AJPW Giant Series 2015 Night 1 | AJPW Saturday Night RetroView

On October 12th, 2015 AJPW aired their 1st night of the 2015 Giant Series we got 2 Junior Battle Of Glory Tag League matches & lots of tag team matches. Here is our AJPW Saturday Night Retroview of AJPW Giant Series 2015 Night 1.

AJPW Saturday Night RetroViews
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AJPW Giant Series 2015 Night 1
Jake Lee vs. Zeus

Zeus pushes around Jake Lee to kick things off, Lee fights back with elbows but Zeus chops him to the mat. Zeus works the headlock and shoulder blocks Lee to the mat before hitting a press slam. Lee rolls out of the ring but returns after a moment, Zeus chops Lee in the corner, but Lee chops him back.

Zeus shrugs off Lee’s chops and knocks him back to the mat, but Lee keeps getting up to try again but Zeus keeps knocking him down then a Irish whip by Zeus and he elbows Lee hard in the chest for a two count.

Sleeper by Zeus but Lee gets a toe on the ropes to force the break. Bearhug into a belly 2 belly by Zeus, and he covers Lee for a two count. Zeus goes for a vertical suplex but Lee reverses it into one of his own Lee charges Zeus in the corner and hits a back elbow.

Atomic drop by Lee and he hits a gutwrench suplex for a two count. Lee picks up Zeus, Irish whip, and he knees Zeus in the stomach before hitting a DDT for another two. Lee grabs Zeus around the waist but Zeus elbows out of it, Lee tries to chop Zeus again but it goes just as well this time.

Lee goes off the ropes and hits a jumping kick to Zeus’s chest, but Zeus comes back with a lariat. Irish whip by Zeus, he hits a final lariat to get the win.

Winner: Zeus (8:09)

AJPW Giant Series 2015 Night 1
Masanobu Fuchi vs. Masao Inoue

The match begins with Masanobu Fuchi immediately starts with a small package but Masao Inoue kicked out. Inoue pushes Fuchi in the ropes but gives a clean break, drop toehold by Fuchi, and he starts stretching Inoue’s leg.

He has the submission in for a while before Inoue eventually gets back up but Fuchi pushes him to the mat and starts twisting on the leg again.

Inoue eventually gets to the ropes Fuchi gets Inoue to the mat and stretches on his leg again before he sits on him for the win.

Winner: Masanobu Fuchi (10:08)

AJPW Giant Series 2015 Night 1
6 Man Tag Team Match

Hoshitango, Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama vs. Kenso, Kento Miyahara & Ryuji Hijikata

Suwama & Kento Miyahara kicks this match off then Suwama offers Miyahara his hand but Miyahara boots him instead. Another boot by Miyahara and a third sends Suwama to the mat. Suwama quickly gets back up and he tags in Shuji Ishikawa. Ryuji Hijikata comes in, too, and Ishikawa shoulder blocks Hijikata to the mat. Ishikawa goes off the ropes but Hijikata hits a hip toss, Hijikata slaps Ishikawa but Ishikawa knees him hard in the stomach.

Ishikawa tags Hoshitango while Hijikata rolls out of the ring to recover, but Ishikawa goes over and jumps up and down on Hijikata while he is on the floor. He slowly returns to the ring and tries to shake it off but Hoshitango continues working over Hijikata’s midsection. Hoshitango tags Suwama & Suwama knees Hijikata into the corner. Irish whip by Suwama and he hits a big lariat followed by a belly 2 belly suplex for a two count.

Suwama picks up Hijikata but Hijikata reverses the powerbomb attempt into a back bodydrop. Enzuigiri by Hijikata, and he makes the hot tag to Miyahara. Miyahara boots Suwama and dropkicks him in the head, jumping elbow by Miyahara and he hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Suwama comes back with a belly to back suplex and he tags in Hoshitango, Hoshitango slaps Miyahara into the corner and hits a body avalanche for a two count.

Hoshitango goes off the ropes but Miyahara boots him right in the face, he tags in Kenso & Kenso boots Hoshitango as well. Kenso slaps Hoshitango in the corner but Hoshitango gets away and tags Ishikawa. Ishikawa & Hoshitango both attack Kenso in the corner, body press by Hoshitango & Ishikawa covers Kenso & he kicks out.

Hijikata comes in, and he kicks Hoshitango and Ishikawa, but they knock him down with a double shoulder block. Ishikawa & Kenso trade strikes, lariat by Ishikawa and he delivers a running knee but Kenso barely gets a shoulder up. Ishikawa hits a 2nd one that gets the win for his team.

Winners: Hoshitango, Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama (9:20)

AJPW Giant Series 2015 Night 1
2015 Junior Battle Of Glory Tag League Match

Xceed (Junior Heavyweight Champion Kotaro Suzuki & Gaora Television Champion Yohei Nakajima) (0) vs. Evolution (Atsushi Aoki & Hikaru Sato) (0)

Kotaro Suzuki & Atsushi Aoki kick things off, they both go for cross arm breakers with no luck and they return to their feet again. Suzuki gets Aoki around the waist and tags in Yohei Nakajima, Nakajima starts on Aoki’s arm but Aoki pushes him into the corner and tags Hikaru Sato. Kicks by Sato and he shoulder blocks Nakajima down, he goes off the ropes and kicks Nakajima hard in the chest for a two count.

