Jah C captures SCWPro Iowa Championship | #AndNEW

Ladder matches, especially modern-day ones, more often than not follow a similar formula, including one with Jah C. One that utilizes a plethora of high spots and death-defying leaps and falls from the top of the ladder. But sometimes, a ladder match comes along that plays by its own rules. Jah C captures SCWPro Iowa Championship.

A match that chooses the path of hard-hitting violence over the acrobatics that have become a staple of the ladder match. The most famous instance of this rare form of ladder match is Triple H versus The Rock from SummerSlam 1998. However, two icons of the sport showing a ladder match can be just as exciting when two wrestlers just beat the hell out of each other. 

In a performance similar to their ladder match predecessor this past Saturday, October 23, during SCWPro’s Hawkamania 19:Wicked Ways, “The Unsolved Mistery,” JT Energy, and “Frontman,” Jah C created their own masterpiece of violence. 

The former tag team champions went to war in a ladder match for the SCWPro Iowa Championship. A war was won by Jah C as he became the new SCWPro Iowa Champion.

Coming into this match with a ton of history together (read about the build-up to this match (here) for both men had something to prove. For JT Energy, it was yet another opportunity to stick it to the fans and officials of SCWPro. With the added bonus of evening his win-loss record against his former partner. 

Jah C, on the other hand, this was his opportunity to return to the promotion he considers home and earn a legacy solidifying victory. Oh, and the opportunity to beat the crap out of JT Energy was something he relished after the match. Embracing the Halloween season, Energy made his way to the ring first.

Complete with Jack Skellington inspired gear and make-up, fans could tell he had wicked intentions for this match. First, Jah C made his entrance; next, a hero’s welcome meeting him from the SCWPro faithful.

After a vintage short story from Jah, the two began their brawl. I say brawl because that’s what this was. There was no intention of flying high off the ladder, only ill intent from both men. The fight didn’t take long to spill outside the ring, with both men holding the advantage ringside. Amidst all the chaos, the two men, one time known as Vicious and Delicious, made their way upstairs of the Wildwood Saloon. 

Frontman Jah C captures SCWPro Iowa Championship

There, Jah drags his opponent across the hardwood floor before giving him a friendly shove down the steps. Then, back at ringside, Energy turned to the item that originally ended the Vicious and Delicious reign, a steel chair.  

As Jah attempted a dive through the middle rope, “The Unsolved Mister” threw a steel chair into his face. Following this was a nasty fall onto a ladder that looked to have caused some serious damage to Jah’s knee. Seizing the opportunity, JT Energy began his assault on the injured knee. 

First, he wedged it in between the ladder rungs before kicking the ladder. He followed that up by wedging the knee in between the steel stairs and the ring before slamming the ladder into the stairs. His vicious assault wasn’t done once when they got back in the ring. Here, he slammed the steel chair into Jah’s leg multiple times.

In complete control, Energy got great satisfaction watching Jah attempt to climb the ladder. Each time, he’d attack the leg before Jah could reach the top. 

Jah C captures SCWPro Iowa Championship

Ever the fighting champion, Jah C, was able to fend off the assault with a well-placed chair shot to the head. With Energy briefly incapacitated, Jah C turned his focus to the taller ladder placed on the stage by the SCWPro announcing crew. 

Both men began their ascent up their own ladder, and after a brief back and forth of punches, Energy sent both men crashing to the mat with an Unprettier. Eventually, the two former partners found themselves on the stage behind the announce table. 

This is where Energy looked to finish off his rival attempting to powerbomb him off the stage. However, Jah C didn’t allow this to happen, sliding down Energy’s back. Jah then hit the former SCWPro QC Cup holder with a tombstone pile driver. The move on the hardwood stage elicited a concerned gasp from the SCWPro audience. 

With Energy seemingly done for, Jah C began his ascent back up the ladder. But, before he could reach the championship prize awaiting him, JT Energy’s new bodyguard Augustus Draven made his presence felt. Draven yanked Jah down from the ladder and looked for a power slam after throwing him into the corner. 

Jah C fought his way out of Draven’s clutches before hitting the big man with an emphatic superkick. With Draven out of the picture, both competitors began to climb their ladders once again. After a brief scuffle sent Energy to the mat, he attempted to pull Jah C down, but this time the Frontman’s boot slipped off, sending Energy crashing into the ropes.

Energy Goes Down

This opportunity was all Jah C needed to finish his ascent and grab the title to become the new Iowa Champion. Sitting atop the ladder with his new championship in tow, Jah C addressed the SCWPro faithful.

The Frontman let them know that even though he’s been gone from SCWPro for a while making his name in the business, he’ll always appreciate the people of SCWPro and that this is home.