Impact Pro Wrestling Live from the Forte Center | Preview

Last month Impact Pro Wrestling celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a mega show. Not only was it a celebration of 20 years of IPW action, but it also marked the company’s first show in front of fans in over a year. To say the Forte Center in Des Moines was rocking that night would be an understatement. This Saturday, IPW returns to the Forte Center for another action-packed night of pro wrestling. Let’s look at the card, as Impact Pro Wrestling is live from the Forte Center.


Impact Pro Wrestling live at the Forte Center
Impact Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match
The Big Picture © vs. Ugly

Impact Pro Wrestling Live from the Forte Center
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For the past year, the Big Picture fended off a plethora of young, up-and-comers within Impact Pro Wrestling. The monster of a man has proven his mettle numerous times, having held the IPW Championship for over 800 days. The Big Picture recently spoke with the guys at Shotgun Wrestling Radio about his reign; listen here.

His most recent defense came at the 20th Anniversary Show when a game Bryce Jordyn, took him to his limits. This Saturday, a different kind of animal comes calling. Long-time IPW fans know exactly what Ugly brings to the table. He isn’t a young wrestler trying to make a name for himself, he’s a grizzled veteran, battled tested through years of in ring wars.

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Returning at the 20th Anniversary Show, Ugly emerged victorious in the “Gauntlet for the Gold” match. It was a feel-good moment when he last defeated Max Chill to earn this championship shot. Saturday, either the comeback story of Ugly will continue, or the Big Picture will add another notch to his belt.

Impact Pro Wrestling live at the Forte Center
Impact Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match
Justin Decent & Ethan Everhart © vs. The Legend Killers (Matty Star & Sparrow)

Impact Pro Wrestling Live from the Forte Center
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Both teams are coming off big wins at the 20th Anniversary Show. Justin Decent and Ethan Everheart finally reached the tag team mountain top last month. They finally overcame the nefarious trio of Gable Galileo, AJ Smooth, and Daniel Mott to win the IPW Tag Team Championships. It was the payoff of months battling the Princes of the Universe for the tag team gold.

Their victory received one of the loudest pops within the Forte Center the night of the 20th Anniversary. Matty Star and Sparrow’s victory over the Super Step Brothers (Jimmy Wylde & Clay Cooper) returned to prominence. The Legend Killers, as they are known, once ruled the tag team scene in IPW, and winning their first match together in years emphasized that they still indeed had “it”. Now, these two teams meet with the tag titles on the line, the current standard-bearers versus the old guard of the division. This one has show-stealer written all over it.

Impact Pro Wrestling live at the Forte Center
Tag Team Grudge Match
Jaxon King & Bryce Jordyn vs. Mason Reaper & Viktor Payn

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Entering as one of the favorites to win the IPW “Gauntlet for the Gold” last month, Jaxon King had his sights set on a future championship title shot. Little did he know, Mason Reaper had other plans for him. The “Collector of Souls” interfered during King’s gauntlet match entrance, costing the crowd favorite a shot at the gold. Not to be outdone, King returned the favor later in the match. Now, this growing rivalry writes its next chapter, but neither man will be alone. Joining King is “Golden Boy” Bryce Jordyn, coming off a hard-fought loss to IPW Heavyweight Champion the Big Picture.

Both King and Jordyn want to reestablish the momentum they had going into the 20th Anniversary show. Standing next to Reaper Saturday night will be his brother in the darkness, Viktor Payn. A win Saturday for Reaper and Payn could be a dark omen for the IPW tag team division.

Impact Pro Wrestling live at the Forte Center
Gable Galileo vs. Clay Cooper

Talk about a clash in styles. Galileo brings a calm, technical approach to the ring. Always a step ahead of his opponent mentally, his cerebral approach has brought him much success in IPW.Included in that was a year-long reign as IPW Tag Team Champion with AJ Smooth. Collectively known as the Princes of the Universe, their reign ended a month ago. Facing Galileo Saturday night is Clay Cooper. One half of the Super Step Brothers with Jimmy Wylde, Cooper brings a high-flying, thrill a minute style to the ring. It will be interesting to see which approach prevails in this contest.

Impact Pro Wrestling live at the Forte Center
Cole Cannon vs. Jimmy Wylde

Clay Cooper’s partner in the Super Step Brothers, Jimmy Wylde, has his own unique challenge come Saturday. He takes on up-and-comer Cole Cannon. This is another contrast in styles with Wylde’s high-flying approach being countered with Cannon’s rough and tumble assault. Both bring a great sense of athleticism to the ring, and they’re both determined to be in the show-stealing match. Fans will want to keep their eyes on this one.

Impact Pro Wrestling live at the Forte Center
The Death Dealer vs. Max Chill

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Leading the nefarious trio known as the Max Chill Mafia, Max Chill has been a thorn in the side of the Death Dealer for months. Anytime the Death Dealer has been on the verge of picking up steam and momentum, the MCM has been there to ruin things.

This one-on-one opportunity is a chance for the Death Dealer to give Max Chill some comeuppance. At the 20th Anniversary show, Max Chill was one win away from a championship title shot; this is his next opportunity to assert himself as a force in IPW. The Death Dealer will have to be on top of his game. Because anywhere Max Chill goes, Adam Love and the Shank aren’t far behind.

“Big Shoot” Cody Lee vs. Brandon “The Shank” Eubanks

Cody Lee enters this match, coming off an impressive showing in the “Gauntlet for the Gold” match. The MMA-inspired grappler wants to continue his ascent up the IPW rankings. A win over the powerhouse member of the Max Chill Mafia would do just that. An agile big man, the Shank presents Lee with a tough challenge. Not only that, but Lee can expect Shank’s MCM partners to be by his side during this contest. With how their 20th Anniversary night ended, the MCM will be determined to get back on track come Saturday night.

This is Impact Pro Wrestling’s finals top before the huge George Tragos/Lou Thez Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame show on July 16 in Waterloo, Iowa. Fans will not want to miss either of these shows.

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