#Preview: AAA Presents Triplemania XXVII

Triplemania XXVII is coming and the next 3rd, August. AAA will show us his huge event of the year. My personal opinion this card is the best of the last years and of course, this has great matches and it will give us great memories for all the crowd. The style of AAA that they manage different histories, dramas, performance, and diversity Lucha Libre in the least words they have all the ingredients for the different fans. So, this time we’ll check their card and I’ll share about every match and every moment that Triplemania XXVII will give us in our minds. Lest’s go to preview and enjoy it.

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Match for Mixed Tag Team Championships

Nino Hamburgesa, and Big Mami (C) vs Sammy Guevara, and Scarlett Bordeaux vs Lady Maravilla, and Villano III Jr vs Australian Suicide, and Vanilla

Great match to beginning this huge event, three teams to search the golden in Mixed division at Triplemania XXVII. Nino and Mami are the favorites. They made that the crowd always is exciting and supporting them, so they have charisma and I hope, they hold the belts. So, one of the important histories in this match is between Nino, Big Mami, and Lady Maravilla. Nino in the last month, he made a friendship with Lady and that situation doesn’t like to Big Mami. The champs have a little problem and different matches Nino didn’t help to Big Mami, and he defended to Lady.

In last event in Aguascalientes, Nino changed the opinion, and he defended to Big Mami, and he asked for Lady about her actions to Big Mami. So, we can expect that in Triplemania, Nino will decide if he has an alliance and loyal to Big Mami, or he will throw out their reign for Lady. And about the other team, they look amazing and I can bet that this match will be full of great spots. So, you need to look great luchadors like Sammy and Australia, they will wake up and will stand up with their great dives and speed. And about their partners, Scarlett, we know her about her job in IMPACT and indie circuit. She is a great athlete, and she will give us all his skills and Vanilla is a tremendous luchador that she gained her place in AAA in short time and now in Triplemania, she will show us why she is there.

And the last team, Lady is the villain, but she a great luchador, she has rudeness, and she doesn’t care about another one, she only wants the belts and Villano III, this youngest is growing a big step and different matches, he always shows us that Lucha Libre is in his veins. So this team will be complicated to the champs, but we will enjoy about the great moves that all teams will give us.

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Trios Match

Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr, and Golden Magic (C)  vs Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana vs Pimpinela Escarlata, Maximo, and Mamba

The next match is a Trios Match where we will have Los Jinetes del Aire, Poder del Norte, and Las Fresas Salvajes at Triplemania XXVII. In this case Los Jinetes del Aire has a chance in last weeks Laredo Kid left the team to search new opportunities in high card and his place will replace by Golden Magic, this guy has shown to the crowd great abilities and skills, so Los Jinetes del Aire with this new member, they don’t have conflict to try to give their belts. Poder del Norte (Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana), these guys have been a great team who have represented Trios division.

They manage an 80s Mexican style. They have an aggressive and strong style. Previously they had a great rivalry with OGT’s where they hit and stroke with all their forces until some battles they stained the ring with their blood, so they want to come back the belts and that night will be a great chance. The last team is Las Fresas Salvajes are funny, but we need to recognize that they only are funny, they have great abilities and technical base. For this match we can see that it’s a great mixture of three teams with different skills and that will be important being that the match will be speed, funny, high flies and aggressive. So, we can hope everything, and we hope a good entertainment.

Copa Triplemania

La Parka, OGT’s, Pagano, Puma King, Aerostar, Drago, and surprise luchadors

Every Triplemania, it’s programming Triplemania Cup. This tournament is like Battle Royal, but in this case, the winner doesn’t have anything, only the cup. This cup is used to book the rest of luchadors and the expectation is in some Triplemania saw ex AAA’s roster. So, what can you expect about it? We can expect a great moves, surprises, and we hope great sequences for all the competitors. The favorites are Pagano, Aerostar and Puma King for me. So the time can tell us. 

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Reinas de Reinas Championship, Ladders, Tables, and Chairs Match 

Lady Shani, Taya, Tessa Blanchard, Faby Apache, Keyra (C), Chik Tormenta, and La Hiedra

How can you describe when you have six great women and you add ladders, tables, and chairs at Triplemania XXVII? And after you add Reina de Reinas Championship. The only that came to my mind is it’ll be insane. AAA adds to the card an excellent match and it’s in all senses. Keyra is the champ and the last huge event Verano de Escandalo, she has worked it to be AAA’s Queen. Now, AAA has made a great challenge for her that will take her to other dimensions. Other than she has ladders, chairs, and tables, she has sin front the six best women wrestler of AAA. First one is Lady Shani the ex-champ will search her gold back. She was a great champ in her period, and she has great charisma with the crowd, so she should have this advantage, and she will take it something that was hers one day. Faby Apache, I could call her master.

She comes of Family’s Lucha Libre. Apache’s daughter made his own path on this business, and she has represented the best way, so she has a great experience and with that, she wants to take advantage. Chik Tormenta has been in AAA to a few months but all her career was made on Indy circuit. She has gained this opportunity and in the great event. She has worked hard and now she will show us that she is prepared for big things. La Hiedra is a great ruda and daughter of the great legend. She has positioned in a great place in AAA until she was selected to Los Mercenarios and now she has supported it in Trios Matches. Weeks ago, she said that she wants the Reina de Reinas Championship and now it’s the time to know if she deserves it.

