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The war between Brian Cage and Johnny Impact has raged for the entirety of 2019. At its epicenter is the issues of respect, friendship, and the IMPACT Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. Cage once considered Johnny Impact and his wife, Taya Valkyrie his friends. They had been up and down the roads together over the last several years. However, IMPACT has turned his back on Brian Cage and the IMPACT Wrestling fans. Johnny Impact is all about Johnny, Taya, and the world title. As Brian Cage becomes the IMPACT Wrestling champion.

And because Johnny knows Cage so well, he knows that it takes a lot to defeat Brian Cage. So, Johnny has pulled out all the stops, enlisting not only his wife and Killer Kross but John Bravo as well. Who is John E. Bravo? Well, he’s been IMPACT Wrestling’s head referee and has officiated ALL of the matches involving these two in the past.

Bravo has since joined Impact’s entourage. All of the things that Impact has done to take out Cage has not worked. Smashing him over the head with the title, busting him wide open. Putting a cinder block on his head and smashing it with a chair. Smashing Cage’s arm between two chairs. Low blows from Taya Valkyrie. Despite it, all, the monster, the machine that is Brian Cage has come back from it all. And now he’s pissed off and determined to end his former friend, Johnny Impact. In order to ensure things are called down the middle in this match, a special guest referee has been chosen. Lance Storm will officiate the contest so that there are no questions regarding the outcome.

Brian Cage becomes IMPACT Wrestling World Champion

Brian starts the match off quickly, battering the champion. He hits Impact with spears, clotheslines, suplexes and even an F-5. Despite a couple of near-fall attempts, Impact is still in the match. He weathers the tremendous opening onslaught from the challenger. As Brian attempts a second middle-rope suplex, Impact counters. He manages to toss the massive Brian Cage with a modified German suplex. This gives Impact a momentary breather and time to get in some offense of his own. Impact scored a near fall following a standing shooting star press, but Cage handily kicks out. He then powers up from the mat and tosses the champion with a fallaway slam. And just to prove he’s the machine and he can, Cage hits a standing moonsault.

The action moves to the outside and Impact lands a Spanish Fly on the challenger. They go from the elevated ramp to the ground, and Cage is left writhing in pain. As Cage was sitting up on the floor, Impact hit him with a knee, driving him into the guardrail. This busted Cage open, leaving the challenger with a crimson mask. After several minutes of goading by Lance Storm, both competitors get back into the ring. Cage is slow now, a step or so behind the champion. After Impact laid Cage out with a spear, Bravo and Taya on the outside get a table from under the ring. As Impact attempted to utilize the table, Cage came back to life like Frankenstein’s monster. He grabbed the champion and delivered a devastating powerbomb through the table!

From here, it descended into chaos. John Bravo picked the ankle of Cage, in an attempt to give Johnny Impact time to recover. Cage pulled Bravo into the ring to get some retribution. Johnny Impact got the title from Taya and was tied up with Lance Storm. Storm was thrown from the ring and Impact connected, smashing Cage across the back with the belt. Once Storm got to his feet, Johnny Impact hit a dropkick to the guest referee. Impact then invited his wife into the ring, the belt still in their possession. In an interesting move, as Cage turned around to face the Impacts, Johnny tossed the belt to Taya and played possum. Taya attempted to attack Cage, who powerbombed her for her trouble. Then Johnny got to his feet and hit Cage with the title again, this time in the face.

John Bravo then got back into the ring, removing his jacket to reveal a referee’s shirt underneath. Johnny Impact hit Starship Pain, and even with his own referee, Cage still kicked out at two! Lance Storm was able to get back up and into the ring, and he delivered a superkick to Bravo. Storm then went to call for the disqualification, but Cage caught his arm. He signaled he didn’t want it to end that way. He then hit his finisher on Johnny Impact and covered him for the win! Overcoming all of the shenanigans over the past several months, as well as in the match, Brian Cage stands tall. The Terminator, the machine Brian Cage is THE NEW Impact Wrestling Champion!

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