#NEWS: Jim Ross/Shawn Spears To Discuss Fyter Fest Actions

All Elite Wrestling’s Twitter feed announced that Jim Ross will hold a sit down interview with Shawn Spears to discuss his heinous actions at last months Fyter Fest.

The actions I spoke about? When Spears decided to hit Cody Rhodes in the head with a steel chair, also commonly known as “The Shot Heard Around The World”.

The interview will be on the first episode of the “Road To All Out” YouTube show, which will air the week after AEW’s next event, Fight For The Fallen (July 13).

As you can see from the tweets below, a few of the people involved at Fyter Fest aren’t pulling any punches –

Blake’s Take: I’m a fan of these “Road to …” videos. They keep the audience engaged in the product in lieu of any TV show at the moment. This interview will be the first of its kind on these videos. And it throws up a lot of possibilities. How much of the interview will be “off script”? Will this be an indication of how interview segments will be on the TV show this fall? And how will Shawn come across as a heel? He’s been seen as a babyface for so long will the fans believe him as a heel. So many questions and I’m totally on board for the ride…