Sierra Loxton Forced To Retire

Welsh indie wrestler Sierra Loxton announced on Twitter and Instagram that she has been forced to retire from in-ring competition. While the 22-year-old was undergoing a procedure at her spinal clinic for an injury sustained last year, doctors discovered a second fracture. As a result of this fracture in her lower back, she will no longer be able to perform.

Loxton had been quietly building a name for herself on the British pro wrestling scene for years. The Freaky Princess held the Celtic Crown Women’s Championship for just under a year with her home promotion, Dragon Pro Wrestling. She also made appearances for PROGRESS Wrestling, RevPro, and wXw.  Her final match was against Nightshade for Pro Wrestling: EVE. In the intervening time, Loxton has been used in a commentary role for the promotion.

Sierra Loxton
Photo / Sierra Loxton / Twitter

“I’ve never cried so much,” Loxton said in a Twitter post. “Hearing this news has broken me. I started training at the age of 15, I was so scared and didn’t know if I was doing the right thing. It took me ages to learn to do any of the basics. Going wrestling was the best thing I had ever done. At the age of 18, I made my wrestling debut. I went to Germany, traveled the UK and made some amazing friends. I fell more in love with wrestling, broke some bones, but I made friends for life. The people I have met will always stay in my heart, along with my amazing fans.”

Sierra Loxton Forced To Retire

It is sad to see Sierra Loxton retire so soon. The up and coming performer was someone to keep an eye on as the UK indie wrestling scene continues its transformation. In times like these, it’s all too clear that our favorite performers are putting themselves in very real danger every time we see them in the ring.

We wish her well in whatever comes next, and wish for safety for everyone else.