want to step into New Japan. I got a message for you, alright? If you’re thinking about coming after me and coming after this, you better strike first. you better get me before I get you because I’m on the warpath, I’m on the hunt. For anybody that stands in my way, I ain’t afraid of no man. and y’all are going to find that out. But the biggest message I can deliver, I delivered tonight in the ring. I speak the language of violence. So, you can go look at Juice Robinson’s forehead. you can go look at Juice Robinson’s nose. you can go take a look at Juice Robinson’s leg, and you know what my message is.”

Blake’s Take: Just like Cody before him, Moxley went to NJPW and made a splash straight away. He is the biggest news in wrestling right now, and deservedly so. He has roughly four months before he’s whisked back to All Elite Wrestling in readiness for their weekly TV deal. That’s four months of Moxley mayhem in New Japan Pro Wrestling and anywhere else he lays his hat. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride as it looks like it could be quite awesome!