#AndNEW: The Von Erichs Win the MLW World Tag Team Championship

This past Saturday, at MLW Saturday Night SuperFight, The Von Erichs (Ross and Marshall) defeated Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Richard Holliday of The Dynasty for the MLW World Tag Team Championship.

In months prior, the feud between The Von Erichs and The Dynasty developed. Despite the cockiness and underhanded tactics of Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Richard Holliday, brothers Ross and Marshall Von Erich remained humble and valiant. Following their monumental victory at the War Chamber event in September, The Von Erichs set their sights on tag team gold. In response to The Dynasty ducking out of matches they were scheduled to defend the MLW World Tag Team Championship, CEO Court Bauer decided that the brash tag team would not only defend at SuperFight but do so in a Von Erich Family staple: a Texas Tornado match.

Photo / Major League Wrestling
Even before this past Saturday’s match began, Friedman and Holliday took to the mic.

In true Dynasty fashion, it didn’t take long for them to raise the ire of the crowd in Cicero, Illinois. Friedman mocked their opponents for the night, specifically regarding The Claw, before it was Holliday’s turn to speak. Holliday referred to their opponents as “fake Texas” despite being from Hawaii. Unable to take any more of The Dynasty’s trash talk, The Von Erichs stormed the ring for the opening contest.

It didn’t take long for the match to become chaotic, The Von Erichs brawling with The Dynasty in the opening moments. The Dynasty soon took advantage by attacking The Von Erichs on the outside, Friedman using the ring bell as a weapon. Even during the match, Friedman continued to mock the Von Erich Family’s Claw. With Marshall laid out on the outside, The Dynasty focused their attention on Ross. Despite Ross’s resiliency, he struggled against the numbers game. It was during this part of the match that the champions mouthed off to the crowd, which would ultimately be their undoing.

Finally, Marshall made his way back in the ring, nailing a double clothesline on The Dynasty before falling up with a flurry of further offense.

The Von Erichs then executed stereo offense in opposite corners, showcasing their aptitude as a tag team. Marshall would go up to the top rope, but Friedman would shake the ropes, cutting off his momentum. Friedman would then escape a Claw attempt by Ross with a low blow. Holliday executed a superplex on Ross, which Friedman would follow up on with a flying splash, but Marshall cut off the pin attempt with a spectacular diving moonsault!

With Holliday ejected to the outside, Marshall and Ross hit Friedman with a Claw/backdrop combination! Marshall covered Friedman for the pinfall victory, The Von Erichs becoming the new MLW World Tag Team Champions! With this victory, The Von Erichs become only the fifth team to hold the promotion’s tag team gold.

And NEW MLW World Tag Team Champions

The Von Erich Family is no stranger to tag team accolades, and with Ross and Marshall being the newly-minuted MLW Tag Team Championships, the accolades only grow. The question must be asked: who will step up to challenge the new titleholders? The Dynasty will undoubtedly have their grievances. It can also be argued that, following their own victory at SuperFight, Injustice may be in title contention. This doesn’t even begin to cover the possibilities of CONTRA Unit and Promociones Dorado, the two dominant stables of MLW. Though The Von Erichs worked hard to attain gold, they may find it just as difficult, if not more so, to hold onto it. Congratulations to the Von Erichs on capturing the MLW World Tag Team Championship.