205 Live Landscape for 6/4/19 (Daivari vs. Lorcan)

Welcome to the Second edition of 205 Live Landscape including a main event involving Oney Lorcan and Ariya Davari. Each week we will break down the action of the amazing cruiserweights in WWE. Here at Pro Wrestling Post, we want to share with you the most exhilarating matches pro wrestling has to offer! This week will see Akira Tozawa one on one against Noam Dar, and our main event will be a battle of bruisers Ariya Daivari and Oney Lorcan.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to Laredo, Texas while hyping WWE Super ShowDown this Friday in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Akira Tozawa is out first for his match with Noam Dar, one Tozawa is in the ring waiting for his opponent. Drew Gulak, who has been missing for weeks out of nowhere attacks Dar on the ramp. He viciously spikes Dar headfirst on the ring apron and delivers a devastating dropkick to Dar’s recently injured knee through the steel steps. Referees and 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick come down to break things up before he can inflict more damage. Tozawa with no opponent requests to fight Gulak now and Maverick makes it official!

Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak

Tozawa charges right at Gulak like a pitbull, landing a jumping knee strike and some punches to start the contest. Gulak is sporting a grizzlier look in appearance as well as lighting up his opponent with a few vicious strikes; Tozawa unwavering though delivers a hurricanrana to stun his opponent, followed by a shining wizard and senton splash for only a one-count. Tozawa drives Gulak in the corner and follows up with some kicks, his opponent escapes and executes a painful looking headbutt to the sternum to buy himself some time. Tozawa jumps mid-air and is caught as Gulak delivers a fall-away slam and gets a strong two-count.

The action spills outside and Gulak delivers a thunderous knife edge chop before bringing his foe back in the ring for yet another two-count. Tozawa goes on offense and attempts to lock in his ‘Octopus’ submission, but Gulak just tosses him around like a ragdoll and drops him again with a gutwrench suplex. Tozawa is trying to hoist Gulak upon his shoulders, but to no avail and Gulak gets a one-count. He executes a hard suplex and follow through with you guessed it another kick-out for Tozawa. Gulak is showing off a much more aggressive side tonight as he punished his opponent.

The WWE Universe is cheering Tozawa up to his feet and delivers a hard kick to knock his opponent outside. Gulak and Tozawa are no strangers to one another; as Gulak dodges some high-flying maneuvers but Tozawa lands a death-defying low-angle tumbleweed senton to Gulak on the barricade! Both competitors bring the action by the announce table; Gulak throws Tozawa inside but he gets wiped out by a suicide dive, that throws Gulak over the table. Wow, these competitors are giving everything they’ve got for a future shot at Tony Nese’s Cruiserweight Championship. Tozawa throws Gulak back in the ring and lands a missile dropkick from the top rope and gets his first long two-count of the match!

Tozawa looks stunned, he thought he had the match won. Gulak blocks a German suplex from his opponent, Tozawa sends him into the corner and delivers a strong jab. Once again he attempts the ‘Octopus’ again this time though he gets it locked in Gulak makes it to the bottom rope for the break. Tozawa runs straight into Gulak’s arm and drops him face-first on the mat and another two-count. Gulak locks in a Texas cloverleaf submission and Tozawa is writhing in pain but makes it to the ropes for a break. Both competitors are throwing bombs now and stiff chops; Gulak delivers a wicked lariat and a beautiful gut wrench suplex, but Tozawa will not quit as he escapes another two-count.

Once Tozawa makes it to his feet he goes for a second attempt at lifting Gulak on his shoulders, this time successful. Tozawa follows it up with a basement one-leg dropkick and another one for good measure. With the end in sight; Tozawa heads up top for his signature senton splash but it gets countered into a superplex from the top rope! Gulak lifts Tozawa up and executes an Argentine backbreaker into a devastating neck-breaker for the three-count; and an impressive victory who looks unstoppable, on his way back to the top of the cruiserweight division!

Credit: F4wonline

Winner: Drew Gulak

A Moment With Kanellis: We see Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis as he is visibly frustrated that he’s not considered the best! He’s been the best since his arrival in WWE two years ago, and he proved it again last week when he defeated ‘The’ Brian Kendrick. He sends a warning to Drake Maverick that he’s done waiting and is not complacent; unlike other superstars and he wants the best competition, and he’s simply better than the best on 205 Live!

