Lucha Libre News: ¡Esto es Lucha! for 7/29/19

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This week, you’ll read in this post about CMLL, CNL, WWL and AAA’s weekly lucha shows. Let’s not waste any more time and fill yourself about Lucha Libre.



Photo / CMLL

This Viernes Espectacular (Friday Spectacular), CMLL showed us a great card. CMLL uploads these to their YouTube channel regularly. In the main event, it was NGD against Mistico, Caristico, and Volador Jr. NGD has surprised us in the last few weeks. Now, they have the opportunity to be in the main event of CMLL. The semi-main event will see the continued rivalry between Ultimo Guerrero and Ciber. And we will have a great relampago match, with Barbaro Cavernario going against El Valiente. Let’s go back to Arena Mexico and enjoy this review.

First is the relampago match Barbaro Cavernario and El Valiente, this was a good match between two stars. The match started with a technical style or as it’s called in Mexicod, llaveo and contra llaveo. Cavernario started to control the match. He attacked Valiente’s left arm and shoulder. Valiente had fought back and hit a double tope. Then Valiente searched for the victory with moonsault from the top, but Cavernario put his legs up. Cavernario then applied a slingshot splash but only got a two-count. Cavernario got the victory in 7:56 when he applied the La Cavernario submission on El Valiente.


The next match is a relevos australianos (Australian rules) or trios match. Rush, Bestia del Ring, and Ciber fight against Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero, and Ultimo Guerrero. This match has two ingredients. One of them is the rivalry between Ciber and Guerrero. The other one is  another chapter of the rivalry between Guerrero and Bucanero. The first fall is won by the team of Rush, Bestia, and Ciber. They had the victory with Bestia hit a senton on Bucanero, and Rush hit a running corner dropkick to Negro. The second fall is controlled by Rush’s team, Rush fought with Negro into the commentator’s area. Guerrero’s team fought back, Negro hit Rush in the crowd. Guerrero punished Ciber in the commentator’s area and Bucanero punished Bestia on the outside. Ciber’s team got the victory when Ciber hit another low blow to Guerrero and Rush pinned him. Ciber’s team won the match in two straight falls.


The main event is coming and a great match is waiting for us. On one side, we have the National Champions of Trios who are NGD ( Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero) against the Dream Team (Volador Jr, Caristico, and Mistico). The match has great speed by the Dream Team. At the same time, Caristico and Mistico hit sommersault planchas on Cuatrero and Forastero while Volador hit a tope on Sanson. However, NGD wakes up and put all members of the Dream Team in the corner and applied the Catapult and the first fall is for the champs. The second fall starts and NGD is controlling their opponents with good combinations. They have punished all of Dream Team and NGD tears Mistico’s mask. With help Volador, Caristico hits a springboard dropkick to Forastero and Cuatrero from the ramp. Mistico with the same help, hits a head scissors on Sanson. The second fall is for the Dream Team as Mistico and Caristico applied La Mistica to Forastero and Cuatrero. 

The third fall started, Caristico and Sanson both had their masks torn. Great sequences are shown by the Dream Team. They showed us head scissors and spinning scissors, and controlled the ring with their speed. Mistico comes from the ramp and helps him with the ropes and hits a somersault plancha to Cuatrero. The crowd is excited and supported the technicos. In the middle of the ring to decide the fall is Volador and Forastero. Volador tried to apply a head scissors but Forastero controled the situation. Forastero is preparing to deliver a powerbomb but he decided to take off the mask and threw to Volador. The referee gives the victory to NGD.


The Dream Team isn’t happy with this. They asked an opportunity for the belts but NGD first will give them a rematch. We hope to see this match next week.



This week continued with AAA from Aguascalientes, Mexico. We’ll cover the event where Cody and MJF had their debuts in AAA. AAA streams some of their shows on their Twitch channel and also upload matches to their YouTube channel.

Photo / AAA

The first match was Laredo Kid, Aerostar, and Puma King against Eterno, Chessman, and Averno. The match was good, but with some mistakes. However, the best part of this match was the highflyers, as Laredo and Aerostar showed their dives. The finish came with Puma King delivered a powerbomb to Eterno.

The semi-main event was between partner promotions, AAA and AEW. It featured Cody Rhodes and MJF against Daga and Black Taurus. The crowd was supporting Cody and MJF throughout the match. It was a slower paced match but was entertaining to the crowd. The most exciting moment was Daga hitting a tornillo to MJF, and Cody hitting a plancha on Daga and Taurus. Daga hit a front cracker to MJF to get the victory.

The main event is Blue Demon Jr, Texano Jr, and Rey Escorpion vs Dr. Wagner Jr, Penta 0M, and Psycho Clown. The match started with total dominion by the rudos. Blue Demon Jr. showed the most evil of him because he kept hitting Wagner until he was bleeding. Wagner reacted and tore the Demon’s mask. The match was all over the place in the arena. Psycho Clown put Texano on the commentator’s desk and hit a flying elbow. Wagner and Demon are showing their hate, their faces are reddened by the blood. This is incredible, it’s something to will watch in Triplemania. The match was won by Wagner and his team when he applied the Wagner Driver to Blue Demon Jr. In the end, Taurus and Los Mercenarios attacked Dr. Wagner Jr. but Cody makes the save. It apears there will be an alliance between Cody and Wagner.


