Lucha Libre: News ¡Esto es Lucha! for 8/5/19

Welcome to ¡Esto es Lucha!The place to learn all about the different promociones (promotions) of Lucha Libre! And this is the place to feel and know about lucha libre news and culture in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile. This week, you’ll read in this post about CMLL, CNL, and WWL’s weekly programs. Let’s not waste any more time and fill yourself about lucha libre.


CMLL Viernes Espectacular or Friday Spectacular:


This week, CMLL had another card where we will see another layer added to the rivalry of Ultimo Guerrero and The Main Man, Ciber. This rivalry has increased every week. Let’s go to the Cathedral of Lucha Libre, Arena Mexico.

This Friday was an important date for the women’s division, or CMLL calls them Amazonas. It started the first phase of the tournament for the Amazonas Universal Championship. The participants were Marcela, Amapola, Metalica, Tiffany, Sanely, La Infernal, Maligna, La Guerrera, Seductora, and Avispa Dorada. This match is a battle royal where the first five wrestlers eliminated will be in Block B and the others five will be in Block A. This style match is amazing, there isn’t friends or factions, all luchadoras search for a great opportunity for the belt.

The sequence of elimination to make up Block B was: Avispa Dorada, Tiffany, Seductora, Maligna, and La Infernal. Remaining to make up Block A were: Amapola, Marcela, Sanely, Metalica, and La Guerrera. The next phase pitted Block A against Block B in direct competition. All the ladies showed their abilities and skills in technical style. The elimination of the luchadoras was as follows: La Infernal (Block B), La Guerrera (Block A), La Maligna (Block B), and La Seductora (Block B). At this moment Block B only has two members against five members of Block A.

Tiffany was able to fight back and defeated Sanely (Block A). A great somersault was delivered by Avispa Dorada to Metalica. We had double elimination of Tiffany (Block B) and Amapola (Block A), as both had their shoulders down on the mat. The end is close, remaining from Block B is Avispa Dorada and from Block A are Metalica and Marcela. Marcela defeated Avispa Dorada with a Michinoku driver. The winner will be from Block A between Marcela and Metalica. Metalica is strong, she endured a double foot stomp! Metalica fought back and defeated Marcela with Swanton bomb.


The semi-main event was Rush, Ciber The Main Man, and El Terrible against Ultimo Guerrero, Dark Magic, and Barbaro Cavernario. This match is about the rivalry between Ultimo Guerrero and Ciber. These men have fought for many weeks. Los Ingobernables and Ciber attacked their opponents from the ramp, and they fought among the crowd and through the commentator’s area. They controlled the action and defeated Dark Magic and Cavernario to get the first fall.

The second fall was again controlled by Los Ingobernables and Ciber. They punished their opponents but Ultimo Dragon fought back and attacked Ciber into the crowd. Cavernario and Magic pinned Los Ingobernables to get the second fall. The last fall was full of skill by Ultimo’s team, but the match was finished when Cavernario and Magic flew onto Los Ingobernables. Ciber got the victory when he applied a Chokeslam to Ultimo. Ciber asked an opportunity for the championship to Ultimo and Ultimo accepted it. This match was good but Ultimo and Ciber need to show their courage about the rivalry to connect the crowd on the history.


The main event was a rematch between NGD (Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero) against the Dream Team (Volador Jr, Caristico, and Mistico). This match was made after last week as NGD defeated the Dream Team, and they gave us another match before they would putt the Mexican National Trios Championships on the line. The match started on the ramp, Mistico and Caristico flew from the top of the ramp onto NGD. NGD then punished the three of them, and put them in the corner. This allowed them to apply La Catapulta to gain the first fall. The second fall started and NGD punished Mistico and Caristico, their strategy is attacking three against one. In my opinion, they are the best trio in CMLL.


They punished their opponents with a double foot stomp, elbows and kicks. Mistico applied headscissors from the top of the rope. Now it’s shown why Mistico, Caristoco, and Volador Jr., are the lucha libre Dream Team. They all hit somersaults to the floor. Mistico executed a great somersault from the ramp to Cuatrero. Caristo hit a great plancha to Sanson. In the middle of the ring is Volador and Forastero, they will decide who gets the victory. The crowd is excited and they show their support for Volador. However, once again, Forastero cheats and lies to the referee and says that Volador hit him with a low blow. The Dream Team and the crowd were furious. They want another rematch. We hope to see it next week.

