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Chris Jericho 'Y2J' Debuts On Monday Night RAW

Chris Jericho ‘Y2J’ Debuts On Monday Night RAW

Chris Jericho 'Y2J' Debuts On Monday Night RAW. In 1999 WWF was at all-time popularity. Stars from all over were making their way to...
Jarkaster Journey by DJ Jarka Wrestlebash Review Collision in Cuba

ESW presents Brawlfest 2021 | Jarkaster Journey

ESW presents Brawlfest 2021 Hello, everybody! It is great to finally write about being a referee again. My roughly year-and-a-half hiatus concluded last weekend when I...
Empire State Wrestling returns with Brawlfest

Empire State Wrestling returns with Brawlfest

Western New York’s top independent wrestling promotion, Empire State Wrestling, returns with Brawlfest this Saturday. When the opening bell rings on Saturday to kickstart...
Evolution - Adapt or Perish

Evolution | Drawing A Line in the Sand in the Ruthless Aggression Era

In life, everything evolves. Some say the world of professional wrestling mimics life. Some adapt, some perish. No one knew this better than WWE...
The UWF Beach Brawl

The UWF Beach Brawl | On This Day

On June 9th, 1991, The Universal Wrestling Federation held their first pay-per-view event. The Supercard, known as UWF Beach Brawl, would also be their...
WCW Sunday Night Pay Per RetroView with Clint Dye

WCW Fall Brawl 1997 | WCW Sunday Night RetroView

WCW RetroView fans, we’ve reached one of my favorite WCW pay-per-view. Today we look back at WCW Fall Brawl 1997. The war between WCW...
WCW Sunday Night Pay Per RetroView with Clint Dye

WCW SuperBrawl VII 1997 | WCW Sunday Night Retro View

It’s time WCW fans, the next WCW RetroView is here. On tap for this edition is WCW SuperBrawl VII from February 23, 1997.  The...
The Hurt Business Captures Raw

The Hurt Business Captures RAW Tag Team Championships | #AndNEW

It was certainly a back and forth affair. But in the end, it was The Hurt Business that captures the RAW Tag Team Championships....
RAW in Advance with Graeme Bremner

Raw in Advance for 10/5/20 (Orton and McIntyre Meet in Six-Man Action)

It's Monday Night Raw, and this is the final edition of Raw before WWE shakes things up in the draft. Which means next week,...
AEW Dynamite Weekly with Georgia Madden

AEW Weekly for 9/16/20 | A Bloody Brawl Ends In Happy Reunion

Welcome again to AEW Weekly! The exclusive location for a collection of news and an in-depth review of AEW Dynamite. Give a share, give a...