Aoki comes in and they both chop Nakajima before hitting stereo kicks. Sato gets Nakajima by the ankle but Nakajima flips him out to the apron and then dropkicks Sato to the floor. Nakajima hits a big tope suicida out onto Sato, Suzuki then gets in the ring and he does the same. Nakajima drags Sato up and slides him into the ring, covering him for two.

Nakajima throws Sato into the corner and hits a back elbow, quick foot stomp by Nakajima and he covers Sato for a two count. Suzuki is tagged in, Tiger Feint Kick by Suzuki and he hits rolling DDTs into a front necklock. Suzuki picks up Sato and elbows him into the corner before tagging in Nakajima.

Neckbreaker by Nakajima and he kicks Sato hard in the back. Sato starts fighting back and he hits a jumping heel kick, giving him time to tag in Aoki. Aoki goes after Suzuki, he knocks him out of the ring and hits a vertical suplex on the floor. Nakajima hops out to get him but Aoki sails out onto Suzuki with a tope suicida. Nakajima gets Aoki again but Aoki dropkicks Nakajima in the jaw. Nakajima tags in Suzuki & Suzuki hits a handspring elbow onto Aoki. Jumping knee by Suzuki in the corner and he hits a diving knee to a standing Aoki for a two count cover.

Suzuki charges Aoki but Aoki moves out of the way and kicks him in the head. Aoki goes up top and delivers a missile dropkick, waistlock by Aoki but Suzuki reverses it. Suzuki drop toeholds Aoki onto the 2nd rope but Aoki blocks the Tiger Feint Kick and Sato kicks Suzuki from the apron. Sato comes in the ring and stomp on Suzuki, and they take turns kicking Suzuki. Aoki goes up top and hits a diving body press but Nakajima breaks up the cover.

Aoki goes off the ropes but Suzuki elbows him they trade move attempts before Suzuki gets Aoki on his shoulders so Nakajima can hit a missile dropkick. Tombstone by Suzuki to Aoki but Aoki barely gets a shoulder up. Tiger Driver attempt by Suzuki but Aoki blocks it and hits a lariat. Backdrop suplex by Aoki and he tags in Sato. Suzuki tags out as well, Irish whip by Sato to Nakajima but Nakajima delivers a dropkick.

Nakajima goes up top, but Sato avoids the foot stomp and applies a heel hold. Nakajima gets out of it and they trade kicks, enzuigiri by Nakajima but Sato rolls him to the mat with a heel hold. Nakajima gets out of it with another enzuigiri, Suzuki goes up top but Aoki joins him, avalanche arm drag by Suzuki but Sato knocks him out of the ring.

Sato & Nakajima trade high kicks, Nakajima hits a buzzsaw kick, but Sato kicks out of the cover. Nakajima goes for another high kick, but Sato catches it and applies a heel hold. Nakajima tries to get to the ropes, but he can’t, and he has no choice but to tap out

Winners By Submission: Evolution (2) (14:33)

AJPW Giant Series 2015 Night 1
2015 Junior Battle Of Glory Tag League Match

Yankee Two Kenju (0) vs. Ultimo Dragon & Yoshinobu Kanemaru (0)

Yuko Miyamoto & Yoshinobu Kanemaru start the match by trading holds. Miyamoto gets Kanemaru in the corner and tags in Isami Kodaka. Ultimo Dragon is also tagged in, and Ultimo Dragon yanks on Kodaka’s arm.

Kodaka works on Ultimo Dragon’s arm but Ultimo Dragon armdrags him to the mat. Kodaka tags Miyamoto but Ultimo Dragon hits a headscissors on Miyamoto, Kanemaru comes in and they both elbow Miyamoto.

Miyamoto gets back up and trades elbows with Kanemaru, and Miyamoto tags in Kodaka. The action spills out to the floor, and Kanemaru hits a leg drop on Kodaka over the railing. Kodaka is slid back in, DDT by Kanemaru, and he covers Kodaka for two.

Ultimo Dragon is tagged in, and he elbows Kodaka, and they both take turns on Kodaka. Kodaka finally suplexes Kanemaru and makes the hot tag to Miyamoto. Miyamoto slams Kanemaru & Ultimo Dragon as well before dropkicking both.

Miyamoto takes Kanemaru out of the ring and chops him while Ultimo Dragon knees Kodaka into the crowd. Miyamoto and Kanemaru return just in time to beat the count, and Miyamoto puts Kanemaru in a sleeper.

Miyamoto tags in Kodaka & Kodaka stomps down Kanemaru in the corner before tagging Miyamoto back in. Kanemaru hits a flapjack on Miyamoto, and he makes the tag to Ultimo Dragon, kicks by Ultimo Dragon and he hits a jumping double chop.

Spinning headscissors by Ultimo Dragon to Miyamoto, and he hits a back body drop. Kodaka attacks Ultimo Dragon from behind, but Ultimo Dragon hits a takedown/headscissors on both of his opponents. Kodaka goes up top and hits a diving crossbody on Ultimo Dragon, but Ultimo Dragon kicks him.