Interview With The Champ: The Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese is walking backstage when Sarah Schreiber catches up to get his thoughts on this new and aggressive Drew Gulak? Nese says that there’s no one that understands Gulak better than he does, especially when he’s in this state of mind. He disagrees with Maverick’s logic in booking the impromptu match after his attack on Dar, but the GM has been a little preoccupied (Perhaps chasing the 24/7 Championship)? A confident cruiserweight champion declares that whether Tozawa or Gulak is chosen to be the #1 contender, he’ll be ready for the challenge!

Lucha House Pary Lesson: Kalisto asks Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado about the gossip on social media; which they reply about their match against ‘The Freak’ Lars Sullivan this Friday? Nope, that’s not it, Kalisto’s talking about The Singh Brothers. The Singh’s have been begging for a rematch; they claim after Sullivan (which they may not survive) they will send the brothers back to ‘Bollywood’.

Oney Lorcan vs. Ariya Daivari

Here we go, folks, a hard-hitting main event on 205 Live between Oney Lorcan and Ariya Daivari!

Both competitors lock up and Lorcan goes right for the recently stitched ear, Daivari screams for his opponent to back off. He starts trash-talking Lorcan about his NXT background; before challenging him in a battle of strengths. Daivari gets the upper hand while mocking his opponent but Lorcan is far from over during this 205 Live main event. Lorcan executes a surfboard submission to wear down his foe; Daivari turns the pressure around in his favor. Lorcan finally kicks his way free and locks in wrist-lock into an armbar. Lorcan drills Daivari with a shoulder tackle; before delivering a stiff elbow. He uses a crossbody to gain a cover and gets a quick two-count. Lorcan is on offense and trying to take out his foe’s arm with some locks and submissions.

Every time Daivari tries to turn the tables, he gets stopped in his tracks. Lorcan attempts to lock in the Cross-Armbreaker, but Daivari manages to make it to the rope for the break and slides outside for a breather. Daivari playing mind games goading Lorcan inside and outside of the ring. He tries to best him but he misses an elbow drop; Lorcan dodges his foe and delivers a hard uppercut. Daivari catches him in the corner and drops him with a thunderous back neck breaker from the middle rope.

Both competitors throwing fists back and forth; Daivari though cleans his clock with a devastating lariat, turning Lorcan inside out. He goes for a lackadaisical cover for only a two-count. Daivari raking his foe’s eyes against the ropes in the corner, Lorcan answers back with a series of hard knife edge chops; Daivari delivers a kick to stunt his momentum. He drills Lorcan with a clothesline in the corner; followed by monkey throw from the top rope, but only gets a two-count. Daivari is favoring his left arm that has been targeted throughout the match. He goes for a splash off the top rope but to no avail. Both competitors are spent as the WWE Universe is cheering on Lorcan.

Lorcan lights his opponent up with a series of consecutive punches and strikes and follows up with a beautiful running uppercut. Lorcan is going into overdrive now, he’s tasting victory. Lorcan lines Daivari up with a couple running uppercuts followed by a running Blockbuster and a long two-count! Daivari blocks Lorcan’s ‘Half and Half’; and attempts the hammerlock lariat, but Lorcan strikes the injured arm. Daivari answers back with a swift superkick to the jaw; Lorcan again powers out of a two-count. Daivari tries another offensive maneuver off the top rope but is caught again by Lorcan who drops him down arm first, for yet another two-count. Am I watching 205 Live for NXT Takeover right now? This is incredible!

Lorcan lighting him up with sickening knife edge chops, Daivari though locks in the ‘Million Dollar Dream’ but Lorcan is not ready to give up! Daivari executes a Persian drop follows up with a successful ‘Persian Lion’ from the top but damaged the hand. He can’t capitalize and takes too long for the pin when he does Lorcan reverses into a crucifix pinfall for the victory! A frustrated Daivari tries to attack but Lorcan drops him over the top rope after the match on 205 Live!

Credit: WWE

As the show goes off the air the commentary team brings up Tozawa, Kanellis, Lorcan and now the returning Gulak could all be potential #1 contenders for the Cruiserweight Championship, Drake Maverick will have some decisions to make on 205 Live!

Winner: Oney Lorcan

Check back in next Thursday with the latest edition of the 205 Live Landscape.

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