Ace Austin wins the Super X Cup at Genesis

On Saturday, January 9th, Ace Austin withstood three challengers’ challenge and wins the 2021 Super X Cup as IMPACT Wrestling presents Genesis. The night’s action began with Ace Austin facing off against Suicide. It was a great match to start off the night as both Suicide and Austin took the fight to one another time and time again. Suicide hit various moves that appeared to gain the advantage. However, distractions by Madman Fulton led to Austin hit The Fold finisher on Suicide leading to him advancing in the tournament.


This match was followed by the Blake Christian and KC Navarro first-round matchup. Navarro was a classic battle of the cocky young stud and sentimental favorite. Personas aside, these two men were as determined to tell a story. It was a battle of technique and skill against cockiness and confidence. Who would show up their opposition? Despite his best efforts, KC Navarro fell to Blake Christian.

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The next match was Daivari against Cousin Jake. This would be a real difference in styles as the well-versed and experienced Daivari, who was in incredible shape, faced the larger yet agile Cousin Jake. As Josh Matthews mentioned, this was unlike the others involved in the tournament; Jake is much larger than others. ‘Big Nasty’ Cousin Jake took to Daivari laying chops, forearms, and boots to the former X-Division Champion. Jake overcame a battered leg and the experience of Daivari to advance in the tournament to face Ace Austin in the next round.

In the final round, we would see Tre LaMar and Crazzy Steve. This was another example of the more experienced Crazzy Steve against the much younger Tre LaMar. Matthews mentioned how Johnny Gargano and Candice LaRae trained LaMar, but it should be noted Eric Young trained Crazzy Steve. Steve appears trying to really get into the head of LaMar early on. However, LaMar does get a measure of revenge thwarting a comeback of his own. However, a telegraphed crossbody from the top rope leads to a lunging DDT from the second rope by Crazzy Steve, who advanced.

Ace Austin wins the Super X Cup at Genesis

We now down to the final four competitors. In the semi-final round, it was Cousin Jake facing Ace Austin in the first matchup. Austin would have Madman Fulton in Austin’s corner, which will easily lead to the competition being distracted by the big man at ringside. We even witness Fulton catching Austin as Jake attempts to throw him outside of the ring. Each time it appears as though Cousin Jake has the advantage, Fulton causes a distraction leading to Austin regaining the advantage. Austin hits The Fold from the second rope and finishes off Cousin Jake as he advances to the finals.

The final match of the semi-finals was between Crazzy Steve and Blake Christian. Would Christian fall victim to the mind games of Crazzy Steve? Early on in the match, it was clear that this wasn’t going to be the case. An accidental kick by Christian to Steve’s best friend, the toy monkey, causes Steve to become completely unhinged. Steve whips Christian hard into the corner turnbuckle. A momentary stop in the action leads Steve to check on his ‘friend.’ That break was what Christian needed to regain his strength. In the end, a suspended Crazzy Steve hanging off the top rope is hit with a 450-splash and win by Christian.

The finals of the Super X Cup were set.

As it will be Ace Austin and Blake Christian. The two men go move for move. As both men can strike hard and hit spot or, at the very least, attempt their spot time and time again. Christian shows that he is all heart and incredibly agile as he avoids an attempted toss into the steel steps. In comparison, Austin shows how he can show his incredible leg strength avoiding certain moves and sweeps. Ace then hits a backflip over the top rope to an unsuspecting Christian. The finals were incredible. These two hit each other with everything and anything. It was a case of counter versus counter until the end. When out of nowhere, Ace Austin hits the fold to pick up the win and win the Super X Cup tournament.

Ace Austin wins the Super X Cup
Photo / IMPACT