#AndNEW: Lady Maravilla and Villano III Jr won AAA Mixed Tag Team Championships

This Saturday was Triplemania XXVII featuring a match with Lady Maravilla and Villano III Jr. Their match was the opening was for the Mixed Tag-Team Championships where the teams involved are Sammy Guevara, and Scarlett Bordeaux, Vanilla, and Australian Suicide, Villano III Jr, and Lady Maravilla and the champs Niño Hamburguesa, and Big Mami. Niño Hamburguesa and Big Mami are holding the belts for 777 days. This match was a great match to start this huge event. These eight professionals gave all to connect with the crowd.

The match started with Sammy and Scarlett having a great combination to dominate Australian, and Vanilla. This team that not normal to wrestle together, they had in their mind to get the belts.

But that wasn’t enough, because Australian, and Vanilla had a reaction. When Australian connects a 619 to Sammy and Vanilla applied German Suplex then of that. Australian applied a Tope Tornillo to Sammy. A great combination to involve the crowd.

Big Mami has charisma, and she showed it when she was face to face with Scarlett and the crowd supported her. And the time comes and the opportunity that Big Mami had dreamed was in Triplemania and that was to get face to Lady Maravilla. But Niño interfered and avoided any confrontation. This is the drama of this match. From months ago, Lady has interfered in the relation of Niño and Mami. And Niño is in the middle of these ladies, he doesn’t decide to support his partner. And with a little mistake, Villano and Lady beat to Mami and Niño. The great moment was when Villano III applied to Niño a Samoan Drop. But Niño responded to them when he placed to Villano and Lady in the corner, and he applied a Cannonball. The crowd was exciting with the champion´s team.

And Australian applied a Shooting Star to Villano and Lady. Then Vanilla applied a tornillo and Swanton to Villano who was laid on the floor. It was amazing and incredible. And Sammy didn’t want to show his skills, and he applied a Tornillo and Scarlett applied a somersault too.

The spectacular moment was when Niño made a Cannonball to the floor over all his opponents and Big Mami applied to plancha to the floor.  But the end of the match comes when Lady invented to be hurt and that distract Niño. Big Mami applied a plancha to Villano but Lady hit a low blow to Niño and the referee gave the victory to The New Champs Villano and Lady. The great record of Niño and Mami finished on Triplemania but begin a new reign with Villano and Lady.

It was an outstanding display amongst these two phenomenal talents as TripleMania showcased just how good the both of them are. The question that remains now is who among them will challenge both Lady Maravilla and Villano III Jr for these championships. Will the loss motivate the former champions moving forward or will others challenge Maravilla and Villano II Jr moving forward in AAA?