#AndNew: LAX win IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championships

On Saturday, April 27th, Ortiz and Santana are affectionately known as LAX capture the IMPACT Wrestling tag team championships under the guise of their mentor Konnan. When Fenix and Penta El Zero M came to the ring they didn’t anticipate the attack that was awaiting them from Konnan’s duo. However, it didn’t take that long as both Lucha Bros hit the champions (at the time) to regain control and take the fight to both Ortiz and Santana. In a match that allowed for anything to happen it certainly did demonstrate that anything could happen. The tandem offense was met with the pilage that came with trash cans and tables.

Early on in the match, Ortiz had seemingly been taken out with both Fenix and Pentagon Jr doing everything to center out Santana and get the win over him. Full Metal Mayhem embraced everything that is common with hardcore wrestling while at the same time introducing a style and grace that is common with today’s free-flowing style. The teams exchange blows with eventually Ortiz rejoining the match and he and Santana beat down on Pentagon Jr. With Pentagon taken out, Fenix makes his way back in and goes blow for blow with both Santana and Ortiz during the match.

Callis referred to Pentagon as the heart and soul of the team which is an interesting observation as he achieved a great deal of success as a singles wrestler. With Pentagon Jr taken out of the match, both Santana and Ortiz once again focus their energy on finishing off Fenix. The hit him with suplex’s on steel chairs and then proceed to bring a ladder into the match. However, Pentagon Jr once again makes his way back into the match after being thrown into the crowd. All four men set up chairs in the center of the ring and talk trash with one another. That was short-lived as all those involved resumed the merciless beatdown on of one another. Both teams could easily claim that they are there for bragging rights that a win her makes them the greatest Latin tag team in wrestling if not the world. It is an argument that is hard to dispute either. Konnan is well aware of the destruction that Pentagon is capable of doing. He is also aware of the damage that his boys Ortiz and Santana are capable of doing too.

Their beatdown on each other regardless of what was used and who was in the ring was just another example of the sheer brutality these teams were capable of. This matchup was as much about division as it was about unity. All of those involved represented familia. The Latin American Xchange and Lucha Bros are in one-way shape or form tied to Konnan. To him, it could easily be equated that all of them are his kids. This new championship reign will not spell the end of the Lucha Bros but only create other opportunities in the promotion for both Fenix and Penta as they do for Ortiz and Santana.

One of the most remarkable revelations to come from this match was how after the match both teams came together. That despite what each team was capable of doing that they were all still part of the same family. Regardless of the winners or losers in this match, fans can be assured that the true winners of this match were all fans in attendance and those watching at home. After the final three count was made and all the dust was settled the victors were announced.

Winners and THE NEW IMPACT Wrestling tag team champions, LAX.