Episode 16 – Pro Wrestling Post Podcast (We’re back!)

After a three-plus-year absence, the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast returns with Mark Black and Marc Madison in episode 16. With the return, the two ‘Mark’s’ discuss an array of wrestling topics that are have become pressing issues in the news today.

Also sprinkled in with some details of their lives and, why they were both absent from recording, and why they decided to return. From a trip to Toronto to the itch to return to recording once again, Mark and Marc conveyed how the return to recording again ultimately came about.

Among the topics of discussion are the fallout of the WWE Road to WrestleMania press conference, the Road to Revolution, our decided picks to win the titles, and more.

Episode 16
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Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 16
The Road to WrestleMania 40 Press Conference

Mark & Marc discuss what took place between The Rock, Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and Seth’s Freakin’ Rollins. Are we headed for a battle to determine who is the head of the table?

Mark and Marc tossed around booking ideas and asked questions for both of them to consider about the showcase of the immortals moving forward. Discussion turned to the upcoming event in Perth, Australia and who we anticipate being a part of the chamber.

The Road to AEW Revolution

On this past week’s edition of AEW Dynamite, Mark and Marc discuss what took place with the number one contenders match for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship and the fallout.

Did we witness a double turn? Mark Blake points out something quite remarkable about the matches between Swerve Strickland and Hangman Page.

Will we see a new AEW World Heavyweight Champion? Mark and Marc share their thoughts on the title and who will hold the title beyond this upcoming AEW event.

Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 16
The Dismisal of Scott D’Amore

In one of the more peculiar developments of the week, Mark and Marc shared their thoughts, much like the wrestling fanbase at the sudden departure of Scott D’Amore.

With speculation as to why he had departed the company swirling, Blake and Madison discuss his contributions to the promotion and the IMPACT of his departure on the TNA Wrestling roster.

The Icon Prepares To Say Farewell In Style

On AEW Dynamite, Sting made history capturing by co-capturing the AEW World Tag Team Championship with Darby Allin. What does this mean for the 64-year-old moving forward? Does the win signal a prolonged run in AEW?

Both Mark and Marc break down the win and the subsequent events that took place after Sting’s win. The discussion of what the image of the blood-covered suits of the EVPs meant to the two hosts is also shared.

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