205 Live Landscape for 5/28/19 (Gallagher vs. Carrillo)

Welcome to the First-ever 205 Live Landscape. Each week we will break down the action of the amazing cruiserweights in WWE. Here at Pro Wrestling Post, we want to share with you the most exhilarating matches pro wrestling has to offer! This week’s featured main event involves Jack Gallagher and Humberto Carrillo.

The first edition of 205 Live Landscape opens with a backstage segment where we see a clip earlier today with Jack Gallagher watching the highlights from last week’s tag team match with Humberto Carrillo to defeat the “Bollywood Boyz” Samir and Sunil Singh on his cell phone. Carrillo enters the scene, Gallagher brings up their fatal four-way match a few weeks ago in London; when Carrillo ultimately won. He says he feels uneasiness and wants to find out who the better man is tonight! Carrillo says if that’s what you want, it would be my pleasure to beat him again.

We go live with 205 Live Commentators Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and the newest addition Aiden English welcoming us to Tulsa, Oklahoma and confirming tonight’s main event with Jack Gallagher vs Humberto Carrillo.


The Brian Kendrick vs. Mike Kanellis


Kendrick comes right out of the gate with wicked punches trying to exact revenge for Kanellis’ brutal attacks on his friend and ally Akira Tozawa. Kanellis drops Kendrick with a hard shoulder tackle to stop him in his tracks. Kendrick locks him in his Captain’s Hook looking to end the contest early, but Kanellis slithers out of the ring for a breather. Kendrick goes back on the attack outside but his foe tries to strike back; he attempts a stiff knife edge chop against the ring post but Kendrick moves just in the nick of time.


Kanellis delivers a devastating suplex to Kendrick against the barricade, he brings him into the ring for only a two count! A highlight of the match is Kendrick executing a Thunderous suplex off the steel steps onto the hard floor! Both competitors deliver Superkick for Superkick, Kendrick nails the Sliced Bread off the top rope but Kanellis kicks out at two. The finish came when Kanellis hits the Power of Love driver followed by No Wasted Motion to get the win!


Winner: Mike Kanellis

A Moment With The Champ: The commentary team sends us backstage where 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick is having a meeting with 205 Live Champion Tony Nese; Nese is getting restless after being on the sidelines since claiming the gold, he then introduces Tozawa in the mix. The champ congratulates Tozawa on his impressive victory in the fatal five-way last week where he defeated Oney Lorcan, The Brian Kendrick, Mike Kanellis, and Ariya Daivari. Claiming he’s the best competitor right now and Nese requests the GM make Tozawa the next #1 contender for his championship, Maverick claims he’s not ready to make a rash decision, but he will take it under advisement!

Daivari Enlightenment: As we return from commercial we see Daivari being examined by a WWE doctor, who says it’s a routine situation so a frustrated Daivari tells him to leave. He addresses his loss in the fatal five-way match last week; claiming it was supposed to be his moment to prove he has unfinished business regarding the cruiserweight championship, instead, he received six stitches in his ear. He wants to repay Lorcan for the injury he sustained last week and challenges him to a match.

Noam Dar vs. Local Talent Mike Karma Karma immediately extends out his hand in a show of good sportsmanship; Dar being the cocky disrespectful heel wants no part. The wily veteran makes quick work of Karma. He dodges a cross body by his opponent and sweeps his leg out from under him; then delivers the Nova Roller to gain the pinfall.

Post Match Interview: Dar is waving over WWE Ring Announcer Sarah Schreiber for an interview. She asks Dar if this victory will put him “back on track” Dar arrogantly answers her question; while claiming the jet lag from going back and forth between NXT UK and 205 Live in order to put talent in their place, is the only reason he “fell off” in the first place. He proclaims that he’s going to be a star player in the cruiserweight division, and then taunts the crowd by saying Oklahoma sucks as he walks away.

Jack Gallagher vs. Humberto Carrillo

Humberto Carrillo comes from a history of wrestlers in his family his father Humberto Garza and his uncles Hector Garza and Ninja Jr; which is why it’s only fitting one of his previous alias’ was Ultimate Ninja. Both men lock up in a battle of strength and they release. Plenty of arm holds and submissions to start the match, both competitors using a plethora of ways to get out of pinfalls and holds. Carrillo’s amazing agility is on display here while dodging his opponent’s offense. Gallagher is a mastermind of mind games with his headstand in the corner, but Carrillo says two can play this game and performs his own headstand on the opposite corner.

Gallagher with veteran experience shakes the ropes to throw him off and quickly rolls him up for a two count! As the contest carries on Carrillo is on the outside of the ring anticipating a suicide dive from his opponent but once again Gallagher outsmarts the newcomer and throws him into the barricade. As the action rolls back into the squared circle Gallagher is right back on the attack, quickly becoming frustrated as Carrillo continues to fight back no matter what he throws at him. Carrillo delivers a spectacular flying enzugiri off the ring ropes to gain a long two count. Gallagher hits a powerful belly to back suplex off the top rope, but the young Carrillo rolls out of the ring to avoid a pinfall.

The highlight of this match Carrillo grabs Gallagher’s arm on the mat while jumping off the rope into a corkscrew arm drag! The finish of this amazing contest comes when Gallagher tries to deliver a hanging suplex only to be countered into a spike DDT and then Carrillo connects with a beautifully twisted splash for the win! What a match!!!

Winner: Humberto Carrillo

After the match both competitors are exhausted after this incredible match, Carrillo extends his hand as Gallagher thinks about it, before giving one back and a hug and leaves the ring so Carrillo can celebrate his massive victory several weeks in a row on 205 Live between Jack Gallagher and Humberto Carrillo!

Chris KingOriginally written by Chris King