Hammerstone wins MLW National Openweight Title | #AndNEW

On June 1st during Fury Road live on beINSports the first ever MLW National Openweight Champion was crowned. MLW hosted a small tournament in order to determine the competitors for this final match. The semifinals featured Gringo Loco, Alexander Hammerstone, Myron Reed, and Brian Pillman Jr. Hammerstone and Pillman were the ones to advance to the finals here at Fury Road. This match also is another chapter in the feud between the Dynasty and the Hart Foundation. Going into this match, Hammerstone was relentless in his dogging of Pillman on social media. Hammerstone wins MLW National Openweight championship.

Hammerstone touted his own ramped up training regime, renting out an entire gym for his own personal use. Pillman, he contended spent his time on the road and partying it up. The very sure of himself 2018 rookie of the year brushed this off, as he had many of Hammerstone’s jabs. There is one subject that when it gets poked at, Brian reacts like a wounded animal. That is, of course, the subject of Brian’s late father. Brian made his way to the ring first, sporting his trademark mullet bleached platinum blonde. When Alexander Hammerstone came out for his entrance, he was of course flanked by MJF and Richard Holliday of The Dynasty.

Hammerstone wins MLW National Openweight Title

They didn’t stick around, but MJF did go over to the commentary position to make some unnecessary and unsavory comments about Brian and his dad. Once MJF was shooed away and Hammerstone made his way into the ring, Jim Cornette shared an interesting anecdote on commentary. Hammerstone was making his way to the Milwaukee area from the West Coast. He experienced travel delays, so instead of arriving early on June 1st, barely arrived in time for the show. This would put anyone out and served to put the 6’3 powerhouse in an even fouler mood than normal.

Brian Pillman Jr. controlled the opening moments of the contest. more and more shades of the elder Pillman shone through. Following chops, forearms and a dropkick, Pillman rolled Hammerstone up for the first near-fall of the match. Hammerstone recovered quickly, coming out of the pinning combination by delivering a hellacious big boot to Pillman’s face. Things would go back and forth for a few minutes before Hammerstone’s power put him back in control. His first near-fall attempt came after delivering a powerbomb to Pillman on the ring apron.

Despite Pillman’s attempts to rally back and get back into the driver’s seat, Hammerstone stayed in firm control. He stretched Brian in an abdominal stretch and tossed him around like a toy with lariats. Brian’s attempt to fly high would come back to bite him, as Hammerstone would knock him off his perch. This also allowed Hammerstone to set up the devastating Nightmare Pendulum. From there it was elementary, with the three-count following. The winner and the new MLW National Openweight Champion is Alexander Hammerstone.

Kaci Lennox made her way into the ring as Doug Markham strapped the brand-new title around Hammerstone’s waist. He not so graciously accepted her congratulations and then dismissed her from the ring. Since the tournament began, Hammerstone was 100% sure he would win the title. So much so, that he and his Dynasty cohorts had already begun to plan the celebration. With the title securely around his waist, the “I told you so” was written on his face. Like him or not, it undeniable that the age of Hammerstone has begun. He’s been a rising star in MLW and now he’s cemented his status by being the inaugural National Openweight Champion.

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