#AndNew SmackDown Live Women’s Champions

At Money in the Bank, Becky Lynch went in with a double target on her chest. As Becky 2 Belts, she had two separate title defenses on her plate. Her first against Lacey Evans went The Man’s way. However, she was blindsided by her second challenger Charlotte immediately after. As Becky went to go to the back to rest, The Queen emerged from the back. Charlotte wanted her match right then and there. Lynch had no choice but to go back into the ring for her second title defense. This time, for the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship. A smug grin danced upon the face of Flair, very well pleased with herself.

Charlotte went right on the attack, spearing Becky into the corner. Becky had already gone through an almost ten-minute match against Lacey Evans. During that match, Evans concentrated on Becky’s left arm and damaged her left knee as well. Becky battled back out of the corner but fell prey to Flair after a missed move from the middle rope. The tall blond second-generation star attacked Becky without mercy, like a bulldog. The two would brawl for a minute or two, neither one gaining much of an advantage. Charlotte scaled to the top rope and much like her father was thrown to the canvas for her efforts.

Becky rolled Flair up to try to get the quick win, but Charlotte kicked out. She came back with signature Flair chops until Becky battled back again. Becky attempted a dropkick, but Charlotte gained control of Lynch’s body and turned it into a Boston crab. The agony was etched on Lynch’s face as she struggled to reach the ropes. She eventually got there, but the damage was evident. The hatred between these two women and they continued to battle for supremacy. They traded forearms and fists until Charlotte went for Becky’s injured knee. This dropped The Man straight to the mat, but she wasn’t about to give up.

The tide was turned after Charlotte attempted to hit a Natural Selection on Becky on the apron. Becky blocked it by holding onto the ropes, and Charlotte fell to the floor. While she recovered, Lacey Evans ran down the ramp. She unloaded a wicked Women’s Right on Becky, who was attempting to recover against the bottom rope. Charlotte rolled into the ring and attempted to capitalize, and Becky pulled her in for a small package. This was a close near-fall, and once Becky got to her feet she was mowed down by Charlotte’s big boot. This put Becky Lynch down for the dreaded three count. Charlotte celebrates giddily and taunts Becky. At this moment, Charlotte is The New SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. Becky appeared to be bearing the loss with a stiff upper lip.

She calmly rolled out of the ring and out of nowhere took Lacey Evans out with a variant on a Lou Thez press. The two brawled on the floor with Becky on the offensive, until Charlotte rolled out to help Lacey. The new SmackDown Women’s Champion attacked Becky from behind and told Lacey to get her into the ring. The blond duo rolled the Irish lass back into the ring and swarmed on her like hyenas in the corner. This vicious double-team was finally ended when Bayley’s music hit and she ran down to the ring. Bayley laid out Lacey with a stiff knee and a Belly to Bayley suplex. Charlotte momentarily stops her momentum with a forearm and returns her attention to Becky.

Charlotte then turns her attention to the downed Bayley. She attempts to spear Bayley, but she moves and uses Charlotte’s momentum to propel her into the corner. At this moment, Bayley had a monumental decision to make. The crowd was ravenous and chanting her name, Charlotte lay prone on the mat. Casting her gaze to the Money in the Bank briefcase that she had won earlier in the night; the wheels were racing. In the moments that felt like an eternity, Bayley decided to go for it. She handed Mike Chioda her briefcase and said she as cashing in. Once the bell rang she dragged Charlotte’s limp body to the middle of the ring. Bayley ascended the ropes and hit an elbow drop in memory of her hero, Macho Man Randy Savage. She then covered Charlotte for the pinfall victory.

After becoming Ms. Money in the Bank, Bayley is The New SmackDown Live Women’s Champion! A crazy exciting night with not one but two title changes!

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