#Preview: AAW Pro Presents EPIC – The 15th Anniversary Event

Photo / AAW Pro

Photo / AAW Pro

On Friday, April 12th, AAW Pro presents EPIC – The 15th Anniversary Event. The show will be bringing in a number of notable faces, and also build on already established feuds. While a number of matches may not be revealed until the last minute, it is usually those surprises that fans get behind the most. This night has at least six advertised matches that showcase strength, speed, intensity, and skill. This night will see two titles defended as the AAW Pro Heritage championship and the AAW Pro Tag team titles will be on the line. Could MJF walk away as the new AAW Pro Heritage champion, and will the Lucha Bros regain their tag team gold? These are just a couple of questions being asked about this night. It will also be interesting to see how the WRSTLING/Sami Callihan feud will continue onward. Here is Pro Wrestling Post’s preview of AAW Pro’s 15th Anniversary.

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Fatu with Armando Estrada vs Larry D

These two massive men will square off, and a familiar face will be present. The former manager of the late Umaga in WWE, Armando Estrada returns, and accompany another member of the Anoa’i family to the ring. For fans unfamiliar with Larry D, the words ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ could not be truer than in this case. A 17 year veteran of the ring, Larry D has always worked hard and brings it each time he is in the ring. One of the best-known names on the Ohio wrestling circuit, D brings a massive 300 plus pound frame and a deceptive striking and MMA skillset. As for Fatu, he brings all the attributes you would associate with a member of the Anoa’I family: deceptive speed, intensity, and massive strength. When we couple that with the support and guidance of Estrada, the result is a competitor that continues to have all the makings for a bright future.

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Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin

Two men that have to be a bus in order to be stopped, because their speed and ingenuity make them a force to be reckoned with, are Guevara and Allin. Both men are ready, willing and able to get the AAW Pro faithful on their feet. On a recent edition of ‘Being the Elite,’ Guevara further showed his acting chops during an exchange with Cody. Guevara’s confident, seemingly cocky, nature provides a nice compliment in this matchup to Allin, who is always able to pull on the heartstrings of the fans by showcasing a never say die spirit which has become his anthem in the ring. What will push the needle in favor of either one of these competitors? In the end, the cocky swagger of Guevara and ‘The underdog of a nation’ Allin that will catch everyone’s attention.

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Once we get this being a battle of initials, at its root this is a contest between the arrogant and brash Maxwell Jacob Friedman and the high-flying AAW Pro Heritage champion DJZ, in what will likely be his last match with the promotion. As some are aware, DJ Z has recently signed to be part of WWE’s NXT brand. That aside, MJF will come at the champion with everything he has, looking to win and walk away as the new AAW Pro Heritage champion. MJF always lets the fans know that he comes from privilege and is better than everyone in attendance watching him compete. He has achieved a great deal of popularity, or perhaps better described as notoriety, in only 4 years of competition. During that time he has wrestled an incredible 300 plus matches, which says he has had incredible learning opportunities in the business.

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Shazza McKenzie vs Kris Statlander

Fans of AAW Pro will likely be looking forward to this match as it could be setting up a future opponent for champion Jessicka Havok. The ten-year Aussie-pro McKenzie isn’t just looking to compete against Statlander. She is in there to make a statement and be held in much higher regard by AAW Pro management. McKenzie continues to work and develop her skill set with each passing match, and a win over Statlander would certainly turn heads. Though she is a mainstay on the east coast, Statlander has been a pro for only a couple of years and is hoping to accomplish the same thing as McKenzie. ‘The Alien’ is sure to come at McKenzie with everything and the kitchen sink. McKenzie should anticipate an array of stiff strikes, and that could be what does her in if she isn’t prepared.

Photo / AAW Pro

Jessicka Havok and Besties in the World vs WRSTLING

A last-minute change has affected this tag team match. With Sami Callihan being originally slated to take part in this matchup. However, Callihan is no longer in this match and what was once a tag team match became a six-man tag team match involving three members of WRSTLING. Jake Something, Curt Stallion and Eddie Kingston have come together to challenge Havok, Vega, and Fitchett. The on-going issues between Callihan and WRSTLING don’t appear to be ending any time soon and Jessicka Havok is set to make a statement in their match against Callihan’s current rivals. Will the match result help to dictate the future? It is likely going to help where this feud is headed for the later part of 2019.

Photo / AAW Pro

LAX vs Lucha Bros

With two teams as familiar with each other as these teams are and a championship at stake, we know that they will all bring it. Fans may recall that the Lucha Bros are the former AAW Pro Tag team champions, and some might argue they still would be if not for the inclusion of Matt and Nick Jackson, the Young Bucks, in their previous championship match. The question remains, will there be any outside interference in this matchup that could possibly play a part in the conclusion? There are things fans will certainly expect to take place between these teams. Rest assured that they will not relent when facing one another.


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