Audio Edition with Sierra Loxton

In June 2020, we recorded an audio edition of an interview with the United Kingdom’s Sierra Loxton.  In our interview, she addressed several topics. Among the discussion topics, they included; her retirement from wrestling, her early training, and the growth of women’s wrestling. Due to an injury suffered, Loxton sadly had to end her career due to a fracture in her back.

Often referred to as ‘The Freaky Princess,’ Loxton was forthcoming about her career and her emotions upon making this decision. As it said, when one door closes, another one opens. For Loxton, she shares about the future and, while disappointed at having to end her career, was optimistic for the future. There is less reason to frown as the best opportunities within the business may still remain for her. Despite ending her career at the age of 22, she is wise well beyond her years. A former trainee of Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews, Loxton walked away with a wealth of knowledge.

Audio Edition with Sierra Loxton
Photo / Sierra Loxton / Twitter

Loxton shares how she was among a very few women competing in the United Kingdom. With that came the opportunity for her to show who she was and what she was capable of doing. She grew in popularity in the UK scene along with Millie McKenzie. Loxton never felt any fear of training early on in her career. The more she trained, the better she became. She was respectful of her peers and proved she was going to take what she was doing in the ring seriously. Loxton also shares how each match helped her progress as a professional. To listen to the interview in its entirety, click the icon below or any of the platforms it may be provided on.

Audio Edition with Sierra Loxton

This edition was edited and produced by Mark Blake

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