ECW November To Remember 1999 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On November 7th, 1999, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired ECW November to Remember 1999.

The event featured nine matches on this show, including one dark match and eight on the main show. Which match stood out the most?

Tag Team Match
Danny Doering & Roadkill defeated CW Anderson & Bill Whiles (4:34) (Dark Match)

ECW November to Remember 1999
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ECW November To Remember 1999
Spike Dudley vs. Simon Diamond

Simon Diamond stomps Spike Dudley in the corner and avoids an Acid Drop, then hits Dudley with a hotshot and more stomps before throwing Dudley to the floor.

They chase each other in and out of the ring until Dudley does a cannonball off the apron, then Dudley grabs a wooden chair and nails a flying chair shot. He backdrops Dudley and rams him into the rail.

Back inside, Diamond does rolling suplexes into a gourd buster, but it only earns a two count. Then Diamond attempts a Samoan Drop, only for Dudley to slip free.

This leads to traded eye pokes and low blows & after Dudley headbutts Diamond in the balls, he hits Acid Drop for the victory.

Winner: Spike Dudley (2:59)

After the match, Dudley celebrates then Little Guido & Sal attack him then. Guido pulls Dudley down from the turnbuckles with a powerbomb.

He also holds Dudley on the mat for Sal’s splash as Nova arrives to rescue Dudley & tries a flying axe handle, which Guido avoids, but Nova hits Sal instead.

ECW November To Remember 1999
Little Guido vs. Nova

Nova scores a sit-out spinebuster and a jumping forearm, so Little Guido regroups, but Nova doesn’t let him rest as he nails a flying crossbody, which the camera misses.

Back inside, Guido answers with strikes and clotheslines, then he hits a diving facebuster before Guido counters Spin Doctor with a neckbreaker and climbs the turnbuckles.

This leads to a super Samoan Drop, which wipes out both men, but Guido rolls over for a cover and gets two. Then, after more back & forth, Nova hits Smash Mouth.

When he covers, Sal pulls Nova off of the pin, so Nova gives Sal a tornado DDT, but this allows Guido to hit Tomakaze for the win.

Winner: Little Guido (4:20)

After the match, Guido & Sal give Nova another splash, so Chris Chetti runs to the ring & as Chetti hits a springboard spin kick, Cyrus questions why he returned so soon.

Danny Doring & Roadkill jumps Chetti. Doring gives him a Double Arm DDT, and Roadkill lands a flying splash on Chetti’s injured back.

ECW November To Remember 1999
3 Way Dance

Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy vs. Jerry Lynn

They trade strikes and takedowns before Tajiri puts both men in a Tarantula, and then the action spills outside, where everyone lands dives and moonsaults.

This leads to crowd brawling, and Super Crazy climbs onto the overhang above an exit door & he hits a moonsault onto Yoshihiro Tajiri & Jerry Lynn.

Back in the ring, Crazy powerbombs Jerry & Tajiri, but it isn’t enough then. Lynn gives Crazy the Cradle Piledriver and then a cover, but Tajiri breaks the pin as he wants to eliminate Crazy, and he does so with a brainbuster.

Tajiri uses handspring moves until Lynn catches him with a German suplex but Tajiri answers by countering a Tombstone into a backbreaker.

Afterward, they exchange strikes, and Tajiri screams in Lynn’s face before Lynn scores a tornado DDT and hurricanrana. Tajiri targets the ribs to stop his onslaught.

This almost prevents a Cradle Piledriver, but Lynn hits it on his 2nd try to get the win.

Winner: Jerry Lynn (10:59)

ECW November to Remember 1999
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After the match, Corino stomps on Lynn’s ribs and then whips Lynn toward Jack Victory as he is on the apron. It doesn’t work. Lynn dropkicks Victory and hits Corino with the Cradle Piledriver. With Corino down, Lynn warns him not to do it again.

ECW November To Remember 1999
4-On-3 Handicap Match
Da Baldies (Spanish Angel, Tony DeVito, Vito LoGrasso & PN News) vs. The Hardcore Chair Swingin’ Freaks (Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten) & New Jack

New Jack uses a crutch and keyboard on Da Baldies, then confronts Angel as he has the staple gun as. Angel tries to attack, so Jack hits him with a golf club and a vacuum cleaner.

Axl Rotten wields a trash can before it gets divided into 2 fights. New Jack & Rotten take Angel into the stands while Balls Mahoney fends off the rest.

Mahoney struggles, but Rotten & Jack succeed. Then they hit Angel with a ladder and a wooden chair, and Jack uses the ladder to climb a basketball goal.

Once Jack reaches the top, he leaps onto Angel and puts him through a table.

When they return to ringside, Jack attacks Da Baldies with a Nintendo console. He also staples Skull’s head, but this leaves Jack open to a guitar shot from Angel for the win.

