MJF becomes #TheNew AAW Pro Heritage Champion

On Friday, April 12th, AAW Pro faced a number of last minute and unplanned changes to its event. Through it all, some things took place at EPIC – The 15th Anniversary event which still remains key and usher in a new direction for the promotion. In a match that saw action take place both inside and outside the ring, fans were witness to what is believed to be a long time coming. MJF and DJ Z took it to one another and in the end, regardless of what appeared to be coming, the result was a new AAW Pro Heritage Champion. DJ Z gave everything he had to this match and in the process fought valiantly against the crafty and cunning Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

As the match was drawing near its closing moments, fans were witness to something that is fitting of the deceptive MJF. Just as it appeared as though DJ Z was slated to pick up a pinfall win it wasn’t meant to be. A distracted DJ Z, a roll-up and feet resting on the middle ropes and the winner of the match was none other than MJF. The win is now the second championship currently around the waist of MJF. Freidman is not only the Limitless Champion but now holds the distinction of holding the AAW Pro Heritage Champion. The is no denying the growing popularity of MJF as he continues to build a name for himself in both the Southern Ontario area and the United States. As he came into DJ Z, fans were assured that they would have been treated to a fantastic match and they were. However, the matches conclusion is fitting of the man who MJF is and has become. MJF’s nefarious means to capture wins is reflective of who the salt of the earth is and what he is all about. The typically heel tactic on the part of MJF shows that he will do anything and everything to walk away the winner.

As many questions were answered as they were more that were more asked. MJF may have walked away as the new AAW Pro Heritage Champion but that doesn’t resolve him from facing a list of challengers. Whether talent come into the promotion to square off against him or notable regulars do everything in their power to ensure they cement their role as the future champion, MJF has a target on his back. He may reach out and gain the services of those that watch his back. Could the likes of his Dynasty cohorts join him and help to ensure he maintains that championship? Other/ questions could also be raised as MJF is the new AAW Pro Heritage Champion. Could he walk into AEW’s Double or Nothing holding the championships of two different promotions? More questions about where MJF places his own importance over anyone and anything else around him. He could very well be carrying even more hardware whereever he will be competing between now and May 25th.

Darby Allin, AR Fox, Fred Yehi are among the men that are likely going to be gunning for the new champion. A new direction has now officially been taken as the AAW Pro Heritage championship is firmly around the waist of a man that demands respect and will do anything he has to do to ensure he achieves it. As it stands at the moment all things appear to be coming up MJF as he walked into EPIC – The 15th Anniversary Show the challenger and walked out THE NEW AAW Pro Heritage Champion.

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