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Brad Armstrong

Brad Armstrong | One of Wrestling’s Most Professional Wrestlers

On November 1st, 2012 the world lost Robert Bradley 'Brad' James. To fans across the world, he was 'Brad Armstrong'. As a second-generation wrestler...
Wahoo McDaniel

Wahoo McDaniel | Celebrating Wrestling’s ‘Chief’

One of wrestling's legit toughest was Edward "Chief Wahoo" McDaniel. With little evidence he was ever recognized as a Chief, Wahoo McDaniel was unquestionably...
The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen – The Pinnacle of Wrestling Alliances

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are figures described in the Book of Revelations in the Bible. Though English translation varies, they arrive to...
Boogie's Wrestling Camp

Boogie’s Wrestling Camp (BWC) ‘Where The Dream Becomes Reality’

Boogie’s Wrestling Camp -- April 21, 1989. The significance of this date? This was the release date of the epic movie ‘Field of Dreams.’...
Magnum TA and Tully Blanchard

Magnum TA and Tully Blanchard – One of the NWA’s Bloodiest Feuds

They faced one another an astounding 130 times. From their first recorded match in 1985 as part of a 20 $50,000 Battle Royal in...
Tessa Blanchard IMPACT Wrestling Terminates Relationship Tessa Blanchard Becomes IMPACT Wrestling World Champion

Tessa Blanchard | Indie Spotlight Watch

Perhaps the biggest debut for Women of Wrestling (WOW) will be the third-generation wrestler #WOWofTheDAy Tessa Blanchard. Granddaughter of Joe Blanchard, daughter...
Bobo Brazil

Bobo Brazil – The Man Who Integrated The Squared Circle

Truthfully, it must be underscored on a day-in-day-out basis with Bobo Brazil. As part of the month, we often call out athletic giants and...
Best Canadian Tag Teams That Youve Never Heard Of

Best Canadian Tag Teams That Youve Never Heard Of

We are reminded recently about the success of both Edge (Adam Copeland) and Christian (Cage), not to mention Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in...
Nikita Koloff

Nikita Koloff – The Russian Nightmare

Over the span of eight years, the name Nikita Koloff was synonymous with being a symbol of Russia in the United States and Jim...
Hangman Page

Hangman Page – The Hangman’s Noose

The Casino Battle Royale, which took place at Double or Nothing 2019, was an opportunity for one of 21 participants, including Hangman Page. The...