Great Voyage 2000 – Pro Wrestling Noah Saturday Night RetroView

On December 24th, 2000, Pro Wrestling Noah presented Great Voyage 2000. The show featured nine matches.

Two of the nine matches were dark matches, with seven airing. The main event featured the legendary Kenta Kobashi and Jun Akiyama.

Tag Team Match
Kenta Kobayashi & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi defeated Kishin Kawabata & Scorpio (12:08)
(Dark Match)

6 Man Tag Team Match
Haruka Eigen, Jun Izumida & Satoru Asako defeated Makoto Hashi, Mitsuo Momota & Rusher Kimura (14:20)
(Dark Match)

Great Voyage 2000
6 Man Tag Team Match

Kentaro Shiga, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Takeshi Morishima vs. Masao Inoue, Takeshi Rikio & Takashi Sugiura

Yoshinobu Kanemaru locks in Takashi Sugiura a Boston Crab between the ropes, and Kanemaru hits a jumping kick off the guardrail to Sugiura’s back.

The match ends when Kentaro Shiga gets Sugiura all alone with nowhere to go in the middle of the ring with an armbar & Sugiura has no choice but to tap out.

Winners: Kentaro Shiga, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Takeshi Morishima (14:17)

Great Voyage 2000
WEW Tag Team Titles Match
Tamon Honda & Naomichi Marufuji (c) vs. Kodo Fuyuki & Kuroda

Naomichi Marufuji starts the match with Kodo Fuyuki as they begin the big moves early and outside the ring as Marufuji nails a rolling Savate Kick that sends Fuyuki into the crowd.

This is followed by a springboard moonsault by Marufuji into the crowd and right into Fuyuki.

Fuyuki tags in & he screams before Tamon Honda then tags in & does some cool spots before Marufuji gives Kuroda a standing hurricanrana on the entrance ramp and Honda nails Kuroda with a back body drop that sends him neck first into the mat for a two count.

Marufuji tags in and goes for another hurricanrana then back in the ring but it’s turned into a powerbomb by Kuroda. Kuroda follows through with a Fisherman Buster but only gets a two count.

Marufuji hits Shiranui out of desperation then hooks the leg but Fuyuki breaks up the pin attempt before Fuyuki hits a lariat on Honda for the win.

Winners: AND NEW WEW Tag Team Champions: Kodo Fuyuki & Kuroda (13:13)

Great Voyage 2000
Tag Team Match
Yoshinari Ogawa & Daisuke Ikeda vs. Akitoshi Saito & Masashi Aoyagi

We see two double-team moves by Yoshinari Ogawa & Daisuke Ikeda to start the match.

Akitoshi Saito fires back with kicks to both men and then a double lariat that knocks them both down. More double team moves by Ogawa & Ikeda that leads to a decent kick exchange by Saito & Ikeda.

Ikeda eventually fights back after some punishment and ends up hitting a Death Valley Driver on Masashi Aoyagi for the win.

Winners: Yoshinari Ogawa & Daisuke Ikeda (7:27)

Great Voyage 2000
Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Akira Taue

Yoshihiro Takayama hits Akira Taue with a slap at the beginning of the match, leading to some exchange for a bit until Taue hits a Chokeslam out of nowhere, and Takayama folds up right over his neck.

Both men roll onto the apron, and Akira Taue tries for a chokeslam to the outside. Takayama fights out of the hold, so Taue responds by kicking Takayama in the face, sending him to the floor.

Taue controls on the outside until both men get back up on the apron. Taue tries for the chokeslam again, but Takayama reverses it again, and this time, both men end up kicking each other in the face, which causes them to fall back inside the ring.

Akira connects with a dropkick then a cover but it only gets a two count. Takayama then takes control with some arm work but Taue counters and regains control with more kicks including kicks in the corner.

Taue follows up with a chokeslam and a neckbreaker drops Takayama then a cover but Takayama kicks out. Takayama hits a kick to Taue’s head to put him away.

Winner: Yoshihiro Takayama (9:29)

Great Voyage 2000
Shinya Hashimoto vs. Takao Omori

We starts this match with Shinya Hashimoto & Takao Omori get into a forearm exchange before the traded slaps, elbows, kicks, chops.

Before a headlock leads to another exchange, culminating in a barrage of kicks by Hashimoto that sends Omori to the mat.

[Photo: Pro Wrestling NOAH]
Omori fights back and hits a lariat on Hashimoto in the corner, then another lariat to a standing Hashimoto that knocks him down then. Omori goes for the cover, but Hashimoto kicks out at two.

Omori then hits a Dragon Suplex on Hashimoto then a another cover but again Hashimoto kicks out before Hashimoto drills Omori to the mat with a brainbuster to get the win.

Winner: Shinya Hashimoto (6:32)

Great Voyage 2000
Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Vader

Match starts off with Vader flips off Mitsuharu Misawa then they lock up to no particular outcome until Vader spits at Misawa’s shoes which causes Misawa to return the favor and flip off Vader which leads to slaps, elbows and more elbows.

