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Wrestling fans love wrestling matches for a plethora of reasons. Some prefer the acrobatic, high-flying style that has become so prevalent in today’s wrestling. A lot of fans enjoy the absolute carnage of a blood-soaked extreme-rules deathmatch. For others, the art of storytelling inside the squared circle is their cup of tea. Today’s article focuses on the latter. Last Friday, July 16th, during the finals of the Impact Pro Wrestling George Tragos/Lou Thesz Hall of Fame Classic Tournament, Jeremy Wyatt and the Frontman Jah C put together an absolute masterpiece in storytelling.

It was a brilliant ending to a tournament full of extraordinary matches worthy of the tournament namesake. 

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Hall of Fame Classic Bracket

This year’s Hall of Fame Classic featured a handful of wrestlers who have made an impact across the independent wrestling scene, along with a former WWE superstar. Both Wyatt and Jah C battled through a pair of tough matches to reach the finals. In the opening round, Jah C defeated former IPW Extreme and Tag Champion Gable Galileo. 

The Frontman’s overall athleticism and experience led him to victory. A victory punctuated with a post-match superkick after Galileo refused to shake his hand. For Wyatt, his opening-round victory came over Chicago-based GPA (Geoffrey Percival Austere). But, in a true contrast of styles, it was Wyatt’s technical prowess that won the day over GPA’s high flying attack. 

A spike pile driver sealed the deal for the Kansas City native.  In the second round, Jah C ran into a familiar foe in the 1 Called Manders. The two Black and Brave graduates went back and forth in a hard-fought contest. 

But, in the end, the current and inaugural Black Wrestlers Matter Champion punched his ticket to the finals. Standing between Wyatt and his spot in the finals was former WWE Superstar Drama King Matt (formerly Aiden English). 

Similar in size, this was a tightly contested bout, with the current Gateway Heritage Champion earning the victory with a surprise roll-up. So the stage was set, in the finals of the Hall of Fame Classic was the charismatic Frontman Jah C and the technical wizard, Jeremy Wyatt.

The Match

Wyatt made his way to the ring first, complete with utter disdain for the live Waterloo audience. This didn’t sit well with one specific fan, who actually had the audacity to grab Wyatt by the shoulder. Kudos to Wyatt for brushing off the incident with a swagger and style. 

Out next was the Frontman. Jah C had a determined look in his eye, always full of energy and charisma, ready to walk away as the Hall of Fame Classic Champion.

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Before the bell, it was apparent what Wyatt’s strategy was going to be. As Jah entered the ring, Wyatt chop blocked his knee. The cheap shot elicited a chorus of boos from the fans in attendance. That knee became Wyatt’s obsession and ultimately the Frontman’s downfall. 

After avoiding an early dropkick, Wyatt went to work on the injured limb. When the fight spilled ringside, Wyatt repeatedly slammed Jah’s knee into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Wyatt continued his assault. Utilizing a bevy of holds and strikes, each weakening the leg. A knee drop followed by a half Boston Crab put Jah in a precarious position. 

Frontman Jah C & Jeremy Wyatt

Not willing to give in, Jah C fought his way to the ropes for a rope break and moment of relief. An attempted fisherman suplex by Wyatt went south in a hurry when Jah C rolled him up for a near fall. Quick to steal back the momentum, Wyatt reversed Jah’s attempted clothesline over the top rope with a simple slam. Then, feeling he had things where he wanted them, Wyatt’s slaps to the back of Jah’s head fired up the Frontman.

Jah C responded to Wyatt’s taunts with a fury of punches and an enziguri that would make the late Owen Hart proud. The inaugural Black Wrestlers Matter Champion continued his comeback with a swinging neck breaker and jumping elbow drop. Wyatt once again attacked the knee with the momentum slipping away, reversing an attempted leg drop into the figure four. The hold made famous by the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair brought the Waterloo crowd to a fever pitch.

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After a few tension-filled moments, Jah C reversed the hold, returning the painful favor to Wyatt. With both men reeling from the submission hold, Wyatt made his way to the top turnbuckle. His attempt for a top rope attack was thwarted by the Frontman. Both men went crashing to the mat with an impressive superplex from the top turnbuckle by Jah C. 

Frontman Jah C vs. Jeremy Wyatt

The crowd met this impressive display with a “This is awesome” chant. Once both men reached their feet, Jah looked to have won the tournament with his patented superkick. However, Wyatt, the savvy veteran, placed his foot on the rope at the very last second avoiding the three count. 

With Wyatt down, Jah C psyched himself up with a kip-up and readied himself for one more superkick. This time Wyatt dodged the devastating kick before locking Jah in a second Boston Crab. With victory slipping away, Jah reversed the hold into a roll-up of his own.

Unfortunately for Jah C, Wyatt escaped the roll-up at two and transitioned it into an ankle lock. Knowing just how tenaciously tough Jah C is, Wyatt quickly locked his legs around Jah’s knee, applying even more pressure in the center of the ring. With nowhere to go, Jah C fought off the pain as long as he could, but ultimately he was forced to tap out. The submission earned Jeremy Wyatt the 2021 Impact Pro Wrestling George Tragos/Lou Thesz Hall of Fame Classic Championship. 

As Jah C tended to his knee, Wyatt made his exit to a chorus of boos. The boo’s eventually became cheers as the Waterloo fans showed their appreciation for the master class in storytelling they just witnessed by two of the best independent wrestlers in the country.

Jeremy Wyatt & Frontman
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