#NEWS: Becky Lynch and Beth Phoenix Throw Shade And Confirms Rollins Relationship

While she’s on the WWE’s European tour, Becky Lynch has made time for yet another Twitter spat – and very much tongue in cheek with Beth Phoenix. As no real shots were fired by The Man, but she may have inadvertently made public her private life.

In a photo from the tour, Becky Lynch is seen holding both her Championship belts while alongside WWE Hall of Famer and new NXT commentator Beth Phoenix. She commented on the photo saying that she thought Beth was too close to her titles, and that’s when things kicked off.

As you can see from the exchange below, it doesn’t get as nasty as her Twitter fight with Ronda Rousey, but Becky and Beth soon trade barbs.

It was here where she hit a low blow and used an image of multiple time WWE Champion and Hall of Famer Edge, to gain an edge (?) in the “conversation” He responded in kind to The Man:

Obviously a little dig there at her past transgressions with Ronda Rousey in the run-up to WrestleMania this year. She was warned by WWE management that she was pushing too hard in her online battle with Ronda. There were also unconfirmed reports that Rousey herself didn’t like the viciousness of Becky’s comments.

And here’s where the beginning of where Becky may have publicly outed her “secret” beau, as Beth, tweeted this:

To which Becky tweeted the following and seemingly confirmed that she is indeed dating WWE Universal Champion, Seth Rollins:

Seth and Becky have been heavily rumored for a few months now that they’re an item, but nothing concrete has emerged from either camp…. Until now.

There was a photo doing the rounds a few weeks back, where Becky was embracing Seth at a Taking Back Sunday concert in LA. That’s when the rinks began.



Since this post was first posted, Seth himself has commented on this via his Instagram with this post.

Blake’s Take: The Man has one of the best Twitter games on social media along with Big E. She knows just how to use it to raise not only her profile but the profile of others she’s feuding with and keeping herself in the public eye. Keep up the good work Becky, you make Twitter a better place!

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