Black Wrestlers Matter 2 – History to Be Made | Championship Preview

In pro wrestling, there are certain moments that live forever. Moments that transcend the line of greatness into the realm of iconic. For the “Frontman” Jah C or “The Real McCoy” JDX, one of these moments comes this Saturday. On the night of the Black Wrestlers Matter 2 show, during the main event, one of these men will be crowned the inaugural Black Wrestlers Matter Champion. While being the first-ever anything is special. Being the first-ever champion of a rising promotion on the independent wrestling scene is extraordinary.

The magnitude of this moment, the opportunity to leave their mark on history, is something both Jah C and JDX are relishing in. 

“Pretty dang cool if I can say so myself. To introduce a championship, the most untouchable championship in professional wrestling today. It’s going to be competed for by the best of the best, such an exclusive group, an exclusive generation of guys, and for the Frontman to set the standard, to set the bar, so to speak, to what it takes to hold that 15-20 pounds of silver around your waist, is pretty dang cool.” – Jah C.
“To be in the main event again is humbling. To be considered one of THE guys for Black Wrestlers Matter and have the possibility to win the first-ever championship means a lot. There can only be one first-ever champion, just like Chris Jericho winning the first Undisputed Championship; he never lets you forget it. Not saying that I’ll go to those lengths, but it’s a nice feather in your cap to realize that.” – JDX.

How We Got Here

A year ago, despite the hurdles of a global pandemic, Black Wrestlers Matter 1 was a roaring success. It was an opportunity to shine the spotlight on some of the best black independent wrestlers from across the country. The show delivered the goods and was done for a good cause. Proceeds from the event went to the Knowledge is Power: Fund DSM Leaders of Tomorrow.

Both Jah C and JDX played prominent roles during Black Wrestlers Matter 1. Their victories that night catapulted them into this year’s main event. Opening the show against Air Wolf gave Jah C the opportunity to set the bar for those that followed. 

The longtime rivals, in many eyes, stole the show, with Jah C picking up the win. A post-match superkick at the entrance further cemented “The Frontman’s” impact that night. This brings us to Black Wrestlers Matter 2.

“It was a game-changing moment for me if I can be honest with you. Finally, getting that opportunity with such a fresh product on that stage to kind of upstage him was an ego boost, if I can be frank. This was a showcase; it was more than a match. I showed up with piss and vinegar man, with an energy level and pandemonium and a vibe that nobody else had.”
– Jah C

Watch Jah C’s opening match with Air Wolf below: 

Since BWM1, Jah C has continued to be one of the most must-see wrestlers on the independent wrestling scene. Forays into Game Changer Wrestling and Jersey City Wrestling as major highlights. His presence on social media is unmatched, with his swagger and confidence shining in each and every promo. While Jah C was stealing the show in the opening match, JDX carried the weight of main eventing the show. Taking on one of his idols, ACH, in the main event made the moment even more special. 

“Man, that meant the world to me. I remember when Jon (West) told me I was going to be facing ACH, I was at work at the time, I literally hopped out of the car and ran into the street. I was so elated by the news. Weeks before I had been rewatching his stuff in NXT, then to hear I was going to be wrestling him, it was very eerie, but in a good way.”

You can watch the BWM1 main event below:

After defeating ACH, JDX, much like his counterpart Saturday, continued plying his trade across the country. Not letting the pandemic slow him down, JDX made his impact felt at companies like Wrestle Max and First Wrestling. Now both of these wrestlers come to Des Moines this Saturday with something to prove at the top of their game. Both are out to prove they are the very best and the most deserving to hold the beautifully crafted silver smoker championship.

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Black Wrestlers Matter 2 –
Generational Rivalry

Throughout pro wrestling history, promotions have hung their hats on rivalries. Feuds that set the standard for what the company could and should strive to be. World Championship Wrestling had Ric Flair versus Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat during the late 80’s early 90s. The WWE had The Rock versus Stone Cold Steve Austin during its most profitable time of the Attitude Era. Black Wrestlers Matter could very well have their generation-defining rivalry in Jah C versus JDX. A rivalry that has grown more intense by the day, the two recently held a debate on the State of Pro Wrestling Podcast.

Listen here:

The comparison between those two legendary rivalries and this rivalry is no accident. On the one hand, we have the charismatic Jah C. Cut from the same mold as Ric Flair, and The Rock, the Black and Brave trained Frontman has the gift of gab. But, behind all the showmanship, bravado and machismo is the ability to back it up in the ring. Something JDX is well aware of. 

“When I think of Jah, I think charisma, loudmouth, and the “It” factor. I need to be ready to go; he talks a big talk, but he does back it up; I’ll give him that. He’ll be on top of his game, so I’ll have to be on top of mine.” – JDX.

Standing across the ring from Jah C Saturday night is JDX. Confident in his own right, JDX brings the technical savvy of Steamboat with the toughness and grit of Austin. Trained by the likes of Ken Anderson and currently putting work in at Cody Rhodes Nightmare Academy, JDX can handle whatever style of the match comes his way. Having faced him before, Jah C knows what he’s in for Saturday with JDX. 

“It’s hard for me to compliment people if I can be frank with you. Because I am so much different and a very competitive person, if there is anyone that threatens me at all, I guess you could say it could be JDX. Because he’s talented in the ring, he has a win over me, and that alone has to keep me on my toes and keep my eyes open.”
– Jah C

Like those rivalries before them, the rivalry between “The Frontman” Jah C and “The Real McCoy” JDX will set the standard for Black Wrestlers Matter excellence, and it all begins with who walks out Saturday night.

This all takes place at Black Wrestlers Matter 2 with the inaugural Black Wrestlers Matter Championship at stake.