#AndNEW: Jacob Fatu Wins the MLW World Heavyweight Championship

On July 6th, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor defended the MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Jacob Fatu. Major League Wrestling held their Kings of Colosseum event, where Lawlor and Fatu squared off in the main event. Since winning the championship this past February, Lawlor has taken on different challengers, including former champion Low Ki and current AEW wrestler Jimmy Havoc. Perhaps his greatest challenge, however, came in the form of CONTRA Unit’s Fatu. Despite the challenge ahead, Lawlor has always prided himself on being a fighting champion.

Since CONTRA Unit formed, Lawlor found himself on the receiving attack of countless attacks from the stable in question. In a particular act of humiliation, the stable abducted Lawlor and cut his hair, stripping him of his pride in the process. Not one to stay down, Lawlor fired back, laying out CONTRA Unit member Simon Gotch backstage prior to the Kings of Colosseum’s main event. With a new fire lit inside of him, the champion was set to take on Fatu, his title on the line. With this victory, not only would Lawlor retain his championship, but create a dent in the seemingly impenetrable armor of CONTRA Unit.

Photo / MLW

The match began in true Lawlor fashion, with the champion laying in on Fatu with several strikes. From there, the action spilled to the outside of the ring, with Fatu sending the champion into the barricade. The violent member of CONTRA Unit resorted to using nearly wires to choke Lawlor, further weakening him. The action eventually returned to the ring, where Fatu continued the onslaught. Fatu went up to the top rope for a headbutt, but Lawlor evaded, reassuming control of the match.

With a series of rear-naked chokes, along with more strikes, Lawlor used his experience in mixed martial arts to stay on the offensive. Lawlor attempted a crossbody, but Fatu was able to counter. From there, Fatu went for his patented moonsault, only for Lawler to evade. Eventually, the action was interrupted by CONTRA Unit member Josef Samael, who distracted the referee. This would actually work to Lawlor’s benefit, as the champion hit Fatu with a low blow! Lawlor followed up with a penalty kick. Eventually, the powerful Fatu took back control, hitting a handspring moonsault for a near fall!

The conclusion of the main event came when Lawlor, who was back in control of the match, was struck with a superkick from Fatu. The powerhouse of CONTRA Unit followed up with a Samoan drop before following up with a moonsault! With a successful pinfall, Fatu defeated Lawlor for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship! Following the match, Fatu celebrated with Samael in the ring, proudly showcasing the CONTRA Unit flag to a stunned audience as the stable’s music blared throughout the venue.

This match is significant for many reasons, the most prominent being the fact that Jacob Fatu isn’t signed with MLW but captured their Heavyweight Championship. Many fans have speculated that he will jump to another promotion at a later date. What does this title victory mean for the promotion moving forward? Who, if anyone, will be able to put a stop to CONTRA Unit’s reign of terror?