Lucha Libre News: ¡Esto es Lucha! for 10/7/19

Welcome to ¡Esto es Lucha! The place to learn all about the different Promociones (promotions) of Lucha Libre and culture in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile. This week, you will have in this post about CMLL, The Crash, and this time in Esto es Lucha. We will know about some events and luchadors about these promotions. We’ll talk about the main events of week and news about these promotions, so, let’s go to the Latino world wrestling.



The last Friday at Arena Mexico in Viernes Espectacular. CMLL had a great tournament and a great main event. CMLL has started with the first phase of Gran Alternative. This tournament is about to give the opportunity to the rookies where they are supported by a great star of CMLL. This phase participated Mistico with Fugaz, Ultimo Guerrero and Difunto, Volador Jr and Dulce Gardenia, Mr. Niebla and Espiritu Negro, Diamante Azul and Retro, Terrible and El Coyote, Stuka Jr and Arkalis, Mephisto and Grako.

This phase is for elimination and the first phase final was between Mistico and Fugaz against Volador Jr and Dulce Gardenia. Where Dulce Gardenia defeated Fugaz with Canadian Destroyer then Mistico could defeat Dulce Gardenia. And the final Mistico and Volador had to decide what team will pass to the final. Volador was surprising with La Mistica…Mistico and Fugaz must wait until the next week to know who are the team that they will fight the final.

The main event of the night was for CMLL Tag Team Championships. Euforia and Gran Guerrero got the opportunity one more time to Chavez Brothers (Angle de Oro and Niebla Roja) for the belts. These teams have had many matches and they have a great rivalry. Los Guerreros put the belts in the line at Arena Puebla against Chavez Brothers and they retained their belts. These four men are amazing, the match was great and the crowd was supporting both sides. Chavez Brothers gave all their army with great combinations and great moonsaults but Los Guerreros showed why are the champs and the last fall and the match Los Guerreros with a double submission to retained one more time CMLL Tag Team Championships.

The second phase of Gran Alternativa was announced and this tournament will continue at Arena Mexico in Viernes Espectacular where we will know the second team finalist and this great tournament. The participants are Titan and Super Astro Jr, Negro Casas and Yago, Angel de Oro and Sonic, Cavernario and Espanto Jr, El Valiente and Star Jr, Gran Guerrero and Furia Roja, Niebla Roja and Magia Blanca, Euforia and Akuma. They are great luchadors and we know they will leave all in the ring.

CMLL has also announced that their roster will never participate with other indy promotions and in CMLL’s card won’t have luchadors compete for various indies. This change had actions indirectly where CMLL’s roster that was announced to The Crash for 05 Oct. They didn’t show up. We hope that CMLL changes their point of view for CMLL’s audience.


Lucha Libre
Photo / The Crash Lucha Libre

The Crash the last Saturday had a great event with MLW. But, they have announced that the 8th Anniversary will be on 1st, November. Also, they have announced some matches.

Lucha de Apuestas, where Haraganes and Triple Amenaza have had great matches in all year. So this rivalry will have it end, the next month.

The Crash Tag Team Championships. Rebelion Amarilla against Los Traumas. This match will be awesome, these teams have given great matches in Tijuana and Los Traumas have a great opportunity.

The main event will be between Lucha Bros vs Muñoz Brothers ( Rush and Dragon Lee). Rush and Dragon Lee have let to be part of CMLL and now, they have new changes in the indy circuit. They have put their eyes in the best tag team of the universe who are Lucha Brothers. So, we will attend this great event also, about this great rivalry.



Flamita is a great luchador and he always puts Mexican Lucha Libre at the top. He is recognized in all the world for his great talent. And Now, ROH has announced that he will be part of ROH’s Honor United UK tour where he will replace his best friend Bandido. Flamita will debut against Colt Cabana on October, 25. The next day, he and Tracy Williams will fight against Flip Gordon and Marty Scrull. And the last match will be a dream match where Flamita will face Mike Speedball Bailey on Oct, 27. His career continues to rise. We know that he will show his great talent and also, we hope to see him more in ROH.

Thanks for reading us and check us out next week as we continue to share all about wrestling in Mexico, Chile and Puerto Rico here on ¡Esto es Lucha! Lucha Libre news!