Jay White Speaks On NJPW Return

As reported last week, New Japan Pro Wrestling returns with brand new content on June 15th. Shortly after NJPW Chairman Naoki Sugabayashi made the announcement, Jay White participated in an interview for the NJPW website. In the interview, Jay White speaks on NJPW return and the landscape of a returning New Japan.

“Switchblade” Jay White made it clear at the beginning of the interview that he’s concerned about his spot on the card –

“I’m here in Florida right now, while every champion is in Japan. So it could be that when matches return […] the Japanese wrestlers are going to have an unfair advantage because they’re in the country, while guys like me have to deal with travel restrictions.  There’s no sense in getting frustrated if somebody in Japan steps right up to Naito. There are bigger things at play that might stop me from getting involved. All I’ll say is that once the championships are in reach again, then you can be damn sure I know I’m first in line.”

Jay White Speaks On NJPW Return

Later on, the interviewer asked the Bullet Club leader what we should expect from the empty arena matches. White responded by saying that empty arenas won’t change his style at all.

“Certain guys, not all of us, rely on the fans. They’re going to be in trouble because they can’t rely on the crowd to give them an extra little bit of energy. I only rely on myself. Whether there are fans there or not, it makes no difference to me. If anything it’ll help me in the ring because that fan support isn’t there for my opponents.”

The interviewer also asked Jay White about Kazuchika Okada, whom White has spoken of negatively on social media.

“He’s not my target. He doesn’t have the belts. I was only talking about him because he happened to be in my sights for the New Japan Cup. Oh, we have issues with one another. But when our paths do cross, that’s when those issues will be fuel to the fire.”

“Switchblade” Jay White also spoke about his other peers like KENTA, Hirooki Goto, and Dual Champion Tetsuya Naito. Read the full interview HERE

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