Dropkick by Kodaka but Ultimo Dragon hits a vertical suplex, Kanemaru comes in, and he dropkicks Kodaka in the knee. Scoop slam by Kanemaru to Kodaka, and he hits a split-legged moonsault for a two count.

Kanemaru is double-teamed in the corner, Kodaka goes up top but Kanemaru avoids the diving double knee drop. Kodaka puts Kanemaru in the octopus hold while Miyamoto puts Ultimo Dragon in a Cobra Twist, but Kanemaru gets into the ropes.

Belly 2 belly suplex by Miyamoto, he goes up top and he hits a missile dropkick. Irish whip by Miyamoto, but Kanemaru hits a Satellite DDT, kick to the head by Ultimo Dragon & Kanemaru covers Miyamoto for a two count.

Kanemaru goes up top and delivers the Deep Impact, but Kodaka breaks up the cover. Kanemaru & Kodaka trade elbows, enzuigiri by Ultimo Dragon to Kodaka but Kodaka hits a lariat, and all the wrestlers are down on the mat.

Kanemaru & Miyamoto slowly get up; heel kick by Miyamoto and he powerbombs Kanemaru for a two count. Miyamoto slams Kanemaru in front of the corner, he goes up top but Kanemaru gets his knees up on the moonsault attempt. Lariat by Kanemaru, and he hits the brainbuster, but Miyamoto gets a shoulder up on the pin.

Kanemaru goes up top and hits the Deep Impact then goes for the cover but Kodaka breaks it up with a diving double knee drop. Ultimo Dragon comes in the ring but Kodaka suplexes him, Kanemaru & Kodaka trade elbows until Kanemaru dives out of the ring with a tope suicida onto Ultimo Dragon. Handspring kick by Miyamoto to Kanemaru, and he drops him with the Yankee Driver to get the victory.

Winners: Yankee Two Kenju (2) (23:36)

AJPW Giant Series 2015 Night 1
6 Man Tag Team Match

Akebono, Naoya Nomura & Yutaka Yoshie vs. Jun Akiyama, Takao Omori & Yuma Aoyagi

Akebono & Jun Akiyama kick this match off but trying to hit each other with moves, but neither can hit a solid move so they tag in Yutaka Yoshie & Takao Omori. Irish whip by Yoshie, but Omori boots him in the face, he goes for a slam, but Yoshie blocks it and lands on top of Omori.

Yoshie goes for a body press but Omori rolls out of the way. Omori tags in Yuma Aoyagi, while Naoya Nomura is tagged in. Nomura & Aoyagi trade holds until Aoyagi hits a shoulder block.

Aoyagi & Nomura trade strikes, dropkick by Nomura and he tries to knock Akiyama off the apron but Akiyama just looks at him funny. Nomura runs over and attacks Akiyama again, but Akiyama pulls him out of the ring and slams him on the floor.

Akiyama throws Nomura into the railing a few times before putting him back into the ring, and Aoyagi tags in Omori. Nomura fights back against Omori, but Omori gives him a hard uppercut followed by a boot.

Aoyagi is tagged back in, and he slams Nomura, cover by Aoyagi but it gets a two count. Akiyama is tagged in next, and he lariats Nomura to the mat. Kicks by Akiyama and he tags in Omori, Irish whip by Omori and he hits a back body drop on Nomura.

Crab hold by Omori but Nomura gets into the ropes, Nomura hits a few elbows, but Omori knocks him back to the mat. Akiyama tags back in, and he hits a running knee in the corner but Nomura kicks out of the multiple covers.

Akiyama tags in Omori & Omori drops Nomura with a piledriver, but Yoshie breaks up the cover. Nomura finally hits a mean spear on Omori, giving him time to tag in Akebono. Akebono hits a body avalanche in the corner and follows that with an elbow drop for a two-count.

Akebono goes for a piledriver, but Omori gets out of it and kicks Akebono in the face. Heel kick by Omori, and he tags in Akiyama, Akiyama goes off the ropes, but Akebono catches him with a side slam.

Nomura grabs Akiyama and hits a jumping elbow in the corner, then the fat men follow with body avalanches. Body press by Akebono, but Akiyama gets a shoulder up. Things break down a bit as both teams are in the ring, most end up on the floor while Yoshie attacks Akiyama in the corner with a running butt thump. Body press by Yoshie, but Aoyagi breaks up the cover.

Yoshie goes up top, but Omori grabs him, giving Akiyama time to recover. Akiyama joins Yoshie and hits an avalanche exploder, cover by Akiyama, but Akebono breaks it up. Akebono hits a lariat on Akiyama & Omori, Yoshie covers Akiyama but it gets two.

Yoshie & Akiyama trade elbows, and chops by Yoshie, but Akiyama catches him with a jumping knee. Exploder by Jun Akiyama, Omori comes in and he hits a sliding lariat before Wrist clutch exploder by Akiyama that gets the job done.

Winners: Jun Akiyama, Takao Omori & Yuma Aoyagi (15:25)