#NEWS: All Elite Wrestling Big Announcement Today

All Elite Wrestling and TNT will make an announcement today. It was revealed through the @AEWonTNT Twitter page. It’s expected that the announcement will be the details about their upcoming TV show. Details like the show name, when it will air, time slot, etc.

As I wrote two days ago, the rumors are that the show will debut on Wednesday, October 2.

Industry experts are estimating that All Elite Wrestling’s first episode on the TNT network will draw something between 400k-500′ viewers. Bare in mind that when Impact Wrestling was on POP, they were regularly drawing viewers of over 350k, and POP is a much much smaller TV station than TNT.

Blake’s Take: Those are some low numbers given there by the experts! I’m not sure of the reasoning behind those estimates, but if Impact was drawing 350k on a small station (and to be honest they will never have the amount of backing that AEW does) then it stands to reason that All Elite Wrestling will get double those figures? Or is that me hoping they will? Either way, it will be great to see a mainstream alternative to WWE. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the action from both companies!