#Review: The NWA Powerrr Files Episode 9 (Season One Finale)

Welcome to the NWA Powerrr Files on the Pro Wrestling Post! Today we will look at episode nine, the season one finale. We will look to tie up any loose ends going into the big pay-per-view event on December 14th, Into the Fire. Last week, we heard from Melina and what her intentions were in the NWA. The Question Mark and Aron Stevens were in action, we learned more of the card for Into the Fire.

This week, the legendary team The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express will challenge for the NWA World Tag Team Championships. Also in the season finale of NWA Powerrr is Colt Cabana taking on Ricky Starks in a non-title match. This is our first contest of the evening. Colt is exceedingly popular with the studio crowd. Before this match can get underway, Aron Stevens and the Question Mark come out to Dave Marquez. Stevens demands a title shot, which sticks in Cabana’s craw. Very diplomatically, Colt offers Aron a solution. If Stevens can beat Ricky Starks, Colt will give Stevens a title shot.

The self-professed proud actor even goes so far as to send The Question Mark to the back, much to the crowd’s dismay. Stevens feigns a knee injury midway through the contest, drawing all action to a halt. The Question Mark makes his way to the ring and Marquez is beckoned to ringside. While the referee’s back is turned, Question Mark lays Starks out with the Mongrovian Spike. Stevens quickly takes advantage and picks up the win. Also in this episode of NWA Powerrr will be an exclusive interview with James Storm.

Following a great hype package for Into the Fire, Joe Galli informs us that there has been another stipulation of sorts added to the main event. In addition to the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship being on the line in a two out of three falls match, each wrestler will be able to select a referee for one of the first two falls of the contest. If the match goes to a third fall, the referee will be selected by a coin toss between the two officials. James Storm selects NWA lead referee, Brian Hebner.

At the recent WrestleCade festivities, the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion had a confrontation with the Great Muta. More on that to come. Back at ringside, Dave Marquez welcomes Melina. She declares her intentions of what she believes a champion should be. Allysin Kay doesn’t mind coming out to face her challenges head-on and challenges her to a fight right here and now. Melina gracefully walks away until Marti Belle and Thunder Rosa arrive on the scene. With the numbers advantage on their side, they brutalize the NWA World Women’s Champion and again leave her laying.

We see an interview with Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson ahead of their title match later tonight. They are very excited to back where they started in the NWA, challenging for the only thing that matters and that’s the gold title belts. Next, we hear from the World’s Heavyweight Champion. Aldis addresses the “controversy” surrounding the three-way number one contender’s match. James wasn’t scheduled to be part of the match, but “forced” his way into the match. This match and segment did not make air, as the match itself ended in chaos. The Wild Cards, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, the Dawsons and more crashed the party. So why does James Storm get a title shot at Into the Fire?

That’s because Nick Aldis went to management and told them that’s who he wanted. Aldis’ selection for his referee is a little out of left field, but he picks Tim Storm. And lastly, of course, the topic of Kamille is raised. Aldis asserts the position that he always has about her, but admits that all the pressure has rendered her not as effective in her role. So for this match at Into the Fire, he will be going into the fire alone. Once all of this hoopla is behind them, then Kamille will return as his insurance policy.

The second season of NWA Powerrr will kick off on December 17th, with the fallout from Into the Fire. New episodes will go live at 6:05 PM Eastern time. Returning into the studio, it’s main event time. 34 years ago, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express first won the NWA Tag Team Championships and tonight they look to do it again. The match starts quickly, with the younger tag team getting the jump. Just like in the matches of old, Robert Gibson was able to hold on and get the hot tag to Ricky. While the champions attempted to battle back, it was a simple roll-up that sealed the deal. Ricky Morton rolled up Royce Isaacs and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express are your NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions.

But just before we go, Nick Aldis introduces the man joining the commentary team for NWA. That would be the one and only Stu Bennett. His first gig will be at Into the Fire and then you can catch him every week with Joe Galli for NWA Powerrr! It’s been a fun first season and we’ll see you back here for season two.

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