Episode 17 – Pro Wrestling Post Podcast (Elimination Chamber 2024 Preview)

With Elimination Chamber set to take place on Saturday, February 24th, from Perth, Australia, the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast returns with Mark Blake and Marc Madison in episode 17 to discuss the upcoming show.

The two ‘mark’s’ gave the Elimination Chamber their full and undivided attention. As of this writing (and recording), only four matches were slated for the card.

With that said, it doesn’t stop Blake and Madison from exploring the possibility of an impromptu match from taking place!

As we anticipate the upcoming show from Perth, we touch upon everything from the matches to the start time (much to the delight of Mr. Blake) and the connection some talent on the card may, in fact, have to Australia.

Do we privately have a crush on Nia Jax? Not quite. But Blake and Madison share the risk-reward factor of Nia in his position, and the possible ramifications of the irresistible force would have against the eradicator.

We touch upon what we anticipate happening and who the winner will face at WrestleMania.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Episode 17
[Photo: WWE]

Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 17
WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship!

Our discussion regarding this match-up included one of our podcasters sharing their sheer glee for one pair of his countrymen contending for the championships.

As the UK’s Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate, the newly dubbed New Catch Republic, square off against Priest and Balor, both Blake and Madison break down the implications of having them in this match.

Who do we anticipate being the standout performer in this match? Win or lose, does it open the door for the New Catch Republic to be the team that turns heads in the tag team division? Mark and Marc will go there with that discussion.

Which match main event’s the show?

We field our first question of the week from listener and Pro Wrestling Post’s Ethan BlackWhat do you guys think main events the show? I seen people saying the Womens World Title match (I wouldn’t be surprised tbh) but honestly I see 1 of the chamber matches Are you guys excited for the show?

Do we answer the question? Do we dance around it unwilling to share our thoughts or do we truthfully get to brass tax and answer Ethan’s question? Listen to find out!

Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 17
Talents Ties to Australia

As we mentioned above, the inclusion of Grayson Waller and Rhea Ripley were both homegrown talents that will profess ‘no worries’. But do the likes of Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne (potentially JD McDonagh if he is in attendance), and Becky Lynch all all have ties to Australia?

Also, will an impromptu match take place featuring Grayson Waller as a fallout from the Grayson Waller effect with Seth’s Freakin’ Rollins and Cody Rhodes?

Who are the anticipated winners and implications of the night’s action?

With two Elimination Chamber matches, both Mark and Marc break down all the entrants and their picks to walk away as the winner of both the Men’s and Women’s Elimination Chamber matches.

We also talk about potential contenders coming OUT OF THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER.

So while six men or women enter and only one man or women leaves that still leaves 5 men or women unaccounted for. In that case, that’s still 10 WWE superstars that have something to look forward to.

So before we attempt Steiner Math and consider the percentages and chances moving forward, maybe click on the podcast option of your choice below and find out more as we preview the 2024 Elimination Chamber.

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