Photo/ @CNLChile

Episode 10 of CNL or Campeonato Nacional de Lucha Libre. This event is on Youtube and they showed us great matches from Club Chocolate. The event started with a singles match between Axel Ochoa (Venezualean wrestler) and Pedro Pablo. The match was fast and the crowd always was supporting to Axel. The finish came when Pedro wanted to defeat to Axel with his finisher “La Galeria.” However, Axel woke up and pinned him to get the victory. Axel was celebrating, but Alessandro came to the ring and attacked Axel Ochoa. Alessandro didn’t forget his defeat against Axel two weeks ago. Alessandro and Pedro make an alliance to attack Axel together. Wait a minute, Rocket’s song is played and Rocket comes to help Axel.

This match is changed to a tag team match with Rocket and Axel Ochoa against Alessandro and Pedro Pablo.The match was controlled in the first minutes by Alessandro and Pablo. They attacked and neutralized Axel, doing their best to keep Axel from tagging Rocket in. The excitement came when Rocket cleaned the house but Pedro Pablo responded with tremendous lariat and Axel gave the same to Pedro. Alessandro took down Axel with a kick. Pedro surprised them, making Rocket and Axel crash, and Alessandro pinned Rocket for the victory. The match was entertaining, Pedro Pablo and Alessandro solidified their alliance.

The next match was Mascarita Fugaz against S2S (with Herco Wisky and Drako). S2S wants an opportunity by Metropolitano Championship who is Francis. Proof of that S2S is advances with a kick and hits to Mascarita. Mascarita has a Mexican style and he attacked S2S with a head scissors and a plancha. The crowd was loud to support Mascarita. S2S hit an incredible diving double footstomp from the top rope to Mascarita’s back. The rudoness of Herco and Drako came out when S2S distracted the referee. This was taken advantage of by Herco and Drako to attack Mascarita. Mascarita battled back to control the match. He prepares to deliver a 450 splash to S2S. As he signals the end, once again Drako and Herco interfere in the match. Mascarita cleaned house, but S2S take advantage of the distraction and defeated Mascarita. After the match, Herco cut a promo saying that S2S was closer to the Metropolitano Championship.

The next match is the National Women’s Championship match and it will be amazing. These ladies fought about two weeks ago, and they have expected this rematch. On one side is the champion Engel and on the other is Alexandra. The match started when Engel hit a spear and Alexandra responded with a spear and both fell to the floor. It continued on the floor as they showed their courage and hate for each other. The intensity is tremendous, their hits and slaps are hard.  Engel hit a suplex on the floor to Alexandra. However, the match is over.

The referee finished the ten count, and both were counted out. Both women continue to fight though, and the referee can’t stop them. The crew had to come down to the ring to separate them. At CNL’s next live event on August 11th, we will have a last woman standing match for the first time. The only stipulation, they can’t touch or fight each other until then or the championship will be vacated. Next week, we will have the signing of the contracts.

The main event is CNL Champion Engranaje Jack against Guanchulo. This match originally wasn’t for the championship but Engranaje asked for the title would to be on the line. The match is moving with a strong style, power versus power. Guanchulo showed us his power with several knees on Engranaje’s face. Engranaje and Guanchulo exchange great hits. The crowd is excited and support both sides, even chanting “This is lucha!” One more time, both exchanged hard slaps. Engranaje thought that the match was over when he applied a German suplex and a shining wizard but it was just a near-fall. Guanchulo has held up against everything. He hit a great knee strike but the champion faught up. Engranaje hit a knee strike and then his finisher and that’s it. Your winner and still CNL Champion is Engranaje Jack. After the match, Ariel Levy attacked Engranaje and said the championship is his. This match will happen at the August 11th event.


Finally from YouTube we have the July 13th episode of WWL High Voltage. From the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico, WWL has had all the action and all the power of High Voltage.

This event started with a Flags match of Super Cup of Cruiserweights, the first contender is the Cuban, Rodrigo Garcia. He took the microphone and insulted the Puerto Rican crowd then sang Cuba’s national anthem. The next contender is Fast Forward, and he was singing Puerto Rico’s national anthem when Rodrigo attacked him and started the match. Rodrigo is the first to try to down the flag but Fast Foward stopped him.  Fast Forward has a great arsenal dive and made a plancha from the top rope to Rodrigo. Fast Forward surprised to Rodrigo when he applied 21 suplex, a great move.

Rodrigo still tries to down the flag, but Fast stop him. Rodrigo takes off his boot and he pulls out dust and throws it to Fast but he failed and connected to the referee. Fast Foward climbs and take the flag. But the referee was being cleaned his eyes and  Rodrigo applied a low blow to Fast and stole the flag. Rodrigo cleaned the referee’s eyes, and the referee gave the match to Rodrigo, and he advances to the next match of Super Cup. Fast attacked to Rodrigo when Fast was celebrating. Rodrigo threw fire to Fast’s face.

The next match is between El Gentil and the Americas Champion Mark Davidson (with Tommy Diablo). The match started slow, both were in a crash of power. It’s a match of force. The champ starts to connect hits but EL Gentil has a reaction with a double kick. El Gentil applied a superkick from the apron. EL Gentil tried to gain when applied an Octopus. El Gentil still tries to defeat Mark when applied Red Code but never comes the third count. Almost Mark have the match when he applied a powerbomb then a knee kick. El Gentil tried two more times to gain the match via submission with an octopus. But Kid Candelo comes to the ring and distract to El Gentil. Mark applied package piledriver and has the victory. To finished Youtube event.

Thanks for reading us and check us out next week as we continue to share all about wrestling in Mexico, Chile and Puerto Rico here on ¡Esto es Lucha! Lucha Libre news!