Winners: Da Baldies (8:21)

ECW November To Remember 1999
Sabu vs. Chris Candido

Sabu & Chris Candido exchange strikes in and out of the ring, then Candido scores suplexes, followed by New Jersey Jam. Then Sabu connects with a DDT and triple jump attacks, and Candido changes his tactic.

He keeps trying to put Sabu through tables, and it backfires & after a crash, Tammy Lynn Synch puts Candido’s foot on the ropes to save him.

Sabu lands a triple jump plancha into the stands, then Sabu locks Candido in Camel Clutches, but he can’t get a submission.

Since he can’t make Candido submit so Sabu uses more tables and then puts Candido through one with a guillotine leg drop, but Sabu misses a triple jump moonsault.

Candido nails a powerbomb, then a piledriver and superplex. When Sabu shows life, Tammy crotches him on the top rope & this opens the door for Candido’s Frankensteiner, followed by a flying headbutt.

Sabu gets another table, but this draws Tammy & Fonzie into the ring & Tammy almost ends up on the table until Candido saves her, but he goes through the table instead.

Sabu does an Atomic Arabian Facebuster and makes Candido tap out with a Camel Clutch.

Winner: By Submission: Sabu (17:42)

ECW November To Remember 1999
ECW World Heavyweight Title Match
Mike Awesome (c) vs. Masato Tanaka

Mike Awesome & Masato Tanaka whip each other around the ring, and Awesome scores an avalanche splash and back elbow. Then they fight outside, where Tanaka does a springboard clothesline and flying plancha.

Awesome lands a tope and a springboard plancha into the stands before they exchange flying chair shots. Tanaka even knocks the weapon into Awesome’s face with a Roaring Elbow then he lands a tornado DDT onto chairs.

They aren’t enough, so Awesome recovers and points at the table on the floor. Then, after fighting back & forth, Awesome puts Tanaka through it with a sit-out Awesome Bomb.

Back in the ring, Tanaka keeps trying a superplex onto a table & he gets it after 2 tries and follows with a Diamond Dust, but Tanaka misses a Roaring Elbow.

Awesome uses suplexes, then an Awesome Splash and a super Awesome Bomb to put Tanaka away.

Winner: AND STILL ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Mike Awesome (12:26)

ECW November To Remember 1999
ECW TV Title Match
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Taz

Rob Van Dam & Taz start this match with mat wrestling, which ends in a stalemate. Then, after some standoffs and posing, RVD scores a sunset flip in the corner, but Taz recovers and backdrops RVD over the ropes & this wipes out the cameraman. Then they fight on the rail.

Taz stops Fonzie when he brings a chair for a Van Daminator, so RVD leaps over the rail and clips his ankle on it. Taz capitalizes with a chop block in the ring. He also throws crossfaces and lands a Tiger Tazplex, then Taz introduces a table.

Before he can use it, RVD hits a kick, a cartwheel moonsault, and Rolling Thunder before Taz evades a monkey flip and Van Daminator before hitting a capture Tazplex with RVD in trouble, Fonzie enters the ring with a chair.

He drops it when Taz spots him, but Fonzie slaps Taz instead. Then Taz tries to hit Fonzie with a chair, but RVD saves Fonzie with a flying Van Dominator.

Taz & RVD tussle on the top rope, but they slip and fall. Then RVD lands a split-legged moonsault before RVD counters a German suplex and hits 5 Star Frog Splash for the win.

Winner: AND STILL Television Champion: Rob Van Dam (14:34)

ECW November To Remember 1999
6 Man Tag Team Match
Tommy Dreamer & Raven & The Sandman vs. The Impact Players (Justin Credible & Lance Storm) & Rhino 

Lance Storm & Rhino tell The Sandman to drop the cane before they start, so he hands it to the ref. Then Sandman takes Rhino down by the hair before Tommy Dreamer & Sandman make frequent tags, but Raven refuses to enter the fight.

Justin Credible avoids Sandman until he’s in trouble & this happens when Rhino attacks Sandman on the floor and Credible whacks him with a cane. Sandman tries to fight out of their corner, but Rhino hits Gravedigger. Afterward, Credible crotches himself on a missed corner baseball slide. Also, Storm misses a flying splash.

Now the match devolves into chaos when Raven tags himself in & he cleans house with backdrops before Rhino stops Raven with a Gore & this leads to fighting on the floor where Storm does a plancha onto Dreamer.

Raven lands Even Flow DDT on Credible, then a cover, but Storm breaks the cover, and then Rhino gores Storm by mistake. Raven betrays Dreamer and gives him a drop-toe hold on a chair.

Dawn Marie & Francine get into a catfight until Sandman kisses Dawn & Raven hits Sandman with a cane & Raven does nothing while Credible hits That’s Incredible to get the win.

Winners: The Impact Players & Rhino (9:19)