Episode 21 – Pro Wrestling Post Podcast (Globalization of American Wrestling PPV)

As our two hosts stroll back into the bar with Peroni in one hand and black coffee in the other, the discussion this week turned to the growing trend of U.S based-wrestling promotions running more than just tours internationally in episode 21 of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast.

In the latest edition of the podcast, the duo remained off the run sheet and dove back in with another focal point topic and intertwined topics, all tied to prominent events taking place outside of the United States.

But like any two passionate wrestling fans who shared their admiration of all things wrestling, it was important to share so that as much good could come of this international venture.

It is important to acknowledge that not every place will be as widely accepted. What are we referring to? Click the links at the bottom of this post to hear more.

Episode 21
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Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 21
Prominent Wrestling Shows Now Outside the United States

As our hosts spoke of the current state of wrestling they needed to acknowledge where it was over the past few years.

Both Blake and Madison recognized that once COVID hit and the Pandemic changed the direction of wrestling it took time for it to bounce back.

With that said, the two hosts touched upon how All Elite Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment have made more of a conscious effort to bring their live product and pay-per-view/premium live events to countries that aren’t necessarily English-speaking!

At the moment, the move has proven to be a breathe of fresh air, embracing the differences that each country’s fan base can bring to it. But it also becomes a draw card for prominent names who are going home to a hero’s welcome.

As the AEW prepares to return to London, England, this August and the WWE has run pay-per-views from Scotland to Canada, it appears to be a truly global venture for North American promotions to do what Asian-based promotions such as NJPW are doing and come to North America.

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Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 21
Country/Continent-Based Championship Role Today

As our hosts discussed the growth of U.S.-based promotions running major events outside the country, the discussion turned to championships with global themes.

From the NXT North American Championship to the United States Championship AEW’s International and Continental Championships, is a return of the WWF European Championship a consideration?

Blake and Madison discussed the notable names that have held the European Championship, and while bringing the title back could work, something quite crucial needs to be done for it to become successful today.

With the risk of a title simply being a prop and not holding value and the need to maintain the importance of prominent titles today, our hosts discuss the risks that come with adding another male’s division-based title to either promotion.

Would that international-themed title work better in the women’s division? If so, which women’s division? AEW’s? or the WWE’s?

Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 21
An International WrestleMania

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that on this past week’s edition, one of the hosts expressed his desire to have WrestleMania come to his home country. Is there more to Triple H’s request to speak to a new Prime Minister to make this happen?

While both Blake and Madison discussed the global pay-per-view representation of wrestling today, they were steadfast in acknowledging that each market will lobby to run events there regularly.

But should they in all? The potentially controversial take becomes a point of discussion as well.

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