IMPACT Announces Ultimate X At There’s No Place Like Home

The partnership of IMPACT Wrestling and WrestleCon has far and away been one of the best for the upcoming WrestleMania week in April. And that only proved more on Friday. IMPACT Wrestling’s latest big return for the TNA: There’s No Place Like Home show is that the Ultimate X Match will make its grand return at the event.

The match is what made TNA so different when it was first around, becoming one of the cornerstones for the brand.

For those who don’t know what this match consists of, here’s how it goes. As the main match of the X-Division, it sets three or more wrestlers against each other to conquer the ultimate prize at the top. It is usually the X-Division Championship, but at times, a literal “X” was hung in the middle of the ring by two wires that went across. Some compare it to a ladder match, but this was far more unique in the sense that a ladder could not be used. Usually, the winner had to inch themselves using the wires to grab the gold in the middle. It was all-out chaos and some of the best TNA has ever offered.

The last Ultimate X match to take place was a year ago at the “United We Stand” show, where Johnny IMPACT came down with the victory.

There have been 43 of these matches in time, with the most appearances coming from recently announced Chris Sabin. It would only be fitting for Sabin to enter himself into his 18th, as he also has the most wins ever with eight.

Here is a full Ultimate X match from 2005, which saw AJ Styles, Petey Williams, and Chris Sabin do battle, courtesy of IMPACT Wrestling:

Fans are incredibly excited for the return of the Ultimate X, as the X-Division stars of past and present can compete once again in the match that helped put TNA on the map.