20th Anniversary Chronicle Vol 4 | Pro Wrestling Noah Saturday Night RetroView

On November 22nd, 2020, Pro Wrestling Noah aired their 20th Anniversary Chronicle Vol 4 on FiteTV & Wrestle Universe. We had eight matches. Included in these matches were 4 titles matches (GHC Heavyweight, Junior Heavyweight Tag Team, National & GHC Tag Team)

20th Anniversary Chronicle Vol 4
8 Man Tag Team Match

Full Throttle (Hajime Ohara, Seiki Yoshioka & Yo Hey) & Mohammed Yone vs. Junta Miyawaki, Yastuaka Yano, Yoshiki Inamura & Kinya Okada

Hajime Ohara & Yastuaka Yano starts things off with a headlock before Yano is right back up with a bunch of forearms. Then Kinya Okada comes in for a shoulder and a kick to the chest before Ohara makes the tag to Yo Hey.

Junta Miyawaki comes into forearm away and runs the ropes into a wrist drag before a dropkick puts Yo Hey down, but he’s right back up with one of his own, then all of his partners for the quadruple teaming.

Mohammed Yone comes in to knock Miyawaki down with a forearm and drops a leg before he hooks in a neck crank with Yone spinning him around the ring, follow by Figure 4 necklock, sends Miyawaki over to the ropes for the break, but he’s back up.

Miyawaki gets nailed with a forearm, but Miyawaki is back with a running elbow, and then the hot tag brings in Yoshiki Inamura to clean house, including knocking Full Throttle off the apron.

Some splashes in the corner, and another on the mat gets a two count on Yone but he’s back with a kick to the face then Seiki Yoshioka kicks away until he gets caught in a belly 2 back suplex. Okada comes back in for a dropkick and backbreaker.

Yoshioka kicks him in the chest and then the back of the head, allowing Ohara to come back in before an STO then it’s back to Yano as everything breaks down. Everyone gets together to shoulder and suplex Okada, with Yoshioka having to make a save.

A double dropkick puts Inamura on the floor, and Yo Hey hits a flip dive to send him into the barricade. Back in, and Ohara locks in a half-crab Liontamer to make Yano tap out.

Winners: Full Throttle & Mohammed Yone (10:36)

20th Anniversary Chronicle Vol 4
Tag Team Match

Kongo (Tadasuke & Hao) vs. Salvahe De Oriente & Kotaro Suzuki

Hao & Salvahe De Oriente kicks this match off with Hao gets arm dragged down and a dropkick puts him on the floor before Tadasuke gets double-teamed and a basement dropkick sends him outside as well.

Kotaro Suzuki hits a running flip dive, and Hao is sent back inside so Oriente can put on Octopus hold. Hao comes back with a hurricanrana and a running kick to Suzuki’s face.

Tadasuke runs over Oriente & Suzuki before setting up a delayed suplex to drop Suzuki, but Suzuki comes back up and snaps off some strikes to the face, setting up the handspring elbow. That allows for the tag off to Oriente & he hits a DDT only to walk into one from Tadasuke.

Hao comes back in for a running headscissors before we get some running shots to Oriente in the corner. Hao tries a super hurricanrana on Oriente but Suzuki runs in with a dropkick on the way down.

619 into a Falcon Arrow drops Hao for a two count as Tadasuke making a save before Suzuki plants Tadasuke with a spinning Tombstone, and Oriente hits Hao with a double under hook into double knees to the chest for the win.

Winners: Salvahe De Oriente & Kotaro Suzuki (5:59)

20th Anniversary Chronicle Vol 4
6 Man Tag Team Match

Sugiura Gun (Kazuyuki Fujita, Kendo Kashin & Nosawa Rongai) vs. Kongo (Manabu Soya, Masa Kitamiya & Nio)

Kongo attacks Sugiura Gun before the bell, then they go straight to the floor. Then back in Masa Kitamiya stomps on Nosawa Rongai & which sets up a string of elbows from Kongo before Kongo’s posing is broken up by Kendo Kashin before but he gets hit with some backsplashes added in before doing the posing.

