Episode 24 – Pro Wrestling Post Podcast (Clash at the Castle 2024 Preview)

Two guys walk back into a studio, neither holding a beverage nor with an alcoholic one. But in the studio, discussions of kilts, antacid, unruly audiences, and what our hosts would be anticipating filled the room as they dove into episode 24 of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast.

What do tongue-tripping co-hosts Haggis & Glaws-go have in common? On most Fridays, likely nothing, but on this particular day, they are all a part of this week’s edition leading into WWE’s Clash at the Castle.

In the latest edition of the podcast, our resident Commonwealth connection explored this weekend’s upcoming WWE pay-per-view Clash at the Castle.

On top of looking at the event, the duo also touched upon TNA’s Against All Odds pay-per-view. What did Blake and Madison have to say about them?

Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 24
Clash at the Castle

In what was rather a unique outlook, one of our hosts shared the proper pronunciation of the city of Glasgow (pronounced GLASS-GO), while the other shared that they would not be watching it live.

Although the five-match pay-per-view came about quickly, it signifies great importance, with three of the five matches featuring Scottish-born talent.

Blake and Madison discuss their respective picks for who will be the winners and losers and the potential fall out of said matches.

The live crowd is expected to be one the WWE will soon not forget. The company hopes to match the energy of the audience in France. Both hosts shared the enthusiasm and excitement of the event as they also fantasy-booked potential scenarios.

Did one of our hosts continue to share a unique appreciation for one talent professionally? Spoiler: She’s not like most girls! But don’t let that stop you from listening to them share their thoughts regardless.

Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 24
Women’s Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match

With six women involved and two women competing in their home country involved in this match, our hosts discussed the pros and cons of all involved.

Our hosts discussed their thoughts of Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark as a team and their chances in this triple threat.

After discussing several scenarios, the hosts explore the possibilities; Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn returning home as the Unholy Union competes for the women’s tag team championship is something the hometown crowd will gladly get behind.

Our hosts reflected on Fyre’s decorated championship past and how exceptional she is as a competitor. The same could be said for her partner, Dawn, as well.

But the discussion turned more toward what will ultimately be the end result, as Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill may likey emerge as the champions.

Blake and Madison discussed the potential winners, losers, and who is likely to be the competitor that suffers the pinfall loss. Do our hosts think the hometown challengers have a chance at walking out as the champions?

Episode 24
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Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 24
WWE World Championship and Undisputed Universal Championship

With five matches on the card the focus of this week’s edition would turn to the co-main event on this evening. The discussion of the I Quit Match between AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes was discussed, and whether or not this is the final bout between them.

If it isn’t their final match against one another, our hosts discuss a few different scenarios that could have played and what the next match between Cody and AJ could play out between them?

The second of the two main events focused on the battle between WWE World Champion Damien Priest and Scottlan’s own Drew McIntyre.

While one of our hosts is quite confident about a result, the other is more worried about the potential result if it isn’t a favorable one for one particular competitor.

So, will Drew McIntyre walk out of Glasgow as the new WWE World Champion, or could we see Damien Priest remain the World Champion? Our host share their thoughts on this latest WWE PLE.

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