Vader then hits a German suplex that drops Misawa right on the side of his head. Vader dominates Misawa in the corner and then hits him with a great powerbomb for a two-count.

Misawa eventually fights back and there’s a German suplex from Misawa before Vader rolls outside and Misawa hits a dive and then a flying elbow to take the lead. He keeps that lead and hits the Rolling Elbow then a cover but it’s only got a two count.

Great Voyage 2000
[Photo: Pro Wrestling NOAH]


Misawa then takes some time to work on Vader’s arm until Vader looks for another German but he doesn’t get it and instead lifts up Misawa by his crotch, then, turns him around in mid-air and slams him down in a powerbomb-like move.

Vader then nails a chokeslam for the pin, but Misawa rolls through and synchs in an armbar. Vader gets to the ropes, and while Misawa lets go, he keeps working down Vader’s arm.

Vader eventually nails Misawa with a lariat to the side of Misawa’s head, knocking him down.

Vader then goes up top and hits Vader Bomb but sells the arm work and rolls over clutching his wounded arm. Vader tries to go to the top rope for the Vader Sault but once again sells the arm damage.

He then improvises and hits the Vader Sault from the 2nd rope, then a cover, but Misawa kicks out of the pin attempt.

He takes control of the match again and puts Vader down with three running elbows to score the victory.

Winner: Mitsuharu Misawa (14:28)

Great Voyage 2000
[Photo: Pro Wrestling NOAH]

Great Voyage 2000
Kenta Kobashi vs. Jun Akiyama

Kenta Kobashi & Jun Akiyama has a stand off to kick this match before they trade strikes with neither man going down then some blocked chops follow by blocked knees.

Both get in some early offense but neither man gets the lead before Akiyama wrestles Kobashi down to the mat then clubs him on the back of his head only for Kobashi to respond by getting up shoving the referee out of the way and completely unloading on Akiyama with chops.

Both go outside where Akiyama begins controlling the match working Kobashi over with elbows, knees and a DDT onto the stage.

He even nails a jumping elbow from all the way back at the beginning of the entrance ramp, which has enough force to both knock Kobashi down & Akiyama back into the ring.

Jun Akiyama tries to suplex Kobashi back inside the ring, but Kobashi counters and instead hits Akiyama with a stalling suplex onto the ramp.

Kobashi takes control of the match away from Akiyama and begins working over Akiyama’s head before Kobashi applies a face lock and keeps it synched in even after Akiyama tries to throw Kobashi off and even backdrops him.

Kobashi drills Akiyama with a Full Nelson suplex which Akiyama no sells and fires back with an Exploder Suplex which Kobashi no sells.

Akiyama sends Kobashi out of the ring with a knee, and both men are down. Kobashi connects with a suplex and Akiyama comes back with offense of his own.

Akiyama begins working over Kobashi’s arm in a few ways which leads to a few cool moments until Kobashi regains the advantage with the Sleeper Suplex but keeps selling the arm damage whenever he tries to wear Akiyama down with his chops.

Kobashi plants Akiyama with a Half Nelson Suplex onto the ring entrance then follows that up with a Jackknife Powerbomb back in ring then a cover but it only gets 2.

Kobashi hits a suplex into an Ace Crusher & that almost gets the job done but Akiyama kicks out at 2¾.

Kobashi hits Burning Lariat then hooks the leg but Akiyama somehow manages to kick out again. Kobashi then goes up top for a moonsault but Akiyama is able to get back to his feet and powerbombs Kobashi.

Both men eventually get to the apron and Akiyama tries to give Kobashi an Exploder to the outside then after some resistance Akiyama goes for it and both men fly out.

Akiyama gets to his feet first and although the camera barely catches it nails Kobashi with a flying lariat to the back of Kobashi’s head after running the apron sending Kobashi into the crowd.

Akiyama follows that up by lifting up some mat and hitting Kobashi a Exploder Suplex onto the exposed floor then back in the ring Akiyama continues to break down Kobashi with a double arm DDT then a flying punch off the top rope to the back of Kobashi’s head followed by yet another Exploder Suplex.

Akiyama tries for his 5th Exploder Suplex only for Kobashi’s free hand to nearly touch the ropes.

Just when it looks like Kobashi is going to get the rope break Akiyama grabs Kobashi’s hand pulls it away and under then drills Kobashi with the Wrist Clutch Exploder.

Kobashi kicks out then Kobashi is set up for a top rope Exploder but fights out of it and hits Akiyama with a lariat causing Akiyama to fall from the 2nd rope right onto his neck. Kobashi then hits Burning Lariat then a cover but again Akiyama kicks out.

Kobashi then picks Akiyama up & holds his head and hits another Burning Lariat which sends Akiyama crashing down to the mat on his neck then a another pin but once again, Akiyama gets the shoulder up.

Kobashi can take no more, and sets Akiyama up on the top rope & Kobashi plants him to the mat with Burning Hammer to get the win.

Winner: Kenta Kobashi (35:58)