Elijah Burke Captures The NWA Television Championship

After months of inertia and almost vanishing off the landscape, the NWA has been resuscitated. Largely thanks to David Marquez, the driving force behind the United Wrestling Network. Every Tuesday night he brings us Primetime Wrestling Live which is a PPV broadcast on Fite.tv as well as other forums. In this week’s episode, we crowned a new NWA TV Champion as Elijah Burke captures the NWA Television Championship. He beat the outlandish heel Zicky Dice. Dice took the strap from Ricky Starks in January, just before the latter found himself a home at Daily’s Place.

The NWA TV belt has a rich heritage going back to the Crockett family’s Georgia Championship Wrestling in 1969. Some of the most recognized names in the craft have worn the belt. Including Nick Bockwinkel, Kevin Sullivan, Jake Roberts, Bob Armstrong, and Tony Atlas.

Mr.Marquez pledges to feature not only talent from the NWA and the UWN but also from promotions across the continent. This is a gutsy venture. The featured talent is not well known nor on their front nine in many cases. Yet the show costs $7.95 per episode while there is such a wide array of free content to be had.

Elijah Burke Captures The NWA Television Championship

Elijah Burke grew out of the ranks of Golden Gloves boxing and became part of the WWE in 2006. Many will recall his tag team venture with Sylvester Terkay as the Knockout-Tapout connection. The connection showed a lot of potential, yet never really made it to full flight status.

Burke was TNA bound in 2009 and spent eight years in the burgeoning fed. In 2011, Elijah graduated with honors garnering a degree in Criminal Justice.

Towards the end of 2019, Burke became a fixture on NWA Powerrr. Not as a wrestler but as a manager stirring the pot up in the tag team division offering generous bounties to heel teams. Ironically, Eddie Kingston was also involved in this storyline. Now both are prominent in-ring performers on prestigious broadcasts.

Here’s wishing a successful and enjoyable title run to the Pope. It is always nice to see a career renaissance in an industry known for inexplicably rubbing the shine off of some of its potentially brightest stars.