Tessa, she is a strong woman. She has a lot matches man vs woman in Indy circuit and IMPACT, and they showed in all times that have been ready for everything. This time, she will search for a new championship in her trajectory. And the last one is La Guera Loca or Taya, IMPACT Women Champion, the last event of IMPACT, she showed us that is aggressive, and she could control all the match. She has grown professional in Mexico since she comes to Perros del Mal. Taya is a great champ, and she could have double championship. This match will be awesome, insane and extreme. They will give us their passion, dreams, sweat, and their desire to make history.

Triplemania XXVII
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Special Match

Psycho Clown, Cody Rhodes, and Cain Velasquez vs Texano Jr, Taurus, and Surprise Luchador  

Now it’s time to talk about a special match at Triplemania XXVII. This match is around about Cain Velasquez. Since AAA announced that Cain will be in Triplemania all wrestling world has been interesting about how will be Cain debut? He has been trained by Psycho and Cody. This will be a great challenge for him and his career. He will be in another environment and with different logistic in the ring. This match is a Trios match, Cain will be supported by Psycho Clown is a phenomenal charisma luchador and he is AAA’s face and the another is Cody Rhodes, that’s it, AEW will have the first represented in Triplemania. Cody will be a babyface and he will be made team with Psycho and Cain to give the victory. And the other side will be Los Mercenarios with Texano Jr and Taurus. Since AAA announced that Cain will be in Triplemania Texano was the first one to raise his hand to be the opponent against Cain.

Now, AAA gives the chance but in Trios Match, now he must show why is better wrestling than MMA. Taurus on the other hand. He is in his better professional moment, he was in Wrestlecon, PWG Sixteen, and he will be part of BOLA 2019. Now, he will have to show his level against Cain and Cody. And this match has surprise luchador that I think, could be Killer Kroos. He has worked with AAA all year, and he is a great rude. So he is prepared in wrestling and MMA. This match will be entertainment and the world’s eyeball will be pending with Cain.

Triplemania XXVII
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AAA vs AEW match

Pentagon Jr, Fenix, and Laredo Kid vs The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega

Now, Triplemania XXVII has a match between companies. All this is about the relation or alliance with AEW. The next match is a rematch of the past event of AEW Fyter Fest. AEW’s roster will have the debut of Kenny Omega in Mexico, we know all about Kenny one of the best wrestler in the world. Kenny will have a huge challenge, that is the most crowd of Triplemania doesn’t know Kenny. So he needs to show all his arsenal and gain a place. This situation is similar to The Young Bucks who the first time they were in Mexico, the crowd didn’t have great support to them. But now, about the match, these six men, they gave us a great match the last time.

These are ranking in the best of the wrestling, so they will give an explosion of emotions and great spots. And another fact is about the professional war in social media and in the ring about The Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers, this is the last past to know them before they crash in ALL OUT, so one more time we will enjoy about this rivalry. And the last fact is Laredo Kid, this guy had a great opportunity in American Indy circuit and now, AAA has decided that he will be a great card for them. This opportunity is something that he wish it, so we don’t doubt that he will show why. Every time and opportunity that they step the ring, they always give all that have them. They never fail us, so this time we hope that the victory will be AAA’s side at Triplemania XXVII.

Mask vs Hair match

Blue Demon Jr vs Dr. Wagner Jr

The main event of the night or the main event of AAA’s year. This match could call it legend vs legend. With only read or heard these names, you know that you are talking of Legacy of Mexican Lucha Libre. This rivalry has been in almost all Mexico. Since AAA shared this main event, this fight has been increasing day by day. This match isn’t about mask or hair, this is about legacy and about who is better. Both opponents have announced if one of them loses, he will be Lucha Libre’s retirement. We need to understand about the environment or their proud to lose this match.

Dr. Wagner won’t accept another defeat more. When he lost his mask, many fans disagreed with him because they never think that this legend could lose his most appreciated. Now, he is in the lane if he will gain Demon’s mask, he will raise his name, but he loses… he prefers to refuse his career. About Blue Demon, this a great opportunity to have a great hair in his win’s list. This a great main event for me, it’s the best match that he has in his hands. Now, Blue Demon will have to defeat a legend, and he could be consolidated in this business.

Mask or hair? What’s is the most important?. I think for Mexican Culture both are important, only the fact to lose and go out of the ring with that shame, that moment could be up or down in their career. Mask is your identity or the men who are behind the mask made the character and anybody doesn’t know who is. Hair is important for the luchador and only to lose it and the luchador is hairless and the luchador follows his life with this thing is so shame for him. This type of match is the most important event of Mexico, so it’s impossible to lose it. We could expect everything. These guys are made with the 80s school, so, this will be salvage, blood, proud, sweat and fight for all that you have… their heart and they raise your name. We need to live a great part of the Mexican Culture and Mexican Legends. And we have the opportunity to be part of the Mexican’s history at Triplemania XXVII.