CNL Episode 11

Photo/ @CNLChile

Just like with CMLL, this episode is available on CNL’s YouTube and they showed us great lucha from Club Chocolate.

The event started with a singles match, on one side is Mascarita Fugaz and on the other is Shocko. These guys show respect and shake hands before the match. The match started with technical skills then they began to inject speed. Mascarita hit a Deja Vu but immediately Shocko responds with a head scissors and he connects with three legdrops to Mascarita but that isn’t enough to get the victory. Shocko hit a hurricanrana from the corner, and then a shooting star but the referee only counted two. Shocko got the victory following another awesome sequence to score the pin. This was a very good match and after, Shocko and Mascarita shook hands again. 

The next match is between Addam Jones and S2S (with Herco and Drako). The history about this match is that S2S wants an opportunity for the Metropolitano Championship. Francis is who holds this belt. The bell rang, he got ahead to S2S and he attacked with hits. The crowd was supporting to Addam. S2S applied a tope to Addam. Addam has all the attitude to get the victory. He applied a great lariat to S2S. Great sequence, S2S applied 619 in the corner then he applied a plancha but Addam get him and he punishes him with a spine buster. Addam almost gets the victory but Herco distracted the referee and Drako applied a spear to Addam. S2S defeated with double knee and get the victory. Herco Records were celebrating but Francis attacked them with a chair. The next event, Batalla Real, will have Francis against S2S for Metroplitano Championship.

We have the signing of a contract with Engel and Alexandra for the CNL Women Championship. This match will be at Batalla Real too. The card for this event is amazing.

The main event is for CNL Tag Team Championships. Between The Chilean Empire (Jimbo Jackson and Al Cold) and the new team with Pedro Pablo and Alessandro. The big problem is that Jimbo is the manager of The Chilean Empire but the ascent of Eddie Vergara, he will fight for the team. This started with Al Cold had the control with Pedro Pablo but Pedro had the reaction and with the help of Alessandro, they controlled to Al Cold. The crowd was supporting to Jimbo.

Al Cold made a spine buster to Alessandro. Now. Jimbo and the crowd want that Al Cold gives the hand to Jimbo. But Pedro and Alessandro follow to punish Al Cold. Obviously, This new team wants belts. Al Cold applied double suplex for the challengers, and he cleans the ring. Jimbo is alone in the ring against Pedro and Alessandro. But Al Cold made the save, where Al applied powerbomb into Pedro Pablo and The Chilean Empire still is champs. The event finished with The Chilean Empire celebrated their belts. 

WWL High Voltage from 27th July

WWL High Voltage of 27th, July via Youtube. Since the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico, WWL has had all the action and all the power of High Voltage. Let’s start.

This event continued the tournament of Super Cup Cruiserweight and the winner takes WWL SuperCruiserweight Championship. The match was between Mr. Cage and OB. This match was slow, both shared hits and strikes. OB applied a great powerbomb from the top of the rope that was a consequence when Mr. Cage tried to apply Frankensteiner but OB blocked it. Mr. Cage got the victory when he surprised to OB when he tried to apply a Planck from the top of the corner. Mr. Cage passes to the next step of the tournament.

Now, we have a confrontation in the middle of the ring between Alice and Yaide. Both are injured, Aike is injured her right hand and Yaide is injured of her arm. Both explained that they can’t wrestle on the next events. Nancy comes to tell them that only invented they’re injured by fear. But Chica de Alto Voltaje attacked Nancy by her back and they fought in all the arena.

The main event is between Mark Davidson who is Americas Champion (with Tomy Diablo) and Manú El Atleta. Before the belt rings, Mark took the microphone, he insulted to the crowd then he insulted to Manu. Manu attacked him and that is how started the match. Manu began the match with hits and great speed because if Manu wins before five minutes, Mark will give him an opportunity for the belt. Manu tried some cases to pin Mark, but he couldn’t it and Mark escaped for him to take time. Manu keeps trying, but he can’t have the third count. Tomy Diablo interfere on the match, and he distracted the referee, and he threw to Mark a mitten. Marks hit with a mitten Manu. Mark gets the victory and Manu loses the opportunity to the belt.

Thanks for reading us and check us out next week as we continue to share all about wrestling in Mexico, Chile and Puerto Rico here on ¡Esto es Lucha! Lucha Libre news!