#NEWS: Aussie Arrow Takes Flight To Progress Tampa

Yet another name has been added to the cadre of talent heading to Tampa for PROGRESS Wrestling. Kyle Fletcher, of the Aussie Open tag team alongside Mark Davis, has been added to the show. With his partner rehabbing a major knee surgery Fletcher has entered the singles ranks of PROGRESS recently. He joins Cara Noir, Warbeast, Anti Fun Police, The OJMO, Eddie Kingston and Spike Trivet for the company’s first US show in over 18 months.

A two time PROGRESS tag team champion, whilst wrestling in tags Fletcher has some impressive wins under his belt. Scalps such as Swords of Essex, CCK and Grizzled Young Veterans have been claimed by Fletcher and Davis. After coming up short in their attempt to reclaim the tag belts at Chapter 95 both men disappeared from PROGRESS. Davis required knee surgery and Fletcher had a break from the company before returning with a new focus. At Chapter 100, sporting a new, all black, look the Aussie Arrow challenged Ilja Dragunov in a match that was an absolute barn burner. Although he lost Fletcher proved, once again, that he is talent to keep your eye on as he came close to defeating Unbesiegbar. Since then he has claimed a pin over Proteus champion Paul Robinson surely setting himself up for a shot at that belt down the line.


As for what may be in store for Fletcher at the Tampa show there are a couple of options that seem enticing to me. A match against Eddie Kingston would be something to behold, or perhaps even a shot at PROGRESS Champion Cara Noir? If either of those matches have taken place elsewhere I apologise, but they both seem like a great marquee attraction to me. Whomever he winds up facing you can be sure that Kyle Fletcher will leave the US fans with something special to remember. The Aussie has a true, undeniable talent.