IMPACT Interrogation: 1/20/20 (Blanchard/Trey Vs Valkyrie/Austin)

We are going to jump right into this one as IMPACT Wrestling kicked off their first fresh episode off the tapings in Mexico with the NEW IMPACT World Champion, Tessa Blanchard.

Tessa Blanchard Kicks Off IMPACT

IMPACT Interrogation: 1/20/20 (Blanchard/Trey Vs Valkyrie/Austin)
Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Tessa Blanchard wasted zero time as the new IMPACT World Champion, as she called out Sami Callihan immediately. She showed pure raw emotion as she told Sami she wants to end this as soon as possible. Blanchard called out the former champion to get this over with and start a new road for all the challengers into the back. But it wasn’t him who answered. It instead was the IMPACT Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie who got in the face of Tessa. Taya wanted to let Tessa Blanchard know that even though she is in all the press since making history, she isn’t going to get off easy.

She called Tessa out for not facing women in months, ever since she beat her for the IMPACT Knockouts Championship. “Wera Loca,” told the new champ that maybe she can’t hang any longer with the Knockouts, calling the world title a consolation prize. As Tessa prepared to fight, Ace Austin answered the call as the only other singles champion in the company. Austin felt the need to point out that Tessa has failed to beat both of them, as both he and Valkyrie won their titles in matches that she was involved in. Austin laid down the challenge pretty easily but was taken out by Blanchard who had enough with his smack. The brawl was on as Taya Valkyrie and Ace Austin beat down the champion. Trey made his way to the ring to make the save for Tessa. It looks like Blanchard/Trey vs Valkyrie/Austin as our main event.

Willie Mack Speaks

IMPACT Interrogation: 1/20/20 (Blanchard/Trey Vs Valkyrie/Austin)
Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Willie Mack sat down with Jimmy Jacobs for an interview. He was met by Johnny Swinger who offered his services for a tag team match. Here is the interview below.

Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan were backstage attempting to get a match with Taya Valkyrie for the title.

Moose vs Rhino vs Taurus

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Three animals (literally). But in all seriousness, these three are beasts in the ring which makes a triple threat very appealing. They began to team against Moose before Rhino ruined that partnership by attempting to pin Moose for the win. This gave Moose the chance to dominate both and control the tempo after their mini duo was broken. Moose would get Taurus to the top rope and hit the Go To Hell but he would manage to kick out at two. It was down to the Hard To Kill opponents. Moose went for the spear but was met with a boot. Then it was Gore time but Moose pulled the ref in the way and hit a low blow. Taurus was back into the equation, leading Rhino to Gore Moose and Taurus managed to take advantage and get the win by pinning Moose.

After the match, Jordynne Grace entered herself into the number one contender’s match for next week between Kiera Hogan and Madison Rayne because she pinned the champion clean at Bash at the Brewery 2.

Maximo vs Joey Ryan

This one was incredibly quick. Joey Ryan hit the dick flip on Maximo before placing the lollipop in the mouth of Maximo and hit the Sweet Tooth Superkick for the win. There was not much to this one. Ryan is secretly getting hot.

After the match, RVD called out Joey Ryan by calling that match a disgrace before walking away.

Havok vs Rosemary

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

It was literally two weeks ago where we saw this match with Havok coming out on top last time. This time was maybe even more physical than last time. This time, Susie was out by the side of Father James Mitchell. In the middle of the match, Rosemary was planted with a Samoan Drop on the ramp by Havok. But Rosemary managed to find herself in this one, locking on a submission in the middle of the ring that saw Havok almost tap but did not. James Mitchell got to Havok, telling her to put Rosemary away for good but she would not give up. Rosemary spits the green mist into the eyes of James Mitchell, allowing Havok to get the upper edge and hit the tombstone for the win. Again. No need for another rematch after another win for Havok. Interesting to see where Susie fits in.

Michael Elgin and Eddie Edwards do not seem to be done as they pushed each other backstage over the trophy that Edwards managed to retain.

 Willie Mack vs Desi Hit Squad

The story here is that Willie Mack refuses to team with anyone else as he awaits Rich Swann’s return from injury. Meaning he went against the hot Desi hit Squad alone but somehow managed to keep himself alive and even win the match. The story was really what happened after the match as Shera and Raju attacked Mack, leading to Johnny Swinger having to make the save. It was not enough as the Desi Hit Squad left them laying to stand tall above the rest.

Taya Valkyrie & Ace Austin vs Tessa Blanchard & Trey

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Here’s our main event. Blanchard/Trey vs Valkyrie/Austin! An important note before the match even started. As Tessa Blanchard made her way to the ring, the screen seemed to get hacked for a second as it looks like Sami Callihan could be sending some sort of message. That certainly isn’t over.

The IMPACT World Champion kicked it off against the Knockouts Champion. It was quick before Taya kicked out. Tessa and Ace Austin had a scuffle before the commercial break. When we came back, the championship duo attempted to take advantage of Trey and keep the world champion outside of the ring. This seemed to go on forever before Trey got the tag. Or so we thought, as John E. Bravo managed to keep the referee distracted so that the tag was not seen. But no fear, the tag was made to the champion.

A crossbody started the hot tag by the world champion who did most of her work on Taya. She got to the top to attempt Magnum but the Knockouts Champion tagged in Austin. Trey and Tessa tried to take advantage but the world champion was thrown into the ring post, leaving it down to Ace and Trey. Ace Austin would hit the Fold to win the match after Blanchard took out Taya on the outside. The X-Division Champion continued to stand tall as both champions walked out over the world champion to end the night.

Next week, IMPACT plans to spoil us with another Elgin vs Edwards match and the number one contender’s match for the Knockouts Championship.