The IMPACT Interrogation 4/12/19

Hello and welcome to the first-ever Impact Interrogation. I am Tav and I’ll be your official Impact Wrestling host. What better way to begin our Impact journey than the week after the biggest weekend in wrestling! Let’s get down and talk all things Impact!

The show starts with Moose and his ridiculous (according to Don Callis) $8000 dollar robe. They talk up “Mr. Impact Wrestling” as he makes his way to the ring for the opening contest of the night.

Moose v Zachary Weintz of The Rascalz

Weintz is in the ring ready to go. Moose starts out by overpowering the young Rascal. The big man punishes the smaller man outside the ring. Weintz shifts the momentum with a big move off the top. He starts a flurry of high flying offense rocking Moose. Moose eventually regains the upper hand slamming Weintz before pinning him for the pinfall victory!

RVD is announced for April 22. An RVD vignette runs in which “The Whole F’n Show hypes his return to Impact.

Madison Rayne is interviewed also hyping her return to Impact. She talks getting back into the title scene. Tessa Blanchard interrupts, challenging Rayne to a match for later in the show. She accepts.

Su Yung vs. “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary.

Su Yung is seeking revenge against Rosemary for taking back Ally, and her soul, from Su Yung and James Mitchell. Josh and Don talk about the similarities between Su Yung and Rosemary.

The undead bridesmaids immediately jump on the ring apron, distracting the “Demon Assassin”. Su Yung goes for her “stained glove” that she uses for her mandible claw finisher before Rosemary kicks her away. They go back and forth, exchanging offense before a spear by Rosemary brings the bridesmaids back to the apron. Keira Hogan makes her way to ringside which further distracts Rosemary. The match ends in a DQ before Sun Yung hits her Panic Switch finisher on Rosemary as Keira is forced to watch. Su then hits her finisher on Keira.

We take a look at United We Stand. A compilation of highlights plays over talent interviews from the roster.

Ace Austin cuts a promo on Jake Crist and Aiden Prince who interfered in Austin’s match with Crist

GWN flashback RVD vs. Joey Ryan Turning Point 2012. They are really hyping the return of RVD to the company (and who can blame them)

We cut away from the GWN flashback to Killer Kross talking to Willie Mack. He’s trying to get into Mack’s head about Rich Swan. He tells him to think about his future. Willie Mack looks perplexed as Kross walks away.

We see a coming soon vignette for the debut of The Deaners in Impact Wrestling

The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) vs. El Reverso and Sheldon Jean

Ethan Page and Josh Alexander debut their “The North” tag team in Impact Wrestling. They face the team of El Reverso and Sheldon Jean. Callis and Mathews talk up Impact’s newest tag team. Alexander and El Reverso start the match. Alexander quickly overpowers the smaller opponent. All Ego Ethan Page and The Walking Weapon Josh Alexander exchange quick tags keeping Reverso in cut off from his partner.

The North dominate tagging back and forth. Jean gets the tag making his way to the top and changing the pace of the match temporarily. El Reverso takes down the boys from Canada before Page and Alexander eventually double team him running him into the mat with a strong double team spinebuster for the victory.

Gail Kim is caught by Melissa Santos on her way to the ring for the Madison Rayne/Tessa Blanchard match.

Ethan Page and Josh Alexander cut a promo. They talk themselves up and put the tag division on notice saying they are looking for tag gold.

Madison Rayne vs. Tessa Blanchard

Gail Rayne makes her way to the commentary for Madison Rayne vs. Tessa Blanchard. Josh Matthews talks Gail Kim’s in-ring return.

Madison and Blanchard are face-to-face. Blanchard pie faces Rayne before they exchange blows. Madison Rayne knocks Tessa outside the ring. Tessa Blanchard confronts Gail Kim on commentary. They go back into the ring and tie up. They engage in some chain wrestling before going back to the outside where Blanchard talks more smack to Gail Kim, slapping around her opponent before throwing her back into the ring.

Tessa further overpowers Madison Rayne back in the ring throwing her into the corner. They exchange haymakers before Madison takes control of the match, slowing it down. Tessa and Madison get a near fall each slowing the match again. Tessa uses the slingshot suplex, throwing back to Tully Blanchard gaining another near fall. She continues hurling insults toward Gail Kim. A Blanchard superplex puts each Knockout on her back. Tessa goes outside the ring to grab a steel chair. Gail Kim gets on the ring apron, grabbing the chair from Blanchard allowing Madison Rayne to roll her up for the pinfall victory. Tessa and Gail exchange words before the former berates Madison Rayne’s husband Josh Matthews.

Davie Richards and Eli Drake are back challenging the Lucha Bros to an Impact Championship title match but LAX burst through the double doors in the hallway to attack the Fenix and Pentagon.

Another vignette for The Deaners (Cody Deaner and his cousin, Jake)

Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie are interviewed. Johnny and Taya talk about Brian Cage and his tag partner for the night’s main event

O.V.E. is broadcasting from the former home of Rich Swan. Sami Callihan talks about their match at Rebellion in two weeks. Sami believes he has to destroy Rich Swan because he loves him so much

Tessa Blanchard cuts a promo on Gail Kim. She tells her she will put her out her misery, sending Gail to permanent retirement.

Fallah Bah looks for KM in the locker room. He runs into Scarlett Bordeaux who offers to tag with him next week against the Desi Hit Squad

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Taya Valkyrie & Johnny IMPACT vs. Brian Cage and Jordynne Grace

Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie make their way to the ring for the main event against Brian Cage and Jordynne Grace. This match has implications for the Rebellion PPV. Cage and Grace are the respective challengers for the championships of the “First Couple of Pro Wrestling”.

Impact refuses to start the match with Cage. Valkyrie taunts Cage before Jordynne Grace runs her over. Grace starts the match throwing Taya back and forth between turnbuckles continually throwing her body into Taya’s. Johnny avoids a tag into the ring, refusing to get into the ring with Brian Cage.

Steiner Math Promo from the Global Wrestling Network app!

Back to our main event, Johnny Impact is legal after Jordynne Grace tags in Cage. The Machine is manhandling the champion. Johnny uses his speed and quickness to momentarily gain control of the match before Cage powers his way back on top. He tosses the champion around the ring effortlessly.

Cage keeps himself between Johnny and his corner. Impact tags his wife back into the match quickly leaving the ring keeping himself away from Brian Cage. Taya plays to the crowd as she takes advantage of Jordynne Grace. Taya plays to the crowd one too many times allowing Jordynne to regain control. She tags Cage back into the match who attacks the World Champion. Cage goes for the F-5 before being reversed into a swinging neckbreaker and a near fall by Johnny Impact.

Jordynne Grace sends Taya to the outside where she meets her husband before both Grace and Cage fly to the outside onto their opponents. Johnny Impact pins Cage for the victory after the apparent interference of referee Johnny Bravo. Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie celebrate in the ring after the match.

There we go, folks! A complete and concise rundown of this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. Don’t forget that I’ll be back each and every week reviewing Impact and much much more!

Tav York
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Originally written by Tav York