Manabu Soya comes in and whips Rongai around some more, with Kitamiya coming in to help. However, Rongai finally dropkicks Soya’s knee out, and the hot tag brings Kazuyuki Fujita to trade shoulders with Soya.

Soya tries to strike it out and gets beaten down, then they take turns no-selling suplexes, then clothesline each other down. Kashin comes in but gets dropkicked down by Nio, then connects with a Lionsault, then goes for the cover, but it’s good for a two-count.

Kitamiya & Soya come in for a running clothesline from both sides before Nio goes for a top rope splash, but he gets hit with knees.

Back up, and Kashin rolls Soya around to set up a cradle for a two count, then Kashin cranks on the leg to make Soya tap out.

Winners By Submission: Sugiura Gun (6:45)

20th Anniversary Chronicle Vol 4
Shuhei Tangiuchi vs. Keiji Muto

Shuhei Taniguchi & Keiji Muto do some grappling to start this match before Muto working on a headlock but having to go to the ropes to save his arm.

Muto takes a breather on the floor but comes back in and gets taken down into a body scissors before he locks Taniguchi in a kneebar, but he makes it to the ropes.

Taniguchi is back with a headlock into a chinlock before Muto slips out but gets suplex down as they go to the apron before another shot takes Muto down, and Taniguchi starts working on the leg on the floor.

Back in Muto with a dropkick to the knee and a dragon screw, then a hanging swinging neckbreaker drops Taniguchi again and a half crab into an STF, then a Crossface.

Muto with a Power Drive elbow into a cross armbreaker, but Taniguchi rolls to the rope before another dragon screw connects, but the Shining Wizard is blocked by a forearm to the knee.

Back up and Taniguchi hits an ax handle to the chest for a two count but Muto kicks out the knee again, then they strike it out until Taniguchi hits a German suplex into a chokeslam for two.

A Punt to the arm from Taniguchi connects before a pair of top rope splashes give Taniguchi a two count. Muto is right back with another pair of dragon screw and the Shining Wizard connects.

Taniguchi up first but Muto kicks his way out of another chokeslam before a Shining Wizard to the back of the head follow by a Shining Wizard to the face gets Muto the win.

Winner: Keiji Muto (13:51)

20th Anniversary Chronicle Vol 4
Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles Match

Momo No Seishun Tag (Daisuke Harada & Atsushi Kotoge) (c) vs. Stinger (Yoshinari Ogawa & Hayata) 

Stinger attacks Momo No Seishun Tag before the bell and Atsushi Kotoge hits a Side Effect on Hayata for a two count & that sends Hayata to the floor but he comes back in for the slug out with Daisuke Harada.

Everything breaks down in a hurry and Momo No Seishun Tag nail stereo elbows in the corner before some running kicks put Hayata on the floor as Momo No Seishun Tag hits stereo dives, put Stinger down on the floor again and it’s Hayata being thrown back in the ring for a two count.

A toss into the air leaves him crashing back down so Yoshinari Ogawa tries his luck for a change, but we make another trip out to the floor before Harada hits a discus forearm back inside.

Kotoge adds a missile dropkick for two and it’s a Figure 4 necklock over the ropes to keep Ogawa in trouble but it gets broken up.

Hayata comes in and it’s time to start working on Kotoge’s arm then Ogawa drives in some knees to the arm to set up a hammerlock before the arm is wrapped around the rope so Ogawa can get in a chop followed by Hayata’s jumping kick to the arm.

They head outside with the arm going into the barricade then back inside and Hayata grabs the keylock so Kotoge gets a foot on the rope then Hayata puts on a short armscissors as Ogawa holds Harada back.

A rope is finally reached and Kotoge suplexes his way to freedom before Ogawa is right back in to send the bad arm into the corner followed by the post then the seated armbar goes on and this time it’s Hayata cutting off Harada.

Harada finally breaks free and makes the save allowing Kotoge to score with a superkick before Kotoge comes out of the corner with a running knee and that’s enough for the hot tag off to Harada.

