AEW Rampage for 2/18/22 (Cole BATTLES 10)

This week on the AEW Rampage for 2/18/22 episode, the show features four matches. While none appear to constitute someone being buried, there is a rumor that it is highly speculated. We aren’t sure the extent of that burial, but we have heard that someone whose name NAlDeAfM may very well be the person that is likely to have it happen to them.

Will they be presented like a star with shimmering lights cascading around them or even a slight twinkle when they walk? It’s unknown! What is assured is that of the matches presented on this night, fans will watch a qualifying match for the Face of the Revolution tournament, a five-minute challenge by Serena Deeb, an in-ring debut, and a grudge match. It sure sounds like a terrible show, doesn’t it? But, all joking aside, here is what we can expect on AEW Rampage for 2/18/22.

Adam Cole (shown on the left) battles Dark Order’s 10 (shown on the right) [Photo: AEW]

AEW Rampage for 2/18/22
Adam Cole vs. Dark Order’s 10.

On this past week’s episode of Dynamite, Adam Cole confronted Hangman Page and even congratulated him. As the two exchanged verbal jabs with one another, the once respectful Bullet Club members were quick to point out each other’s past. Fans witnessed the two ‘Adam’s’ discuss of how they were viewed by also pointing how where they both are today. Page was quick to share how he has shed the Bucks and his past.

For Cole, it seems like something new as he had reDRagon come to attack Page, not unlike their debut in NXT when they attacked Drew McIntyre. While the initial booking appears similar, the stakes are different. With Cole now contending for the AEW Championship, it will also lend itself to other obstacles coming his way. The first is Page’s Dark Order alley 10.

Trent Beretta (shown on the left) battles Jay White (shown on the right) [Photo: AEW]

AEW Rampage for 2/18/22
Trent Beretta vs. Jay White

What does a cut from a Switchblade look like? If you are Trent Beretta, the cut is deep as it was as much a part of him making a statement as it was reminding Beretta of his NJPW past. For Jay White, his recent time in IMPACT! and now in AEW has proven once again of the open door policy talent are being provided in order to compete. Upon White’s arrival, Adam Cole appeared quite pleased and welcoming of his entry into AEW.

Beretta hopes to gain a modicum of revenge as he faces White. Is White’s arrival tied to something greater with Cole, The Young Bucks, and reDRagon? Could we see the other Bullet Club members appear as well in light of gang warfare happening among them?

AEW Rampage for 2/18/22
Serena Deeb has a five-minute challenge.

To see Deeb as a dominant and scathing heel has been refreshing. She has assumed the Professor title and dismantled everyone in her path. Deeb dominated the former AEW Women’s Champion, Hikaru Shida as well. As evident with her five-minute challenges, Deeb will likely tear apart someone. Last week’s challenge lasted a minute. Will this week’s go above or be below the 1-minute mark?

While we won’t know for sure until it happens, we look forward to the person that goes the distance with Deeb. That person will likely be her next legitimate threat.

AEW Rampage for 2/18/22 
Dante Martin (shown on the left) battles Powerhouse Hobbs (shown on the right) [Photo: AEW]

AEW Rampage for 2/18/22
Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Dante Martin
in a Face of the Revolution Qualifying Match

A qualifying match where issues persist? It is sure to involve a number of other outside factors as well. As a key member of Team Taz, Hobbs is sure to want to settle the score with Martin once and for all. Dante Martin has come a great deal and achieved a great deal since he’s been on his own. However, the greatest obstacle to stand in his way may be the one person he likely knows best. His brother Darius.

While there have been no hints or suggestions of a split between the two due to Darius’ injury, his involvement in this match would undoubtedly add another layer to the issues with Martin and Team Taz.

What To Expect

  • Adam Cole to address Hangman Page
  • Mercedes Martinez and Thunder Rosa address the attack by Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter, and Rebel.
  • Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Christian Cage address their upcoming match at AEW Revolution.


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