New South Tag Titles Changed Hands at ‘Americana’ | #AndNEW

Only one week ago in Ardmore, TN the New South family of fans witnessed a surprising victory! From start to finish, the entire card of New South’s Americana rocked. One of the standouts of the event was the six-man tag match. Watch the event in its entirety on IWTV and you’ll see exactly how bright the future of southern independent wrestling looks! As New South Tag Titles changed hands at ‘Americana’.

New South Tag Titles Changed Hands at ‘Americana’

In the six-man tag, the Akuto Death Society took on the Talladega Knights and their partner Kris McInnis. Reigning New South tag champions Shean Christopher and Kevin Ryan and their ADS partner Chris Crunk came into the match cocky and overconfident as usual. They banked on a three-on-two match with the Knights in the beginning, but they weren’t so lucky. Big Spade, the guest general manager for Americana, granted the Knights a shot at the tag titles. Also, any doubt about the Knights’ one-time mentor Kris McInnis appearing in this match disappeared. The Born Villain showed up as the third partner to Hunter Drake and Tyler Franks. Now the match could start, but would the Knights and McKinnis mesh as a team?

This one was an excellent way to start the show. I am seriously on board with the Talladega Knights and their energy. Yes, they’ve been pent up in quarantine, but this was their opportunity to go at a hundred percent. “All Beef” Tyler Franks possesses a lot of talent for such a young guy; he’s got a number of great years ahead in the ring. His teamwork with Drake went exceptionally well in the opening match. I think that even if the Knights had to go three-on-two against the ADS they’d still give Crunk and his boys a hell of a run for their money.

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Looking at the other side of the ring, however, the ADS make an amazing team. There’s a fair reason they’re so confident – they’re just as good as they say they are. Shean Christopher and Kevin Ryan function well as a team. I can see them as a formidable duo on the southern indie scene in the near future. Their partner Chris Crunk (love him or hate him) impresses whether he works singles matches or in trios with Shean and Kevin. Go back and check out this year’s HOSS Tournament from March if you want to see more ADS at their dirty best.

The ADS brought their top game as they knew their titles were on the line, but this night belonged to the Knights. Maybe McInnis would or wouldn’t be fully on board as a partner, but the Knights prevailed. Hunter Drake showed up in fine dramatic style here as well. He’s one to watch in the upcoming months, but if you’re new to Drake this is a great match to introduce yourself to his work. He’s also got a great rest of the summer ahead, too. Tennessee indie fans won’t want to miss Hunter Drake taking on Jordan Oliver this August for KAPOW Wrestling’s Unfinished Business 2.


This match kicked the show off excellently, but the rest of Americana is fantastic too! The Bloodsport main event will go down as one of the best New South main events I’ve witnessed. I also enjoyed Brett Ison vs. Jaden Newman and Steven Michaels taking on Adam Priest. I encourage you, however, to go and check out the full opening match on IWTV. The finish will have you cheering on the Talladega Knights, but all respect will still be given to ADS for a hell of a dramatic trios match. Congratulations to the new reigning New South tag team champions Hunter Drake and Tyler Franks!