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RAW “Underground” isn’t that different from IMPACT’s WrestleHouse in that it’s first space (or time) filler. At least it’s short timewise in comparison, although it can drag on two, maybe three tv segments depending on the show. On the 8/24 RAW, “Underground” felt least like any worked MMA type “competition” and just “more of the same.” Count me in amongst the many, already bored with the always sweaty for no reason Shane. Last Monday’s redeeming point was at least reminding viewers not heading for the bathroom or popcorn that “Dolph Zigler” had amateur cred in facing another amateur great in Bobby Lashley. These are a collection of views of things that have taken place recently.

However, I don’t think they’d allow one to throw one’s opponent into a wall in classic Funaki/Gotch Pancrase. WrestleHouse, in my opinion, would’ve been fine as a one-show, one-off. But instead, we’re into what, our second month of it. Not much character development while Impact kind of ruins what’s left of the Rosemary character. Not sure why the Undead Bride is taking the summer off playing the clueless Suzie character. They are maybe wearing all that soiled wedding stuff. Didn’t ECW briefly do that in the ’90s with the Virgin Bride/Virgin Princess? Wearing the bloody, soiled wedding dress elevating a famous, beloved longtime wrestling fan/groupie who at least didn’t break character and play something or someone else.

Identity of Enhancement Talent Used For RAW Underground
Photo / EWrestlingNews.com

A Collection of Views

What have they done with Taya’s character this year? Not good. She’s much better as the kickass luchadora she’s always been. Instead of this “college spoiled debutante” they have her portraying now. Like um, oh my God, these people all smell. Definitely not an I-Heart Emoji. That said, it can be a guilty pleasure depending on who’s involved. The outdoor matches aren’t much, and can they, please do something more with Swinger? The same s–t every week, spouting Gringo-Carny. That shit-eating grin, and cackle daddy. It’s fun, but lacking in much depth.

Results: Impact Wrestling 18/08/20 – Rae Vs Valkyrie Wrestle House Match
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Again, just a way to kill some time. The acting as usual from some of these wrestlers is below porn-acting-quality. My wife sometimes catches me watching it, and let’s me have it. “These people can’t act their way out of a paper bag. Are they trying to do a bad spoof of one of those celebrity reality show houses? This is really bad, Michael.” Way too obvious taking both titles right off uber-talented Evolve great Keith Lee and then moving him to RAW. Most NXT talent seems to languish when they go to the cough, “big” shows like RAW or SmackDown from Shayna to No Way Jose to Matt Riddle.

Considering Both WWE & IMPACT!

I hope that doesn’t happen to Lee and hope his series at some point with Seth is as good as it might look on paper. Is Ronda ever coming back? It must be killing her. She’s been “trying well over a year to have some babies,” yet Becky up and gets pregnant overnight. Allegedly. The Whiff still has to do an “NXT” Four Horsewomen (Ashley Charlotte’s four-some) vs. NXT’s MMA 4-Square of Ronda, Shayna, the skinny tatted one and the one who was on Raw Underground a few weeks back. WWE is missing the boat on not doing features showing Shayna and her buddies MMA old footage. You know, an educative profile feature on all three of them. Show viewers all their fight cred before they ever got to NXT and how much they loved pro grappling along the way.

Katie Forbes signs with IMPACT Wrestling - Diva Dirt A Collection of Views
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I think Sami Calihan would’ve been a hoot in there, but that would’ve killed all the work he’s put into his bad-ass thang. And Katie Forbes? I’ll have to tell her and Rob the next time they try sneaking into a CAC awards banquet without paying! She needs to take herself a little less seriously. She is a hoot. And those abs! Not sure if WOW is ever returning to national tv since AXS got rid of the Dave McLane show. But Katie was doing well there in her serious-wrestler phase. Selina Majors was the pro-working with all the green female workers, doing her best as usual.

A Collection of Views
What’s in a Medical Term?

There’s a star that belongs in the HOF (Selina, aka Bambi that is). For you indie hardcore fans, she’s much like a female Tom Howard. Or my longtime pal/brother – Not a Legit Doc, Tom Pritchard. What’s with not being able to say the word “hospital?” What is this b**s**t term for ages. “A medical facility.” I’m wrestling’s first legit dentist, and I never referred to my office as “a dental facility.” No one does in healthcare. And how can they have taken the hair vs. hair stips last Friday? I guess having some nutjob break into one’s home was enough to put the kibosh on that. How they’ll reintroduce her back in a few months to WWE Whiff-watchers should be interesting. Without Ronda, they need a legit kickass type MMA character. Well, beyond Shayna, who still shines despite whatever they’re misusing her with on RAW.

Shayna Baszler
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AEW, without the other guys’ filler, is delivering an excellent TV product, nearly top-to-bottom on each edition of Dyn-O-Mite. The only problem and please email me at wrealano@aol.com if you’ve found any. But most of our west coast WalMarts STILL haven’t received any AEW figures that were promised for an August 3rd debut. What gives because it’s now 8/26/20? The company’s name includes the words “wicked and cool.” Not having them in the stores you advertised endlessly until recently is at odds with “wicked and cool.”

ROH & Lucha Libre

ROH weekly syndicated tv has been great in focusing on a particular wrestler or faction. Showing some of their best matches with their unique ROH library. If you need to catch up on PCO or Kenny King’s ROH legacy, for example, this is the place for you beyond their inexpensive streaming club site.

Syndicated Lucha Desde (from) Mexico hasn’t really been there the last few years. To my knowledge, there’s just the recap CMLL/EMLL show on Canal 52. Then the two hour Sunday show is only an hour of new tv. Usually not the main house show matches at Arena Mexico but we’ll take Caristico, Mystico dos, Ultimo Guerrero and Volador Jr whenever and whatever fashion we can get these greats. Rush and Dragon Lee (where’s Titan tho?) even though those are probably older matches. Since sometimes Terrible has his traditional hair, sometimes his head is back shaven on a week to week basis. Ditto legendary Negro Casas.

A Collection of Views

The latest unnamed (or name not needed) blonde backstage female RAW interviewer has to go. She can’t act her way out of a paper bag either. Just awful, and I think they gave her one-sentence last Monday thankfully before pushing her out of the camera lens. Most of us can tell when someone is just there to get some IMDB acting credit while trying to parlay a better job in entertainment.

CBS’ National news Monday showed a SoCalif Mexican restaurant doing a great job serving customers outside in well-distanced tables and doing their best to protect everyone. The owner and all the employees had on masks with not just a photo of El Hijo del Santo, but the wording under the picture. Every single person who is working there, which was cool to see on a show that important.

Thankfully, wrestling ceased all fanfests except the brilliant virtual, two CovidCons helping wrestling people without shows to work on, signings, wrestling conventions, etc. News upcoming on more CovidCon activity soon. These were a collection of different wrestling views.