IPW Inside Take with Mark Blake 3/29/19

Welcome to you all! Once again I give to you the Pro Wrestling Post IPW Inside Take with yours truly, Mark Blake!

As always I am reviewing the IPW:UK show that is featured on The Fight Network UK. It is shown each and every Friday at 9 PM. Unfortunately this is the season finale of the show, and I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that a news season comes back ASAP.

Now the intro is done, let’s crack on with a great show! Enjoy!

Rob Sharpe vs Ciaran Donnelly

Ciaran was already in the ring as Sharpe made his entrance to the adulation of the fans at Unit Nine in Milton Keynes. I’m thinking that maybe the lack of a TV entrance for Donnally is what spurred him to viciously attack Rob as he entered the ring.

Lots of lefts and rights from Ciaran as the crowd chant some very unsavoury (but pretty) chants at him. He is literally swarming all ovr Sharpe, not giving him a chance to breathe let alone any offence.


Then it changed, and BOY did it change! A huge chop to the chest of Donnelly sent him flyiing halfway across the ring! The crowd were still ooooing at the chop as Sharpe then gave his reciept back to Ciaran. A beautiful suplex followed by the Ducky Driver gave Rob the win and quite possibly made Ciaran think twice about jumping the bell again.

Winner – Rob Sharpe

Grizzly vs Cali Grey

IPW trainee Grey stood waiting in the ring, visibly scared at the prospect of facing the Goliath that is Grizzly. And with good reason too!

Another match of power leading the way here. A couple of shoulder tackles and some nasty rights in the corner from Griz lead to a chop that literally sent the soul of Grey flying to the canvas. With him on the mat, Grizzly hit a senton to further punish the poor boy.


A missed running elbow gave Cali his chance. He ran to the top turnbuckle and tried to hit a double axe handle…..but was caught mid flight and was thrown half way across the ring with a beautiful overhead belly to belly suplex. It really was great.

Griz then went to the second turnbuckle and hit another huge senton for the win.

Winner – Grizzly

IPW World Tag Team Championships
Pretty Deadly vs Team Storm

Team Storm must be using the “Freebird” rule here as there’s no Jonny Storm to partner Andreas Corre. Instead Ashley Dunne was given the opportunity to impress. Also there were no other members of Team Storm around the ring. Is this going to be a rare 2 v 2 match up?

Lewis Howley of Pretty Deadly gets taken down with a shoulder tackle by Dunne. But he kips up to his feet with his hands in his pockets to the roar of the crowd. He then hits a sweet hurricanrana onto Ashley, once again with his hands in his pockets! The crowd again were vociferousus with their approval. Ricky Slatter on commentary was asking if Lewis was taking this seriously?


It wasn’t long before the powerhouse Corre was tagged in and the match turned in Team Storm’s favour. His big bullying behaviour was making his team the clear favourites at this point. Eventually Sam Stoker is tagged infor the hot tag and cleans house as Corre is sent to the outside.

Bad Apple finisher from Pretty Deadly but as the ref is bringing his hand down for the three count, he is dragged under the bottom rope by Jay Garner! While the ref remonstrates with Garner, Corre double clotheslines both men and picks up the tag belt to clock Howley with it.

At this point Cadet Joe Nelson of the Anti Fun Police runs out from the back and snatches the belt away from Corre, quickly followed by Chief Deputy Dunne and Los Federales Santos Jr to help even the odds! Pretty Deadly hit their finisher once again and pick up the upset victory!


Winners – And NEWWWWW IPW Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly!

After the match, the Anti Fun Police enter the ring to congratulate the new champions, while hoping to see them down the line sometime for those belts.

Ben Basden vs James Castle

A match that’s been weeks in the making finally takes place on the season finale. Before the bell is rung both men go at each other, fists of fury flying everywhere. They soon spill outside and trade chops to the delight of the crowd. Within seconds Basden has welts on his chest, OUCH!


All of a sudden the referee rings for the bell and the match is over. Both men have been counted out! They don’t care as they’re too busy beatong seven shades of crap out of each other as they brawl to the back.

Winner – Double Count Out

IPW World Heavyweight Championship
David Starr vs Mark Haskins (c)

The season closes with the IPW World Heavyweight Championship match and quite rightly too. It also closes with one of the most underrated wrestlers on display as a freshly shaven David Starr made his way out to his chorus of a ring introduction. Fantastic as always and props to ring announcer Slick Lombardo for not forgetting any of the quotes. As a ring announcer myself I notice these things 😉

Really quick start from both men as they look to finsish the match early. Once both got theor breath back, they then went and beat the crap out of each other but noone can get the inititave.


It’s not until both men are outside that Haskins takes control. A stiff Penalty Kick to the chest followed by Haskins running inside to deliver a tope suicido brings the crowd back to life. When both are back in the ring, Mark showed some great skill putting on a Stretch Muffler onto Starr and then transitioned it into an STO. Great work!

With Starr favouring his left knee, Haskins makes that his target. But David fights back with some great lariats and a Black Heart Buster followed by a Super Kick for a near fall. Sensing the tide is turning, he hits the Han Stansen but again only for a two!


Haskins gets his bearings and hots a great release German Suplex on Starr but the referee is in the way and he gets bumped! Referee down! Starr sees this opprtunity and grabs the title belt and is about to clock Haskins full in the face with it. But old advisary Rob Sharpe appears from the back and snatches teh title away. Incensed, Starr spits in Sharpe’s face! Disgusted he goes to hitDavid with the belt, but Starr moves and Haskins takes the hot instead!

A low blow to Sharpe and Starr covers Haskins for the three and becomes the new IPW Heavyweight Champion!


Winner – And NEWWWWW IPW World Heavyweight Champion, David Starr

As the show goes off the air, DAvid grabs the mic and says he got to the top of IPW by himself as he’s “really good at wrestling”

Blake’s Take

  • Comparing Ricky Slatter from episode three to now is dramatic. He really looked invested in all of the matches he was announcing. And when Starr won the title, watching and listening to him reminded me of JR when the evil heels had won. Great job Ricky!
  • IPW are really pushing Rob Sharpe as a big force in the company and I can see why. His look, his size, and charisma are what you want in any company.
  • And in the same breath, you can say the same thing about Grizzly. Could they be headed to a one on one encounter down the road?
  • New Tag and Heavyweight champions on the season finale will surely make folk tune back in (if) when the next season is announced.

Over the course of the last eight weeks IPW have shown the viewer exactly who they are as company. Who their champions are. And why you should tune in each week. Yes, much like most of the wrestling shows in the world, there’s been some low lights. But for every low light, they gave you the triple threat Return Of The Pac episode and many other highlights.

I’m hoping that it does get picked up. IPW is one of my local promotions and seeing folk like Ciaran Donnelly (who I’ve watched for over eight years) and many more get national exposure makes me glad. The BritWres scene is very much alive and kicking.

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