CMLL announce the releases of Dragon Lee, Rush and La Bestia Del Ring

In shocking news Mexican promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) has officially announced the releases of talents Rush, his brother Dragon Lee and their father La Bestia Del Ring. The move comes on the same night Rush captured the Ring of Honor World Championship at ROH’s recent Death Before Dishonor event. Despite both Rush and Lee not giving formal responses to their releases, they have retweeted posts that have shown support by fans.

CMLL has said that it is a disciplinary reason as to why the men were released. It could be tied to Dragon Lee’s participation in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s annual Battle of Los Angeles tournament. This was seen as a violation of CMLL’s rules and thus terminated. Lee was replaced last minute with Soberano for the Aniversario 86 show as part of the Relevos Increibles Matchup. His replacement in the match is understandable as to why Dragon Lee was a part of the ROH pay per view.

The release of Lee is likely tied to Rush also being released as well. The same could be said about La Bestia del Ring. Rush was not guilty of the violation but hadn’t competed for the promotion in some time.

While the timing of the releases may appear to be coincidental with Rush’s ROH world title opportunity it’s unlikely. The decision could have been made after Lee’s involvement in BOLA and only now is making the light of day. There appears to be support for both Lee and Rush as their departure from CMLL is likely seen as a professional blessing in disguise for them. With both Rush and Lee free from their CMLL obligations now it does open up more bookings for them internationally and potentially to compete for rival promotion AAA.

What is next for Rush, Dragon Lee, and La Bestia del Ring?

Madison’s Mindset: With Rush and Lee’s brother Mistico still a part of CMLL one has to wonder how long before the last remaining brother of the Gonzalez clan will be joining his family north of the Mexican boarder. Dragon Lee, Rush and La Bestia’s releases from CMLL likely leaves a void in the promotion that will be needed to be filled.