He cleans house with a variety of running forearms and Harada has to fight both of them off at once before Ogawa grabs the referee to block a suplex and kicks Harada down but he’s right back up with a shot to the ribs.

Harada goes up but dives into a knee low, allowing the tag off to Hayata for a two count off a middle rope moonsault before Hayata, with a roll-up gets two but Harada catches him in a belly 2 back suplex before the hot tag brings in Kotoge to start cleaning house but gets in a strike off with Hayata.

Back up, and Harada pulls him into a snap DDT for a breather, but Ogawa comes in with a DDT of his own before everything breaks down again, and it’s Ogawa getting double teamed including a kick to the head into a Samoan Driver for a two-count.

Hayata gets kneed in the face, and it’s a top rope elbow into a top rope splash then Kotoge hits a knee to Hayata, but Ogawa is right there to tie the legs up for the win.

Winners: AND NEW Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions: Stinger (23:29)

20th Anniversary Chronicle Vol 4
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20th Anniversary Chronicle Vol 4
National Title Match

Kenoh (c) vs. Kaito Kiymoiya

Kenoh & Kaito Kiymoiya started this match with a brawl before they traded some strikes to the face for one counts then we got a standoff. Kiymoiya works on a headlock and hangs on despite a top wristlock attempt.

A slam into a jumping elbow has Kenoh in trouble, so they head outside, where Kenoh whips him hard into the barricade. Then a suplex brings Kiymoiya over the barricade, and they head back inside for a reverse chinlock.

Kenoh drops some knees on the back for a two count but Kiymoiya is right back with a running clothesline before a spinning middle rope shot to the face drops Kenoh again before Kenoh is sent to the outside.

A flip dive has Kenoh in more trouble, but Kiymoiya is down with him then back in Kiymoiya’s missile dropkick gets a two count but a dropkick to the knee is countered into a jumping stomp to the ribs.

That puts them both down again, but it’s Kenoh up first with a running dropkick to the back of the head, then Kiymoiya flips over to the apron and comes back in with a slingshot shoulder to the back of the knee.

Belly 2 back suplex gets a two count, but it’s time to strike it out and glare at each other a lot before an exchange of forearms goes to Kiymoiya but Kenoh nails an enziguri to set up an ankle lock, but that’s broken up so Kenoh hits some middle rope moonsault knees into a top rope double stomp for another near fall.

That means it’s time to go up again, but this time, Kiymoiya dropkicks him out of the air before Kenoh grabs a sleeper but Kiymoiya breaks that up as well, and they’re both down.

A spinning kick to the head rocks Kiymoiya, but he’s right back up with a dropkick before the running knee rocks Kenoh, and a German suplex drops him again before a Tiger Suplex gets two.

Kiymoiya slowly picks him back up but gets pulled into a sleeper with Kenoh on his back and taps out.

Winner: AND STILL National Champion: Kenoh (19:30)

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20th Anniversary Chronicle Vol 4
GHC Tag Team Titles Match

Sugiura Gun (Takashi Sugiura & Kazushi Sakuraba) (c) vs. M’s Alliance (Masakatsu Funaki & Naomichi Marufuji)

Kazushi Sakuraba & Masakatsu Funaki go to the mat to start this match, with Funaki getting the better of things, including getting a body scissors and trying a choke before a cross-arm breaker is countered as well, so Sakuraba goes to the ropes to avoid a kneebar.

Sakuraba goes for an armbar that sends Funaki to the ropes, then back up, and Funaki hits him in the face before Takashi Sugiura comes in to slap Funaki in the face so Funaki strikes away and grabs a Rear Naked Choke, but the ropes save Sugiura as well he makes the tag to Naomichi Marufuji.

Marufuji with a piledriver onto the apron to Sugiura before Sugiura pulls himself up for the slug out, but it’s off to Funaki for some kicks in the corner, then a Crossface Chicken Wing sends Sugiura to the ropes so Marufuji hits a running double stomp for a two count.

It’s back to Funaki to strike away until Sugiura snaps off a German suplex to a very positive reaction. Sakuraba comes back in to choke Funaki but gets dropped on his head instead.

