#NEWS: Chris Jericho Will Address AEW Crowd

It was announced by All Elite Wrestling officials that at this Saturday’s Fight For The Fallen event, Chris Jericho will be given a live mic and will address the AEW roster and the fans.

He posted a promo video, seen below, where he comments that he’ll tell everyone what they need to hear, and he’s still waiting for his thank you from AEW.

“Saturday, July 13, Fight for the Fallen, one of the greatest nights in pro wrestling history. A great night for the people of Jacksonville, a great night for the wrestling world, not a great night for the AEW roster, not a great night for the AEW heads of state, living in their ivory towers, looking down and saying, ‘Look what we’ve created.’ And all the hopeful dreamers on the roster going, ‘We just want to put on a good show for the fans.’ f**k the fans”.

“I’m Chris Jericho. I built this place, I put it on the map, I got a TV deal with the TNT network. You think that ever would’ve happened without me on the AEW roster? Yes, I still want me thank you and guess what? If I don’t get it, in Jacksonville, you made another mistake because you gave me a live mic. What’s Chris Jericho going to say at Fight for the Fallen? Is it gonna be controversial? Is it gonna be loud and abrasive? Is it gonna hurt some feelings? Yes to all three, but more importantly, it’s going to tell you what you need to hear, AEW, not what you want to hear”.

Jericho posted earlier in the week via his Instagram account that he’s “pissed off” and people won’t believe what he’s going to say –

Jericho will face off against “Hangman” Adam Page at All Out on Saturday, August 31 in Chicago, Il. They will battle it out for the honor of being crowned the first-ever All Elite World Champion.

Blake’s Take: Ever since Jericho began working with NJPW last year, he seemed to be more determined than ever. It didn’t matter if it was promo’s or matches, Chris went all out (excuse the pun). And he’s carried that philosophy into AEW. The way he’s putting it across, that without him and his star power, All Elite wouldn’t have a TV deal. Its brilliant. And the fans in attendance on Saturday will be in for a treat