New World Six-Person Tag Team Champions Crowned

New World Six-Person Tag Team Champions Crowned

The history was made on June 26th for the SWF “Feel the Heat” at the Elks Lodge (the property located near the park where the World Champion, Joe Louis was trained) in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, when a last-minute challenge between the pro wrestling teams, PJ Savage and the Faceless Ones versus the newly formed “Pitbulls Mad Dogs of War” with ECW original Gary Wolf, Knockout Nikki Lee, and Pitbull # 3 Christopher Annino. Both teams challenged each other in the inaugural World Six-person tag team championship.

It was inspired by the legendary Six-man tag team championship feuds that the Fabulous Free Birds and the Von Erichs (corresponding match’s video) would have. A six-man tag match is similar to a regular tag team match. Rules may vary depending on the promotion; however, it’s between two teams of three wrestlers – each team has one wrestler designated as team captain. To win, a team must either score a fall against the opposing team’s captain or one fall each against both of the other wrestlers.

New World Six-Person Tag Team
[Photo: Steve Prescott]

New World Six-Person Tag Team Champions Crowned

The historical lineage goes way back to National Wrestling Alliance on May 6, 1955, when Roy McClarity, Pat O’Connor, and Yukon Eric was crowned champions. World Championship Wrestling would continue with this tradition in the ’80s to ’90s. Various wrestling such as Junkyard Dog, Ricky Morton, Tommy Rich, Dustin Rhodes, Ricky Morton, Terrance Taylor, Ivan Koloff, Road Warriors, Dusty Rhodes, and many others had won the six-man tag team title.

The World Six Person tag team championship rules are similar to the six-man; however, the six-person tag team championship allows both genders to compete. The six-person tag team championship was created and commissioned by the New England Music Hall of Fame in the goal to help unite genders in athletics.

New England Music Hall of Fame representative Steve Prescott had both factions sign the official contract and the match made history and was added to that evening’s card. The match was hard-hitting and due to the cheating nature of the Faceless ones. Knockout Nikki Lee and ‘The Intimidator’ Pitbull # 3 Christopher Annino were more utilized security and crowd control while the match occurred.

“This is the line…. if they cross it… no mercy… we are a family and we take care of each other”, ‘The Intimidator’ Pitbull # 3 

– Christopher Annino

Pitbull #1 Gary Wolf pinned PJ Savage for the win. After the match, Gary Wolf, the leader of the Pitbull’s Mad Dogs of War, issued a brief statement, “Like the Vikings, we are here to divide and conquer this inaugural tag team championship we take serious. This is no BS to us to us this is only the beginning. We will be building an army of Pitbulls and each will have a number unless they are a valet or manager.

Each and every one of our members, we see as family. Like King Arthur’s knights of the round table, all of us are equal… however, unlike King Arthur’s knights of the round table, we will be robbing from the ungrateful and giving to those who need it… we will be taking a stand on what we think is right…. and in the end, one for all and all for us… we don’t want fans… we want an army…. they mean the world to us and we want them to join our family”.

New World Six-Person Tag Team Champions Crowned

After the match was over, Gary Wolf had well-known New Jersey wrestler Steve Off join as Pitbull # 4 as he now officially joined the lineup along with Pitbull # 5 ECW original Angel Orsini, Pitbull # 6 Alex “The Pug” Pourteau of WWE, and WCW, wrestler/ manager Nikki The Knockout Lee, and original GLOW Girl Jeanne “Hollywood” Basone. Click this link to check out their official highlight newsreel of the match from NEMHOF News.

The Mad dogs of war Nikki the knockout Lee and Pitbull Gary Wolf were invited to Monster Factory show at the ECW Arena that took place on June 30th.