Marufuji comes back in to chop Sugiura, but he is right back with a release gordbuster before a delayed superplex plants Marufuji for a two count as Sakuraba & Funaki fight to the floor.

Marufuji grabs a short-arm scissors but gets reversed into a guillotine to put him in even more trouble before Funaki is back in with a chinlock to break it up. Then Marufuji hits Sliced Bread for a two count.

Sugiura nails a spear, and they’re both down. Then Sakuraba comes back in to knock Funaki off the apron and prevent a tag before we get chopped off with Marufuji kicking Sakuraba down.

A big kick to the face gives Marufuji two, but Sakuraba is back up with a leglock on Marufuji before the kneebar is locked in for the submission win.

Winners: AND STILL GHC Tag Team Champions: Sugiura Gun (21:25)

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20th Anniversary Chronicle Vol 4
GHC Heavyweight Title Match

Go Shiozaki (c) vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima

The match starts off with a lock-up before Katsuhiko Nakajima is backed into the ropes for a clean break, complete with a hard stare before a charge into the corner sends Nakajima bailing to the floor for a breather.

Back in, and Shiozaki hits a flying shoulder tackle, then a chop before another missed charge lets Nakajima score with a superkick in the corner, though, and it’s time to choke on the apron.

Shiozaki blocks a kick and snaps off an exploder suplex, with Nakajima landing head-first on the apron as we see Kongo checks on Nakajima before he gets back inside.

Nakajima manages to knock him outside for a needed breather. A running kick from the apron drops Shiozaki again, then an Irish whip into the barricade, and Shiozaki makes it worse by chopping the post.

Back in, and they head outside all over again so Nakajima can wrap the bad arm around the barricade. Then the arm goes into the post, and Go Shiozaki has to dive back in to beat the count. Nakajima kicks at the arm some more before Shiozaki uses the bad arm to chop.

Nakajima takes down Shiozaki down before the cross-arm breaker has him getting straight to the rope, then back up Shiozaki hits a boot in the corner, followed by a middle rope shoulder before the rapid-fire chops with the bad arm set up a clothesline for a two-count.

Fisherman’s Buster gets Shiozaki another two count then Nakajima manages an abdominal stretch, but Shiozaki makes the rope and comes back with a clothesline before another clothesline drops Nakajima again, and they both need a breather.

They get up and chop it out again, with Shiozaki starting to Hulk Up as Shiozaki’s chops stagger Nakajima but he comes right back with some hard kicks to the chest, and then they trade suplexes with Shiozaki getting the better of things.

They get back up for another strike off before Nakajima with a chop but he says bring it on and they pick up the pace until an exchange of strikes put both of them down again.

Back up again and Nakajima hits some superkicks only to have Shiozaki hits a suplex into a Rock Bottom before Nakajima takes him down into a seated armbar which he switches into a cross armbreaker with Shiozaki’s other arm trapped underneath before that gets countered as well so Shiozaki goes up but he gets a spin wheel kick to the face.

Nakajima’s super hurricanrana is blocked but they nearly crash to the floor before a another whip sends Shiozaki into the barricade but he bounces back with a lariat to put them both down on the floor.

Back in again, and Shiozaki hits a spinning slap to the head, then an arm trap belly two back gets a two count before Shiozaki with a moonsault but gets hit with knees and Nakajima kicks him in the head.

A Punt Kick connects then Nakajima rains down forearms as the referee checks on Shiozaki, but he pulls himself up only to get brainbuster back down for a two count before Shiozaki hits a cobra clutch suplex.

Shiozaki with another lariat for a two count on Nakajima before the moonsault connects, but Shiozaki bangs up the arm so the delayed cover is only good for a two count.

Another lariat drops Nakajima again before another lariat gets a two count, with Nakajima getting to the ropes for the save. Then Shiozaki picks Nakajima up for a standing lariat to put Nakajima away.

Winner: AND STILL GHC Heavyweight Champion: Go Shiozaki (42:35)